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Inside The Locker: In Love and War

With Brian still out of the picture, J.C., Elliott, and Tyler reconvene in the new OneOfUs Monster Dome to wax nerdy about all things sports…and plenty of things not.

The guys chat about the creative steps some high school athletes are taking to avoid the NCAA and actually get paid for their talents in other countries. They also discuss the latest twists to the NBA free agency narrative and how it applies to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film. Yeah, we didn’t see the connection coming either. Oh, and Joel Embiid’s woeful social media awkwardness makes another appearance.

Finally, the guys pay tribute to the late, great Tony Gywnn and also revisit their favorite sports brawls in honor of the anniversary of the Pacers/Pistons Malice at the Palace altercation.

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*Apologies for the late posting. It was entirely Brian’s fault*



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