Subscriber Program Information is a site largely funded by our fans. It is absolutely essential for our continued existence that we keep you guys as happy as possible and we do our best to provide bonus content to do just that. How do you access it? It’s all in the forums. (See the links at the top of the page under the logo? The link for the forum is at the right end of it). It’s for subscribers only. If you subscribe, we’ll get in touch with you at the email address you used for your paypal account about setting up a forum account matching the level of your monthly subscription. It is not an automated process so please be patient if you are not contacted immediately. We might be out reviewing a movie! You will always be contacted within 24 hours though so rest easy, your bonus forum stuff will be accessible quickly.

How do you become a subscriber? Select your desired subscription level from the drop-down immediately below. Click the big yellow button to be directed to Paypal. It’s that easy!

If you have any questions about the process, or would like to subscribe but by alternate means, email us at

Subscription Levels

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The bulk of our subscriber content is in our forums which you can find here. I also ask that you read this post about the new forums and about the future of oneofus.

Current bonus content includes:

For Time Lord subscribers, video versions of many of our Screener Squad reviews that are longer and uncut.

For Brown Coat subscribers, video versions of our Digital Noise episodes featuring images of the titles we discuss.

One of Us Show: Subscribers Only is a video show where Chris picks random times to get online and see who shows up to chat with him, which is available at the Brown Coat level.

Watch a Movie With Us: A sizable and growing archive of movie commentary tracks by the staff of Oneofus featuring a number of notable guests and downloadable at the Time Lord level with special episodes featuring Matt Frank from Giganticast as host that are downloadable at the Brown Coat level.

The Breakfast Pub (on hiatus): a weekly movie and tv news and trailer review show at the Red Shirt level.

The Gathering (on hiatus until COVID is over): A bi-weekly party podcast that is usually 2-3 hour long podcasts each release. People who remember The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen from the old site will likely dig this one and can hear it at the Brown Coat level.

The Original Gentlemen (On hiatus): A conversational podcast that often covers comics with Chris Cox, Beau Paul, and Martin Thomas available at the Brown Coat level.

On the Jedi level are lots of assorted bonus podcasts, pictures, and extremely rare old ephemera and never before seen video including our never aired League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen pilot video show and our Spill Dot Con LEOG event ‘swede’ video trivia.

There’s also a large amount of one-off shows, extended videos and podcasts, bonus sequences, interviews with the cast, and so much more.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support of this site. We’re here because of you, and your generosity will ensure that we’re able to keep delivering content to you for a long time.

Incentives are subject to change as it’s an ongoing process. But if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks again!