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Inside The Locker: The Trivia Gauntlet

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Some people say, you know, they can’t believe…just how much we have crammed into one episode of Inside the Locker. It’s our first standard-format episode in a few weeks, and we hit the ground running.

Not only do we cover some of the major headlines with spirited debate, we also play a couple of mini-games that display both our lack of knowledge about The Winter Olympics and Cleveland’s lack of talent on the basketball court.

The centerpiece of the episode is a highlight reel of our Fantasy Football Trivia Challenge! We posed a long series of sports and movie trivia questions to our four conference leaders, and their responses were sometimes…interesting. Enjoy the best moments and get ready for next week’s crowning of the Ultimate Champion!

Finally, we wrap up the episode with a major announcement about the new direction of this podcast. Sound ominous? Not at all, dummy! Give the episode a listen and be sure to share it with all your favorite sportsnerds if you dig it. After all, it is Valentine’s Day.


Show Breakdown…


Mini-Game #1: Events We Just Learned Aren’t Part of The Winter Games (5:02)


But CURLING is a real event?!

Since we have as much expertise on The Winter Olympics as Richard Sherman possesses subtlety, we had a few misconceptions as to what events actually comprise the Sochi Winter Games. I’m still convinced Uphill Ice Skating HAS to be a real event. Blade would not lie to us. This game also represents the most that Kathy Bates has ever been mentioned on the show.  So…you know…there’s that.


This Week’s Superhero: Michael Sam, DE Missouri University (19:53)

Michael Sam

A few days ago, Missouri’s all-star defensive stud Michael Sam announced that he is gay. This was actually months after he came out to his own teammates, who instantly embraced him and had one of their very best seasons arguably because they were such a united group. The reaction from certain factions of the NFL, on the other hand, makes us want to vomit. We get down to the heart of the matter in our discussion, in which Brian compares the situation to Mos Eisley cantina’s most bizarre of admittance policies.


Farewell, Jeets (38:14)


Derek Jeter has confirmed that he will retire after the 2014 season. If nothing else (and there is so much else for which to remember him), we thank Jeter’s baller-ific love live for accidentally giving this podcast one of its defining catchphrases. You’ve more than earned our respect (even the Red Sox fans among us), and we wish you well. Yeah Jeets!


Marcus Smart Is Allowed to Have That Button! (44:08)


We don’t know for absolute certain whether that Texas Tech fan called suspended Oklahoma State basketball star Marcus Smart the n-word, but come on, you don’t risk your professional career shoving an opposing fan who calls you, “a piece of crap.” If the fan did use this heinous racial slur, as Smart alleges, we think his reaction is more than justified. Hateful bigotry is a “button” everyone should have.


LeBron’s Monumental Ego (51:35)


The guys debate King James’ recent assertion that he would be on the NBA’s Mt. Rushmore, a shocking statement in clear defiance of the knowledge that that is not a thing that exists. The debate rages on (mostly between J.C. and Brian) as to whether LeBron’s ego is completely out of control. Brian also runs down his list of characters to be immortalized on Mt. Cinemore.


Fantasy Football Trivia Challenge Highlights (64:30)

Fantasy Football Report

Our four Fantasy Football conference champs–Bryan Carney, Scott Smidlien, David Harkins, and Blake Salisbury–ran a veritable trivia gauntlet (or at the very least a trivial gauntlet) to determine the ultimate winner. We weren’t able to broadcast every contestant’s answer to every question, but this highlight reel should give you a nice sampling of the experience. This segment also features the most editing ever utilized for an episode of Inside the Locker. Results have been tallied, winner to be announced next week!


How Bad The Cavs? (71:54)

Cavs Bad

Paraphrasing the great Sterling Archer, The Cleveland Cavaliers are sliding down the learning curve like The Banana Splits. Their recent loss to a shorthanded Lakers squad got us pondering the great philosophical quandary: How Bad The Cavs?  Enjoy our Johnny-Carson-esque responses.


Big Announcement! (76:44)


Starting next week, Inside the Locker is moving in a radical new direction. Details? We know you want ’em! Take a listen, and prepare for the showdown.



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Gif courtesy of Ruka35 via SBNation

Gif courtesy of Ruka35 via SBNation

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