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Inside the Locker: Bullies Suck

On this week’s episode, the boys mount the soapbox and let loose about the issue of bullying in professional football. If there is one thing geeks despise, it’s consequence-free abuse.

On a lighter note, our neighbor Adam is getting all married and stuff! For the next couple of weeks, while he’s being all happy or whatever, our good friend Tyler Mager will be our special guest co-host. Don’t worry, we break him in right. He’s even our contestant for this week’s Crossover.

Oh, and Elliott brings up Pacific Rim again.


Show Breakdown…


The Crossover (8:00)

Raid 2

How will Tyler fare?

Topics Discussed: The Nick Saban Texas conspiracy, The Raid 2 teaser, Adios Blockbuster, Saw reborn, K-State gives away bacon, and much more!


Incognito Rant (41:15)

Cognito Douche

It’s the situation every sports network is talking about, but it bears special relevance to many of us geeks. Call it bullying, call it symptomatic of a developmentally-arrested lockeroom culture, but the fact is that it is harassment in a professional environment. We are mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this crap anymore.


Too Old for This Shit (81:16)


A new feature for ITL. In the spirit of our favorite grizzled cop Roger Murtaugh, we highlight one sports phenomenon that we’d like to see retired for good. Seems fitting we’d premiere this the same week as we discuss grown men bullying each other, but in fact that situation is NOT the first subject of this feature.


Main Topic: NBA Week 1 and The Awards for NFL Week 9 (84:25)









We hand out our requisite awards (as gif’d above). We also talk about the burgeoning trends of the first week of the NBA.

He Might Be a Cyborg: Nick Foles (101:45)


A NFL quarterback hadn’t thrown seven touchdowns in a single game since the 1960s…then the 2013 season started and we’ve had now TWO in one year. The first was Peyton Manning (sure, he’s a dopey-looking football god), but the second was Philadelphia’s backup? Nick Foles is a secret sport-mo-tron.


Weekly Fantasy Report (114:40)

Fantasy Football Report

Who were our picks for Rudy and Fredo? How did Brian manage to pull a four-game win streak? What is a Taco bye?


The ITL Pensieve (130:22)


Tyler serves as proxy for Adam as J.C. continues to dominate. Can we gets a Confundus Charm in here?!


Current Pensieve Standings…

Adam(Tyler as Proxy)–72-47