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Inside the Locker: Soccer Ghosts & Stone Cold Tolerance

Back to their old tricks again, the sports nerds of Inside the Locker give their completely whacked take on some of the biggest and most bizarre sports stories of the week. They also take a few moments to answer questions from listeners in the resurrected Cheers from the Cheap Seats segment.

If you like sports, or just geeky pontifications seasoned with entirely inappropriate jokes, we hazard you’ll enjoy this episode.


Show Breakdown…

Scores and Stories (2:32)


Topics Discussed: Yankees get caught cheating again, Stone Cold stuns the world with his adamant pro-gay-marriage stance, The Knicks fire their coach thinking it will stop the bleeding, Blake Griffin accidentally creates new meme, Carmelo Anthony wants to be wined and dined, Amazon sells people?, Raiders make yet another spectacular personal flub, and The Legend of the Bolivian Soccer Ghost.


Cheers from the Cheap Seats (38:53)


The guys answer your queries on everything from why the Browns are terrible to who would win in a giant robot three-way tag team match. Yup, we’re just that cool.



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Soccer Ghost

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