Inside the Locker: Bullies Suck


On this week’s episode, the boys mount the soapbox and let loose about the issue of bullying in professional football. If there is one thing geeks despise, it’s consequence-free abuse.

On a lighter note, our neighbor Adam is getting all married and stuff! For the next couple of weeks, while he’s being all happy or whatever, our good friend Tyler Mager will be our special guest co-host. Don’t worry, we break him in right. He’s even our contestant for this week’s Crossover.

Oh, and Elliott brings up Pacific Rim again.


Show Breakdown…


The Crossover (8:00)

Raid 2

How will Tyler fare?

Topics Discussed: The Nick Saban Texas conspiracy, The Raid 2 teaser, Adios Blockbuster, Saw reborn, K-State gives away bacon, and much more!


Incognito Rant (41:15)

Cognito Douche

It’s the situation every sports network is talking about, but it bears special relevance to many of us geeks. Call it bullying, call it symptomatic of a developmentally-arrested lockeroom culture, but the fact is that it is harassment in a professional environment. We are mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this crap anymore.


Too Old for This Shit (81:16)


A new feature for ITL. In the spirit of our favorite grizzled cop Roger Murtaugh, we highlight one sports phenomenon that we’d like to see retired for good. Seems fitting we’d premiere this the same week as we discuss grown men bullying each other, but in fact that situation is NOT the first subject of this feature.


Main Topic: NBA Week 1 and The Awards for NFL Week 9 (84:25)









We hand out our requisite awards (as gif’d above). We also talk about the burgeoning trends of the first week of the NBA.

He Might Be a Cyborg: Nick Foles (101:45)


A NFL quarterback hadn’t thrown seven touchdowns in a single game since the 1960s…then the 2013 season started and we’ve had now TWO in one year. The first was Peyton Manning (sure, he’s a dopey-looking football god), but the second was Philadelphia’s backup? Nick Foles is a secret sport-mo-tron.


Weekly Fantasy Report (114:40)

Fantasy Football Report

Who were our picks for Rudy and Fredo? How did Brian manage to pull a four-game win streak? What is a Taco bye?


The ITL Pensieve (130:22)


Tyler serves as proxy for Adam as J.C. continues to dominate. Can we gets a Confundus Charm in here?!


Current Pensieve Standings…

Adam(Tyler as Proxy)–72-47


5,341 thoughts on “Inside the Locker: Bullies Suck”

  1. i know the segment is dead but how about doing afirst draft on the kansas city chiefs this season you know a zero to hero story

  2. If I had to make the next Saw movie I would pull some type of Scream shit. In our world, the Jigsaw puppet has been sitting in a prop cabinet for years and some how the fictional character of John/Jigsaw has possessed the puppet. Out of curiosity he watches the past few Saw movies and he is anything but pleased. Enraged by the awful script and directing in these films, the puppet starts to make jigsaw traps for the writers/directors along with their family to be punished for their crimes. Some of the reoccurring actors in the Saw series see the horrific traps on the news and must band together as The Puppet Poachers to take down Jigsaw. After this movie is released the The Puppet Poachers will return as a Syfy original series.

  3. I’m using Taco Bye now. And of course, when I have a taco bye, my team scored 170+ points.

    As always, great show. Question on if you are going to have listener call-ins: what if you don’t have Skype? As in, I can not get it to work on my laptop. Just wondering…

  4. So we dont know everything, yet we should still make an overall judgement? It seems like all sports have different hazing rituals and cultures, with contact sports such as football and hockey taking them to such extremes (I wonder if there is an aggression connection there). But it seems that we too are developing this unseemly culture of accepting any story that drives coverage and fuels the culture of outrage, and we often do so without proper context, without all the information. I get that we judge Richie Incognito (can that actually be a family name?) harshly or more severely because of his background, and I agree with that notion to a certain extent, but does that mean we condemn a person exclusively? Do we prompt that individuals be wholly judged based on their mistakes in life? Do past mistakes mean that Incognito can not defend himself, can not present facts? You mention the fact that this does not happen in a vacuum, yet we forget that sports has operated in a vacuum for quite some time. How else do we justify some of the acts that are committed on the field, the ice, the pitch and court (I mean seriously, all that diving and flopping)? Hockey players skating 30mph slamming into each other and having the option to physically fight one and another if they take offence to something. Football players going high to the head for years, or taking out another player’s knees in the best attempt to stop him, and most likely injure by association. Not too mention the insane things said during trash talking (ask any player of any major league sport and they will say it is much worse than you could imagine) 100% pure and straight assault. All this is okay, but we draw the line at verbal abuse? I remember your view on the state of contact in football, and I agreed and laughed when you cited the South Park safe-football episode, but do we not see a sense of inconsistency in that point. A hint of hypocrisy when we rage about the softening of our game. And you know the NFL and NHL dont want to enact these changes. They make more money when their fans are content. But they want to protect their fortune against litigation. If the alleged acts hold true and were done to Martin in an un-consented, unaware way, then I hope Incognito is made an example of and is nailed to the wall in order to help foster in a change of locker-room culture that will focus more on not putting sports in a vacuum, and further establishing that these men are apart of society, and the locker-room is not/will not be excluded when upholding the convictions of society. Understand however, that the change of the locker-room will, and in fairness to consistency, should transfer to the field. And in the end, we will look at the change in locker-room culture as a jumping-off point to the change and eventual elimination of contact sports. Be it legal reasons and/or moral concerns. However, in the case that Incognito is not the all-bad villain, in the case that the supposed victim is to hold some blame, in the case that it was not extortion but negating on a trip and being required to still pay his part, not malicious behavior, but banter between two consenting adults, then I hope a similar foster of change can be bought to society in not side-stepping context in order to stir the culture of outrage. And I wish we could contain the vacuum of contact sports, but I am beginning to get past the stage of denial. The evolution has already started. What would be your guys preference- one-hand or two-hand touch?

  5. Indiana has consistently been at the bottom in terms of attendece for years. I only went back 10 years (which is marked as the worst years of the franchise in terms of the on-court product), but the Raps average attendance is just outside the top 10, they provide you with a presence in Canada (which has now resulted in Canadian born talent- leading to what will probably be two straight years of Canadian born players being drafted number one), a sports team in the forth largest city in North America, and they belong to a multi-billion dollar organization owned by Canada’s two leading communications and media companies that produces a combined revenue of over 30 billion. But yeah Tyler, you should really contract the Toronto Raptors.

  6. I read through what I posted last week, and I am honestly asking for your help here. If you could be so kind as to let me know exactly where I was trolling? I usually do not post on OneOfUs because I am always very behind on catching up with the podcasts (with ITL, digital noise, the OG, etc.) and often when I do want to post something, the comment section is dead because you have already released the next episode. I do my best to stay updated, but I am often a week or two behind, and as I catch up, I remain delayed. This past episode I was able to get to relatively early because I used Reading Week to catch up on things like this podcast. I enjoy the podcast (looking through what I listen to, the geeks on sports podcast often dumb-down their interests in other things such as comics and film, or don’t bring them up/reference them in the fear they may alienate their viewers), and really think if you keep it up you will find people will flock to a podcast that brings both together. I liked the discussion you guys were having with the Incognito v Martin issue, and just felt there was still more to the story and offered up my point of view. I then took the discussion into what many sports journalist have being putting forth sometime now, and that is the relation between sports and more specifically, contact sports and the vacuum. Now take it from a huge hockey fan, the discussion between contact sports, the locker-room, the hazing cultural, and this sense of sports being excluded from reality has been had in Canada and among hockey fans in North America for years, and well before the dangerous of football. From the mandatory helmets to now grandfathering in visors, to the debate of the locker-room and hazing-you find this Martin story terrible, go do a search of Graham James and Mike Danton/David Frost- to the changes in the game due to player safety (head shots, boarding, etc.), hockey has had its time in the sun for years (not even including the substantial entity of fighting in hockey). And many people, many of whom are 100 times more important and informed than myself have linked the troubles of these two sports to the nature and environment of the athlete in contact sports. Many of these individuals have also gone onto interconnecting the issues and have put forth the argument that changes to the fundamentals of the game (football and hockey), coupled with the inclusion of society and the pressing and upholding of a previously abandoned moral compass within the sports (on and off the field, in-between), suggests the beginning of the end of contacting sports. The notion that people 20, or 30, or 50 years from now will look back and judge us and hockey/football negatively remains high. This is a discussion I have had many times and was looking forward to adding to the discourse, discussing the underlying theme, perhaps push for a further and lively debate, increase the comments, get others opinions on what they think is the future of contact sports. I thought all this was the opposite of trolling. Not adding to the discourse. Not looking for in-depth discussion but emotional response because apparently that does something for them. That is how I have always defined being an internet troll. My second comment was defending the Raps and I ended by jokingly playing into the inferiority complex Canadians have when it comes to the US on an overall level, as well as in the the major sports leagues. I did not see my whole interaction being written off as trolling. But if that is the case, then I will just cease posting in the comment section. I cannot stand trolling. .

  7. My Saw reboot or new idea for a squeal would be having the cult of jigsaw being hunted down and killed by someone (who is good in nature but is willing to down a dark path due to violence) who was affected by their concept of dying to live bullshit. Something similar to I Saw the Devil the awesome horror film from Korea. When Brian mentioned The Devil Inside (a movie i did not see) the name link up to I Saw the Devil in my brain. It would be interesting concept to have the hunters being hunted.

  8. On Richie Incognito, It is quite refreshing to hear the ITL crew defend the actions of Jonathan Martin and condemn Richie Incognito. Most of the sport commentators seemed to be neutral or side with Richie Incognito (generally former players). In my opinion with the fact presented thus far I have to say Incognito most definitely crossed the line. I am curious how this will all turn out and what will come out with the official investigation.

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