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The Original Gentlemen


Hosts: Christopher Lawrence Cox, Martin Thomas & Beau Paul

The Original Gentlemen are Christopher Lawrence Cox, Martin Thomas, and David Beau Paul. Their claim to the distinction has been disputed, but such claims are spurious calumny, spread by the sort of unwashed riffraff who don’t really understand such things in the first place. Join them for your recommended dose of recommending those things in pop culture that you just shouldn’t live without on your radar.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 5 Episode 2: The Fourth World

Chris, Beau, and Martin gather to talk comics and TV. This week we talk about Jack Kirby’s Fourth World comics, which apparently DC is focusing on for movies/tv shows in the future so you might want to dive into our look at their history to get up to speed. We go through the recent Fourth World titles Mister Miracle and Female Furies. We also take a look at the BBC/Netflix show Bodyguard, which we firmly feel should be on more ‘must-see’ lists. Finally, we give some separate picks of comics you should be checking out.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 5 Episode 1: Skrull Omens

The heroic trio returns with a new season of The Original Gentlemen. First up is a discussion on one of the best comics this year, Meet The Skrulls from Robbie Thompson and Niko Henrichon. This leads us to a discussion of the history of the alien race, both in comics (which is pretty darn weird at points) and into the MCU. Next, we talk about Amazon Prime’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens. Of course, being the masters of getting sidetracked, lots of other mini-discussions find their way into it as well. Listen to the new Original Gentlemen (if you’re a subscriber at BROWN COAT level or above) and let us know your thoughts, both on this episode and ideas for future ones.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 4 Ep 6: I Got Nothing

The trio (Chris, Martin, Beau) sit down again with a complete and total lack of preparedness and nonetheless find a lot of catching up to do as they discuss what they’re watching on tv right now and some of the upcoming awards screeners they’ve watched. Subscribers at the Brown Coat level or above can check it out right here.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 4 Ep 5: Thor

Martin, Chris, and Beau gather to discuss all things Thor in the comics, about Bendis leaving Marvel for DC, and much more! Subscribers at the Brown Coat level or above can check it out right here.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 4 Ep 4: The Alamo

Beau, Martin, and Chris talk about some recent comics they’ve been digging, notably Birthright, Shade the Changing Girl, and Mister Miracle. They also talk about difficulties at the Alamo Drafthouse, their favorite comic artists, and more!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 4 Ep 3: Secret Empire

The trio is in the house: Chris, Martin, and Beau, and they are talking about Marvel’s latest cross-over event, Secret Empire. Captain America becomes a nazi! How could that work? Listen to the boys give their take on it and answer lots of listener mail! If you’re a Brown Coat subscriber or above, you can listen to it right here!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 4 Ep 2: The Defenders

With The Defenders launching on Netflix today, we thought it was a great opportunity to talk about what’s happening with these characters in the comic books. Martin and Chris talk the current runs of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and The Defenders, and, of course, get sidetracked A LOT by other superhero comics. Brown Coat subscribers and above can check it out right here.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 4 Ep 1: Spider-Man

THEOG returns but…different this time around. This season we’re keeping our eyes on the funny books and we figured there was no better timing of a character to start that off with than Spider-Man…and all the various related Spider-Characters (although apologies to Jessica Drew). It’s Martin Thomas. It’s Chris Cox. It’s Jason Murphy, and this first half of the episode is free for everyone to listen to!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 17: The Last Theatre

This week, things get intense as Chris, Martin, and Beau talk about some serious stuff. We ask big questions about culture and forgiveness for overstepping boundaries. We talk both the big OJ miniseries that came out last year and ask, did he do it? We discuss the first four episodes of the show Legion. And we talk about the brand new Mueller Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and its new added frills, launching into a discussion of what works in these new theaters and what still doesn’t. Also, comics.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 16: Geeky Old Men

Martin, Chris, and Beau this week talk a lot about comics and a lot about the tv they love (and some that they tolerate). Get yer updates from the grand old men of geekdom right here.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 15: For Your Viewing Pleasure

Chris, Martin, and Beau talk about the new shows The Santa Clarita Diet, Powerless, and Riverdale, the movies iBoy and Justice League Dark and much more!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 14: Getting Political

This week Martin, Chris and Beau talk a LOT about politics, so if you’re even mildly a fan of our new President or are completely uninterested in political discussions you might want to skip this episode. But, we also talk about Sneaky Pete, Goliath, and more, so there’s that.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 13: The Dynamic Duo Returns

This week is another Martin and Chris conversation, and you know how those go. From one topic to the next, the original original gentlemen discuss TV, movies, comics, and weighty matters of the world.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 12: Netflix and Chill

Chris and Beau are joined by Patience and Carlos as they talk about more cool stuff from 2016 (a lot from the very end) including two Netflix shows, The OA and Travelers.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 11: Best Films of 2016

Chris, Beau, and Martin take turns picking the best films of 2016 for your entertainment.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 10: Is There a Doctor Strange in the House?

Martin, Chris, and Beau sit down with C. Robert Cargill as our guest again, only THIS time he CAN talk at length about the movie he wrote, Marvel’s Doctor Strange, and he gives us some goody insider details while we listen and get pretty whiskey-drunk.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 9: Election

Warning: The classic trio (Martin, Chris, and Beau) spend a good half of this episode discussing the results of the election from a decidedly left slant so if that’s not your thing, you might want to skip this episode of The Original Gentlemen. But there’s TV talk too. Just sayin’.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 8: The Dynamic Duo

And with Beau busy burning witches on stage (or is it being burned as a witch? I can never remember) Martin and Chris take this one on by themselves. That doesn’t keep this conversation from getting EXTREMELY lively and ranging all over the place. From the strategy of punning to quantum worlds, this episode of The Original Gentlemen has EVERYTHING!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 7: Vintage Spookies

Martin, Beau, and Chris discuss some classic Universal and Hammer horror films, describe and recommend some of the new horror tv shows, rank the new seasons of all the superhero live action tv shows, and Martin gives his list of all the comics you should be reading right now.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 6: James C. Leary & Super Blogs

Martin, Beau, and Chris got together with actor/writer/comedian James C. Leary and talk with our friend Allison about her new video show, Super Blog Blog.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 5: Kevin Smith Things

Martin, Beau, and Chris are joined by Mike McCallister and they talk about all kinds of stuff (including a bit of spoilery Stranger Things stuff…seriously, why haven’t you finished watching it yet?) but we culminate with a full story point by story point retelling of Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers by Mike, because SORRY…there was absolutely no way we were gonna sit through it, and we appropriately roast him and the movie as he goes along. Fun was had by all. Especially and hopefully by YOU.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 4: Moody Robots

Chris, Martin, and Beau are the Original Gentlemen (it’s a fact, look it up) and they return after a brief hiatus with a fun discussion largely about new TV shows (or new to them, at least), what went wrong with “Batman: The Killing Joke”, and they are joined by podcaster Mike Moody, of the show Mr. Robot, Oh! to talk, well, Mr. Robot, among other things.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 3: The Trump Times

Chris and Martin are joined by their friends Jordan and Opal to talk about all things geeky and make plenty of new suggestions for comics to get you through these Trumpy times.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 2: Stranger Things

It’s been awhile, but we finally got Sarah, Chris, Beau, and Martin all together on one THEOG again. This week they discuss Netflix’s new “Stranger Things” as well as the CBS show “Braindead” and much, much more.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 3 Ep 1: Pokémon Go

Kyle joins Chris and Martin to discuss and make some sweet new recommendations for comics, tv shows and more…and of course, they talk about Pokemon Go.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 33: The Original Gentleman

Beau, Chris, and Martin continue their discussion of DC’s Rebirth, with the new titles in tow, talk the very strange new “Airboy” book, “Monstress” and much more, including decisions on the finales of superhero based TV shows.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 32: Hail, Rebirth!

Chris, Martin and Beau dig deep into comics this week. We talk about what we thought of DC’s Rebirth and give the explanations for some of its more confusing moments. We discuss the Captain America/Hydra controversy and find a few different takes on it. And we present to you some of the current comics we love the most and why. Enjoy!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 31: Summer Movie Preview Part One

Chris, Martin and Sarah take a look at what films we have to look forward to, and which to dread, in their Summer Movie Preview Part One (now with added long digressions). Check it out!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 30: Beau’s Back!

This week marks the glorious return of Beau to the show as he, Chris and Martin discuss problems over at Vertigo and DC in general, send their love out to Patton Oswalt and his family, talk a bit about the Moontower Comedy festival, discuss the new season of “Kimmy Schmidt” and the new shows, “Damien,” “Houdini and Doyle,” and “Slasher”…and yes, bitch about “BvS” again. This time it was Martin’s fault, I swear.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 29: Social Media Influencers, dammit!

Chris, Martin, and Sarah get together to discuss a wealth of things including their thoughts about “11.22.63”, “Hap and Leonard”, “Rogue One” and more.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 28: FREOG SXSW 2016 Edition

We have gathered an unusual amount of gentlemen this week to discuss an important topic. A topic we all have shared together, but all in a different way. That topic is, what crazy stuff did we get up to during this year’s SXSW. And there was a wide variety of crazy stuff that was gotten up to, indeed. Martin, Sarah, Herman, Kyle, JC, and Chris all weigh in on some of the best movies they saw, best parties they went to, coolest famous folks they shared tacos with, and more in this episode of The Original Gentlemen.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 27: Sarah is Slytherin

Much is discussed in this week’s episode as Chris, Sarah and Martin decide who to sort in what house, don’t agree totally on the Ghostbusters trailer, recommend some of their favorite podcasts, and more.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 26: Bruce Willis’ Colon is a Diva

This week Martin and Chris are joined by Kyle and Sarah as the discussion goes to Sarah’s adventures in phone app dating, The Uber Killer, Batman in the new film, yet more Deadpool stuff, and a LOT more in this extra long episode. Brought to you by, the bottle of single malt scotch Martin showed up with this week. So, you know how it goes…

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 25: The Gravitational Wave Forms of Deapool

This week on The Original Gentlemen your intrepid team of geeks talk about the Deadpool movie, scientific breakthroughs, the new TV shows of 2016, have a debate about the merits and downsides of politically correct speech, and much more!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 24: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME….really sad celebrity deaths?

The Gentlemen convene and talk football (albeit briefly, because Chris has no idea what’s going on), pay tribute to the celebrities who’ve passed recently, and finally get around to answering those THEOG questions that were asked for LAST week’s show. *facepalm*

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 23: Some Drinks and a Miss!

….which means Chris had too many drinks and forgot the Golden Globes were on the same time they were scheduled to record THEOG. So, Chris, Martin and Beau took a funny look at the nominees, got into Martin’s favorite stuff of 2015, and much more.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 22: Goat Rape

It’s a very special post-Christmas show here at the THEOG studios and a crowded house. Not only do you get your standard trio of Chris, Martin and Beau, but Sarah is here along with Jason Murphy and Cargill who is repeatedly and unsuccessfully prodded for plot details on Doctor Strange.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 21: Stream of Consciousness

Chris, Martin and Beau converse and through their discussion end up in all sorts of places including what some of the big films of the year are going to be.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 20: B-Listers

Chris, Martin and Beau team up with a new guy: Danny. Together they all talk about Doctor Strange and all the b-lister superheroes who the TV/movie adaptation machines are now looking at, talk about James Bond films, and much more.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 19: Burying the Bar Owner Alive

This week Beau is off rehearsing to play Van Helsing in a stage production of “Dracula” so we called in an old friend who we’ve never had on before (somehow) but that many of you who have been to Austin to party with us have met, the owner of the official bar of, The Nomad, Miguel. We talk more scary stuff, Chris answers the “but there’s nothing good on Netflix” plea with a huge list of horror movies that are great to check out currently playing on it, and wackiness ensues.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 18: We Love This Time of Year

Chris, Martin, and Beau return with Halloween memories, scariest movies, and more spooky stuff.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 17: The ORIGINAL Original Gentlemen

For the first time, Jason Murphy joins the gentlemen in this epic podcast that has the quartet reminiscing about the old LEOG days as well as lots of recommendations, comics talk, and a fall film preview that continues on into October.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 16: Critiques That are Dead on their Feet

The three stooges get into a complaining session about people hating on The Walking Dead, talk the new spin-off show, Fear the Walking Dead, take a look at the upcoming films in September worth looking forward to and avoiding, and answer a bunch of your questions.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 15: The British Invasion

The Gentlemen convene and all is right with the world. This week, Richard joins the guys as they talk about this, that, and everything. Listener mail is addressed, much is made of what constitutes a good tv pilot, and comic recommendations are made. Enjoy!

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 14: The Darkest Hour

Ok, maybe not all THAT dark, but Chris, Beau, Martin and Ashley talk about bad cops before they get into all the geekery you came for. Check it out.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 13: SDCC Highlights and Beautiful Ramblings

Johnny Neill joins the THEOG crew this week as they discuss many o’thing including the new Star Wars footage, the “Ash vs the Evil Dead” trailer, Mad Men afterthoughts (with spoilers), and, golly, like everything else in the universe.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 12: TV Eye

This week on The Original Gentlemen the gang looks at a bunch of new shows: Humans, Dark Matter, Catastrophe, Killjoys, Mr. Robot, Ballers, The Brink and the second season of True Detective. And yeah, we talk about a bunch of other stuff too. Check it out.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 11: The Year in Film and the Summer to Come

Join your old friends, The Original Gentlemen, as they discuss the best films of the year so far, what we can expect from the rest of the summer, and more in-depth criticism of Jurassic World (sorry).

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 10: Campfire Tales!

The Original Gentlemen and our returning guest Sarah gather around the campfire to tell chilling tales of death, doom, and fear. So yeah, it’s another uplifting episode of bon mots and charming anecdotes from the THEOG crew! Let’s just hope no otherworldly creature determined to punish them for their errors is listening as they each reveal what truly scares them the most.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 9: Hungover Mad Max Men

The Original Gentlemen might be feeling the effects of a big weekend, in not the best way, but they still pull out the high energy for their discussion including a call to maybe tone down the hyperbole a bit on Mad Max, lots of drinking reminiscences and regrets, and answering lots of viewer mail.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 8: Avenging The Avengers

The Original Gentlemen are back and are taking to task those taking to task “Avengers: Age of Ultron” as they stay on task (as much as they’re capable of) by delivering this in-depth spoileriffic analysis of the latest Marvel blockbuster that arrived to such mixed reviews.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 7: Origin Stories

This week Martin, Beau, and Chris are joined by Sarah, formerly of the Wayward Podcast (but she’s in Austin now, not Tokyo). The gang answers a ton of your questions and finally reveals their own origin stories of how they became the geeks they are today.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 6: This Episode Fueled by Scotch

As you can tell by the name of this week’s episode of The Original Gentlemen, we let ourselves get a little loose with the pours and consequently you guys get awarded with a fun, very free-form, very funny episode where Beau, Chris and Martin talk about everything under the sun including lots of new TV, film, comic and book recommendations for your perusal.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 5: Back to the Originals

This week the primary trio returns as Beau, Chris, and Martin discuss a multitude of comics, books, and tv shows that they’re currently enjoying including Ms. Marvel, Astro City, The Passage, The Flash, Justified, All Your Base Are Belong to Us, and more.

They are joined by special guest and long-time fan Imo Ekong, although it becomes clear that Chris hasn’t completely figured out his new mixing board yet as Imo, when he chimes in, is unfortunately pretty low in the mix. Apologies, we’ll sort it out by next show.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 4: F*%K Jerry Lewis

This week Martin and Chris team up with fan-favorite Johnny Neill to have one of those great conversations you get with Johnny; the kind where it’s tempting to just sit back and listen to him hold court. He’s one of our favorite funny people and knows his stuff when it comes to talking pop culture media. And of course, we do a lot of that throughout this episode.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 3: Staple Madness

The Original Gentlemen return with our yearly tradition of talking about independent comics, more specifically, STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo in Austin, taking place March 7th-8th at the Marchesa Hall and Theater in Austin Texas. To that point, we have Uncle Staple (Chris Nicholas) joining this week along with the owner of Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Games, Randy Lander, and comic writer Paul Benjamin. But lest you think this is just dry discussion about comics and such, think again. We’re wetting our whistles with a bottle of scotch Martin brought along for the ride so, as you might expect, really funny madness ensues.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 2: The Best of 2014

Chris, Martin and Beau are joined this week by Joe Parsons as they detail the best films and tv shows of 2014, some of the worst, and a debate about the relative merits of Inherent Vice. And that’s far from all. This epic-length episode has Joe looking into his crystal ball to predict the entire plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Marvel Cinematic Universe afterwards, and much more.

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OG ThumbnailSeason 2 Ep 1: Reintroducing the…

We’re back from our break between seasons (yes, that’s what I’m calling it, go with me on this one) with a freshly invigorated group of gentlemen ready to take on the world! Or at least, to take on your questions. Martin, Chris and Beau go through a giant heap of your concerns and queries that will likely both delight and enrage. Much is said about comics and all things geeky, as is our wont.

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OG ThumbnailAsh vs. The Evil Gentlemen

This week we celebrate the return of Ashley from darkest Africa and hope she didn’t bring Ebola back with her.
Those of us who haven’t already chime in about Guardians of the Galaxy, the film Calvary, the Fest of Us celebrations, and a whole stack of new recommended comics for you to check out!

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OG ThumbnailDanni Danger Zone

The Gentlemen were pleased as punch to welcome Weird Girls contributor and Geekie Awards nominee, Danni Danger as a guest to the show this week. She takes them on a spirited discussion ride about gender in geekery, cosplay, and a look at some of her favorite comics, including Alex + Ada and Rat Queens.

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OG ThumbnailIdiot Boxing

Beau, Chris and Martin sit down and talk entirely about TV. Not abstractly, of course, but specifically, delving into news stories about the future of “Sherlock”, “American Gods”, “Community”, “Hannibal” and more. They’ll also talk about the new pilot for the Hellblazer adaptation “Constantine” and thoroughly go through “Game of Thrones” Season 4 point by point. Come down to the club and have an snifter glass of finely aged comedy with The Original Gentlemen!

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OG ThumbnailThe Replacements

It’s an odd week at THEOG as pretty much ALL of the regular cast had other commitments and could not make it to a recording, but Chris, as usual, pushes on. He grabbed an old friend from The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen, Harris (who you may now know better as Dr. Nerdlove), and a new member of our team: introducing all of you to Ed Travis from the movie website who is joining the Unusual Suspects movie reviewing team.

The trio got together at Harris’ pad and talked current news stories about Star Wars and Marvel television which generally digressed and segued to exploring pretty much every corner of geekdom. We also break down the best movies of 2014 so far. Check it out…

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OG ThumbnailSchrodinger’s Cargill

This week on the show, I’m afraid we’re down a member; Ashley had previous engagements, but our special guest should make up for it.

You know him, you love him, you slightly lower the volume when he’s on mic; he’s C. Robert Cargill, former Spill Crew member, author of Dreams and Shadows, Queen of the Dark Things, and the film Sinister. We talk about some of his favorite TV shows, his pal Scott Derrickson and Doctor Strange, and the X-Continunity in films and what we’d like to see next.

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OG ThumbnailCancelled Too Soon

The Gentlefolk take a break from the usual structure this week. With all the recent cancellations and early endings of shows, it seemed prudent to take the bulk of an episode to look at these, talk about some of the great shows that ended too soon in the past, and discuss the whys and wherefores of why it happens.

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OG Thumbnail

And Now Here’s Beau With The Weather…

This week on The Original Gentlemen, there’s lots of news stories to talk about, not the least of which is the casting on Star Wars. In addition to that Beau and Chris talk about the craziness that went down at Moontower Comedy Festival, everybody chimes in on the new Fargo TV series, and much more.

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OG ThumbnailThe Sandy Saga of Silicon Valley

The Original Gentlemen are in the house (as promised). So be careful, because security is in full effect. If you find them, do not directly confront. Merely call for backup (quietly, of course) and placate them by listening to their rantings about X-Men future sequels, SagaSandSilicon Valley and any number of other inane ramblings.

Remember, these gentlemen are legally insane. They are not to be trusted. Do not heed their pleadings for booze. You don’t want to see that.

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OG ThumbnailIntergalactic Cap America

It’s a new era for The Original Gentlemen, as Beau, Chris, Ashley and Martin double down and commit to a bi-weekly schedule. This first of our regularly scheduled programs brings you our old friend Jason Neulander, creator of “The Intergalactic Nemesis” who has some rather big news to share with all of us, as well as sticking around for our Spoiler discussion of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the season 4 opener of Game of Thrones, questions from fans, news stories, & more.

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OG ThumbnailEpisode XII

This week the THEOG honors an old tradition held over from our previous podcast, LEOG, by doing our Staple! Independent Media Expo preview show. We called in Uncle Staple, and we all dug in about the cool stuff we’re looking forward to at this year’s show.

But, of course, that’s far from all.

This being The Original Gentlemen, we’ve got a job to do, and that’s to wax eloquent (ish) about the latest entertainment news, trailers, games, books, movies, etc.

This week the gang dives into Guardians of the GalaxyThe Fantastic Four,Game of ThronesCity of Thieves, “The Wolf Among Us”, Maron, and lots, lots more. We even find the time to answer a lot of your questions.

So without further ado, let’s get on with the show…

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailEpisode XI

Change, was, as it always is, inevitable.

But wait, you say, I thought you said things would always be this way. THEOG. The three of you (plus the occasional guest). Well, I said a lot of things. Some of them while I was drunk. So legally, I can’t be held to it (I think that’s how that works).

The THEOG have gained a fourth. But who? Who dares enter these sacrosanct halls? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

Aside from that, the gang talks about the new style at Archer, our love for HBO’s True Detective, Nick Frost dancing the salsa, more Batman stuff, take questions from fans, talk about our favorite movies and tv series of 2013, AND JEBUS CHRISTMAS, SO MUCH MORE (pant pant).

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailEpisode X

Everything was so crazy! Everyone going out of town! Buying gifts for their families! Making elaborate plans! How in the world were we to get one more episode of “The Original Gentlemen” in the can in amongst all this craziness??

Easy. By bringing in the time-honored LEOG tradition of having an all-questions episode.(that’s what you do when you didn’t have time to plan out a normal show)

So that’s what Beau, Chris and Martin did: an entire show dedicated to answering fan questions, pointedly towards that (second) most wonderful of all the holidays: Christmas!

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailEpisode IX

After starting out with what sounds like the old-school Leog version of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, the gang gets down to serious business.

This week, we’ve got not one, but two guests: Oneofus’s own Brian Salisbury makes his first appearance on the show, and Doctor Nerdlove himself, Harris O’Malley sits in on the discussions.

Much is made of the spill closing announcement, the sequel to The Shining, the show Almost Human, and finally, Chris’s trip to China and Japan. You really can’t miss this one. It’s now against the law. And Karl Urban IS the law. So don’t screw it up.

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailEpisode VIII

The OG are back! And with them they bring all that is good and right in the world. Like, for instance, how about a new segment of “Jason Murphy is Furious”? That’s pretty damn right, if not righteous.

Chris, Martin and Beau are joined by special guest Sam Eidson, star and anti-hero of the hit cult film Zero Charisma as they talk about what madness (or a sad lack of madness) that erupted (or didn’t) this Halloween, a look at more of the new TV season, including American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, and much more!

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailEpisode VII

After an unavoidable extended absence, The Original Gentlemen are back, with more raving madness about popular culture. This week we take a look at Agents of Shield, Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist, as well as Hammer Horror films, Greg Rucka’s new comic Lazarus, and much more. Much much more. Muchly much to the muchiest power of much more. Listen, and we’ll tell you.

Raise a glass and toast the return of The Original Gentlemen!

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailEpisode VI

It’s about time we lived up to our promise of guest appearances from some of our old LEOG friends, and today it comes to pass as Randy sits in on the discussions. And what discussions they are!

This week we talk the original Marvel Star Wars comics line, The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, two actual books: God is Disappointed in You and Crooked Little Vein, and a whole anti-hero discussion featuring spoiler talks about the new film Riddick and not-so-new-anymore game Bioshock Infinite. Ya don’t wanna miss this one, true believers!

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailEpisode V

The boys in brew are back, this week having much fun at overzealous Bataffleck rage, Terry Prachett’s “Going Postal” tv adaptation, The Last of Us, a fall movie preview, and so much more!

Oh, and are those the dulcet rage-filled tones of Jason Murphy I hear? You gotta check out this episode!

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailEpisode IV

Run B.M.C. is back discussing lots of geeky goodness. This week we talk the new David Tennant show Broadchurch, talk Dr. Who casting controversies, Marvel Phase 2, the F/X show The Bridge, look at Chris Claremont’s classic Wolverine mini-series that influenced the new film, take lots of questions from fans, and even more on top of all that!

Oh, and beer. Lots of beer.

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailThe Comic-Con Recap

The Gentlemen get in-depth on SDCC…at least in terms of all the craziness that went on. Who needs panels? For this discussion we bring in a very dear friend from the past (The Reel Deal), Michele Williams, and star of “Infinite Variations” right here on OneOfUs, Ashley Moreno, to fill in the gaps as to what Martin and Chris missed because they were likely too busy drinking.

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailThe Sophomore Episode

Join Beau, Chris, and Martin as they discuss some of their favorite things this week, including Orphan Black, Continuum, X-O Manowar, Preacher, Ray Donovan and more. Add to that answers for your viewer mail, beer geekery, our song of the week, and the latest rage-fueled segment of “Jason Murphy is Furious”, and you’ll find you’ve got a podcast positively bursting at the seams with awesome sauce.

Empty Space

OG ThumbnailRe-Introducing The Original Gentlemen

 The Gentlemen gather for their momentous debut episode, discussing such things as The Venture Brothers, Hannibal, web comics, and the new Pixies song. Also, be prepared for the first installment from our roving correspondent Jason Murphy entitled, “Jason Murphy is Furious.” An auspicious beginning indeed.

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