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Inside the Locker: Insult & Injury

Those daring young men in their den of sports geekery have returned to once again bring you the nerdiest sportscast you ever did hear. Lucky? You bet you are!

This week, a special guest live contestant plays The Crossover, two NFL players are chosen from Week 7 as potential cyborgs, a dramatic changing of the tide occurs in the ITL Pensieve, and Brian is forced to say a certain word he hates several SEVERAL times.




The Crossover (6:01)

Oregon Pigeon2

Inside the Locker’s newest feature The Crossover, which combines movie and sports news in quiz format, is host to a special guest in-house contestant: Mr. Ryan Brace. He will be the first of many listener contestants. Listen to see how he does and stay tuned for your chance to call in and play.

Topics Discussed: Espionage birds, Tom Hardy as Elton John, a banner year for the Clippers, racist NBA awards, & hockey players go Hollywood.



Nick Saban

During the break, we were alerted to a report that Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s wife was spotted shopping for houses in Austin, Texas. Could this mean Saban is thinking of shifting gears and taking over the University of Texas coaching job?


NFL Week 7 Awards (46:04)

Mcafee Hit

The Oh My Goooooood Award, PWN Zone, and Fritata of the week are awarded, as is a brand new award called He Got That Glow. This is for the overall standout player or the one who made the best individual play of the week. When you got the glow, you love to live and you live to love. You don’t let go of the power of elevation. Sho-Nuff!


He Might Be a Cyborg (51:12)


Shared this week by Andrew Luck and Colts Punter Pat Mcaffe. Luck could not be phased by the pressure and the hype of Peyton Manning’s return to Indy and helped The Colts hand The Broncos their first loss of the season. If you need a reason to suspect Mcaffe is a robot, see the gif above.

Weekly Fantasy Report (77:52)

Fantasy Football Report

Who is leading the four individual ITL Fantasy Football conferences? What advice to the guys have for you this week? Who won The Rudy and The Fredo? Find out why doncha!


The ITL Pensieve (95:40 )


J.C. has usurped Brian as the frontrunner! The current standings are below, but tune in to this episode to hear who the guys picked to win the NFL Week 8 match-ups as well as predict the outcome of The World Series.




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