The Original Gentlemen: Episode IV


Run B.M.C. is back discussing lots of geeky goodness. This week we talk the new David Tennant show Broadchurch, talk Dr. Who casting controversies, Marvel Phase 2, the F/X show The Bridge, look at Chris Claremont’s classic Wolverine mini-series that influenced the new film, take lots of questions from fans, and even more on top of all that!

Oh, and beer. Lots of beer.

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4,766 thoughts on “The Original Gentlemen: Episode IV”

  1. In relation to all the reviewing and podcasting you guys do… I’m amazed you even find time in between to drink. And yet you still do, so you’re all doing very well indeed. 😉 Great to see the new OG up!

  2. In my personal opinion.

    Moffat’s Doctor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RTD’s Doctor.

    Honestly, Rose and that bullshit romance tainted the Tennant years for me.

  3. I have always quite liked that as a plot point The Doctor is bad at regenerating and that becoming a woman seems to be something that would be beyond his personal capabilities. To us he’s this all knowing god like figure who rights wrongs and fixes problems, but in Time Lord Society The Doctor is lucky to be considered an average student at best. When it comes to being a Time Lord he’s not very good at it.

    For example look at any other character when they regenerate. When River and The Master do it they just stand up like nothing happened, they’re hyper sure but all in all ok. And when Romana regenerated (like it or not) she was able to choose between several different physical forms before locking one down and saying this shall be my second incarnation.

    But every time The Doctor changes from 1 6 footish white guy to another 6 footish white guy it nearly kills him, or he’s bed ridden for days, or he loses his memories, or he goes insane. I just always found it funny and quite liked the idea that he was bad at being a good Time Lord.

  4. Great episode guys. Just to throw it out here, here’s how you could easily do the Master’s of Evil in the Marvel films. Have those guys who were giving Fury orders in Avengers say “Hey we told Fury to keep an eye on the Avengers and he just keeps disobeying our orders, time to fire him and hire the next highest up guy who wasn’t loyal to him. What about this guy Zemo? Yeah he always thought Fury was wrong about everything, hire him and tell him to form his own team of super heroes.” (Also you may want to call them The Thunderbolts just to make them sound less cartoonish but that’s just me)

  5. If you haven’t tried it, I’d love to hear what you guys think about Southern Tier’s Pumking seasonal. Also, Their 2xIPA is fantastic. I love the podcast, been a listener since the LEOG days around 2008!

  6. Did you guys go from Doctor Who to THOR on purpose because Christopher Eccleston is playing the Villain? 🙂

  7. I’ve only seen Buckaroo Banzi once and I barely remember it, so the commentary might make me check it out again – I gotta ask though, how long do I gotta wait for that They Live commentary? I’m just bustin for an excuse to watch that for the hundredth time!

  8. Jean-François Martel

    i start to feel so uneducated when you star talking about alcohol. You sound like scholars.

  9. Jean-François Martel

    I like Chris’ idea of a next, next generation, and we use Bryan Fuller’s idea (helmed by Fuller himself) of having Rosario Dawson and Angela Bassett as first officer and captain.

  10. Wholly shit Chris! I can’t believe you didn’t like the end of Doctor Who series seven! I do agree that the cock tease of revealing the Doctors Name was a bit much, but the episode itself was great! The introduction of The Doctors grave was brilliant and the Clara’s reveal was an amazing way to have many callbacks to the past. A great Pre-episode to the 50th.

  11. All this booze talk makes me want to get over my tea tottler tendencies and learn something about beer.

  12. If there’s a sequel to The Big Lebowski I wouldn’t center it around The Dude, I want to see the Walter Sobchak version of Rolling Thunder, where he finally loses his mind to PTSD, & goes around taking revenge on everyone who he views as to have slighted him throughout his life.

  13. FINALLY!! THANK YOU Chris for your criticisms of Moffet’s run on Doctor Who. You nailed it on the head! You voiced exactly what has been wrong with the show since he took over; that it’s slipped back into its children’s show roots and given up on making even a modicum of sense.

  14. Hey guys, really loving the new shows, but when listening on my smartphone I am unable to scroll through the episode. It makes it difficult to listen to you guys, and when/if the internet cuts out I can’t listen anymore without listening to the whole show again. Don’t know if its me or you. And I think the show should be The Original Gentlemen Plus Brian Salisbury and Johnny Neil because they’re awesome (but so is everyone else).

  15. Woman Doctor Who would be a good stunt…….unless it doesn’t work, then you would be complaining about stunt casting lol

  16. So far I’ve not been impressed by The Bridge’s handling of the setting. They have a good setting to work with but get it completely wrong. They make the vast majority of people on the El Paso side white and we are actually something like 86% Mexican. They try to have the killer have this message that the few murders we have a year are rich white women when that’s far from the case. It’s annoying that the interesting question of why Juarez is so violent while El Paso is the safest city in the US is not explored well at all in favor of following the beats of the original.

  17. Japan. Yeah…..I don’t know Japan all that well, but I was up there for a work trip a few weeks back, and my wife flew up and joined me for a weekend going to the Fuji Rock Festival. Very cool, like a Dead show where everyone wears matching Wellington boots and Gortex ponchos, drinks organic beer and does syncronised bungee rope dancing instead of playing hackysack.
    Which is to say two things about your phenomenal show:
    1) I hear what Chris is saying with regards to the lack of a sense of ‘otherness’ in the cross-cultural love story of The Wolverine in the movie as opposed to the Claremont/Miller book, where the distance between Japanese and ‘western’ culture was much more palpable. That said, while the book wasn’t written forever ago, it is 30 years old, and created by artists who at best had only a fetishist’s interest in Japanese culture (I love me some Ronin and Elektra the Greek Ninja, and a fair amount of Sin City, but the katanas and shuriken are pretty much the beginning and end of the Japaneseness). The book is really great, I agree with Martin and Beau, but it was made at a point in US culture when were Japan was only really coming into focus for us, and we were somewhat conflicted still about what Japan meant to us (and even so a decade later, when Wesley Snipes was protecting the ‘Merican way from those tricky honor-clad inscrutables in Rising Sun…). Given that, combined with how much closer ALL cultures are running together in this mashed-up Interweb world, and the all-important International Box Office as a factor in movie success, I don’t think that they could make a movie set in Japan feel as foreign to us as it once was.
    2) I stood and listened to half a Mumford & Sons set at Fuji, and had to flee for fear that my wife would divorce me for exposing her to their milquetoast, tweedy-beardy, feyboy bullshit. With banjos. I love you guys and respect your opinions on practically everything, particularly music, but Beau, I have a dark hole in my heart the size of a cigarette burn because you compared Mumfuck & Sons favourably to the Pogues…

  18. It was so nice to hear someone point out Moffat’s flaws in his show running of the last 3 years. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the show as much as I did with RTD. While I think both did really good and terrible things, what gets me about Moffat is he’ll make a mystery such a big deal and then when it’s time for the wrap up, it’s done in such a half ass way. And I loved when there wasn’t a freaking mystery attached to the companions. I was really hoping when Smith stepped down, so would Moffat. He’s a good episode writer, but I just don’t think he’s suited to be a show runner for DW and season 7 was easily the worst season of the show for me.

  19. going back to listen to all these. so awesome. also i don’t know if you found out later chris but i think you meant the bird and the bee which is incidentally a guy-gal duo and not a girlband. she does have an amazing sing-songy voice though

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