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Inside The Locker: BCS Championship Commentary

Football is a game of halves, but to win you have to take your opponent to the fourth quarter and give 110%. Before we, the Inside the Locker crew, sat down to record a live commentary for the BCS National Championship game, I thought these were merely overly-cliched platitudes. As it turns out, they were the subtle harbingers of our undoing.

We were live and kicking in the first half.  J.C., Elliott, Adam, and I were joined again by their friend and sports nerd extraordinaire Andrew Crawford for plenty of jokes and non-sequitur hijinks. We were answering questions and, like Auburn, we were rolling.

Auburn FSU

But then, fortunes shifted. The router at The Red Keep, a device that had never previously been the subject of a single controversy, decided to stop giving even 1%. We therefore couldn’t take our live game into the fourth quarter as Florida State definitively and spectacularly did with Auburn.

However, we still recorded our thoughts, jokes, and geeky conversations and have compiled the whole commentary here for your listening pleasure. It sucks that we couldn’t broadcast live what turned out to be one of the best college football national championships in history, but we hope our half-live version entertains you.


And never mock the platitudes.

The Catch