Inside The Locker: Draftermath


Welcome back to another episode of ITL–your official no flex zone.

First, we reflect about our recent fantasy draft and argue. Mistakes were made.

Then we spend probably too much time talking about participation trophies: Are they stupid? Do they stunt childhood development? Or are they important teasers for small children? Five men who aren’t dads argue.

We also break down the NFC South and AFC South–telling you will win and in what order they’ll finish.

Ten years later, we also reflect about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans–and how it changed the course of modern sports.

All this and some dog barking on this week’s edition.

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8 thoughts on “Inside The Locker: Draftermath”

  1. I have to be honest with you guys. Aside from Elliot’s TMNT 2: SotO reference, this episode was devoid of geek culture. It feels like any other sports podcast on the internet and doesn’t really stand out as a result. As much I like listening to Elliot and JC talk, I don’t feel the need to download this anymore from my Itunes list. Now be honest with me, Am I being that asshole for liking what was instead of what is? Have I lived long enough to see myself become the Villain? Don’t pull any punches with your responses please.

      1. Since you left I’ve felt this show was leaning closer towards generic sportscast and this episode was the point I had to call it quits. I guess you where the soul of it and, as much as I like listening to JC and fellow lover on anime Elliot, it really has lost sight of what made it, well, One of Us. Gooble Gobble.

          1. Unfortunately, Brian, I don’t. This episode, I found myself stopping to watch something else every twenty minutes of listening to this episode. As much as I do still enjoy this podcast, I can say this one is leading less to “blending of Geekery & Sports”, and more towards “Leaderboard: The E-sports podcast”, which is what Tristan described: Generic Sports Talk.

    1. Enjoy the show for what it is. Since Salisbury left I think it hasn’t missed a beat. Sure, I could point out things I don’t like, but the positive greatly out-wieghts the negative, so what the fuck? This is the only podcast that blends two things I love–geekery and sports–can’t get that anywhere else.
      Also, you’re basing your complaint on one episode, which doesn’t make you a villain–just impractical.

  2. In my experience, I have rarely encountered millennials who grew up entitled in that manner, who received tons of participation trophies and expected life to be handed to them. I feel that stigma only reasonably applies to the super rich who don’t need to be challenged because they have a perfect net. What needs to be considered is that society is evolving at a breakneck speed that is really hard to predict, because children and teens can be so radically different from what we are familiar with. (Thanks to the Internet, admittedly) There are too many socio/political concerns to count questioning how children need to be protected, adults need to be punished, and what counts as a danger vs. neglect.

    As technology moves forward, generations have smaller and smaller gaps. From personal experience; I’m 26 and my brother is 30. He constantly refers to “my generation” being a lot more needy and anti-social. I believe the other societal problem stems from a higher demand in output/progression within a short period of time. The “movie stereotype” that college or grad school is a vacation before life is becoming less true ever year. (See all the college graduates who have trouble finding jobs because they demand employment and a degree despite some people only having time or funds for one)

    Children do not physically need participation trophies. I do believe we need to explain to children that experience or items (like jacket or jerseys) are as valid as participation trophies; that will help them grow.

    I didn’t expect myself to get into this during Inside The Locker, but here you go. Hope that gives you guys some insight.

    1. Have you ever seen a child react to receiving a participation trophy (by child I mean a 4 to 6 year-old)? It’s a huge confidence boost and something they can be proud of. It’s also a reward for being part of a group or team–a token of sorts. It’s not a bad thing if the child comprehends what it stands for.

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