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Inside The Locker Episode 2: Wrestling With Geeks

For their second inning, the locker rats bring in not one, not two, but three special guests! Adam Charles of Film School Rejects helps us breakdown this week’s scores and stories, and Geek Bombast’s John Sitton and Amanda Arias join us for an in-depth discussion about the appeal of professional wrestling. In addition, your favorite sports nerds visualize the big screen version of the Red Sox 2004 ALCS victory. Tune in, geek out, batter up.

Show Breakdown…

Scores and Stories (2:32)

Topics discussed: Dwight Howard to Houston, Brad Stevens is the new Celtics coach, Yasiel Puig’s All-Star struggles, Andy Murray wins Wimbleton, Aaron Hernandez removed from Madden 25 and NCAA 14, Colin Kaepernick’s mad hattering, Anderson Silva gets knocked the f#%& out!

First Draft (45:27)

Casting and choosing a director for the 2004 ALCS movie. Danny Trejo for David Ortiz? WHAT?!

Main Topic (1:09:02)

Wrestling with a much-maligned niche of both geekdom and sports fandom. What’s difference between enjoying WWE matches and enjoying action movies? And wrestlers who perform moves from videogames? Awesome!

Check out John and Amanda on Geek Bombast’s Bombastic Commentary

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