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Subscriber Program Information

66 Submitted by on Mon, 12 May 2014, 12:04 is a site largely funded by our fans. It is absolutely essential for our continued existence that we keep you guys as happy as possible and we do our best to provide bonus content to do just that. How do you access it? It’s all in the forums (see the white bar at the top of the screen under the logo? The link is at the right end of it). Once you’ve started a forum account, you can subscribe using (preferably) the same email address to pay for your account with PayPal and then you’ll have access to the subscriber’s lounge and the account level that matches your payment.

How do you become a subscriber? Select your desired subscription level from the drop down immediately below. Click the big yellow button to be directed to Paypal. It’s that easy!

Subscription Levels

Current bonus content includes:

The Breakfast Pub: a weekly movie and tv news and trailer review show at the Red Shirt level.

The Gathering: A bi-weekly party podcast that is usually 2-3 hour long podcasts each release. People who remember The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen from the old site will likely dig this one and can hear it at the Brown Coat level.

The Original Gentlemen: A conversational podcast that often covers comics with Chris Cox, Beau Paul, and Martin Thomas available at the Brown Coat level.

Watch a Movie With Us: A sizable and growing archive of movie commentary tracks by the staff of Oneofus featuring a number of notable guests and downloadable at the Time Lord level.

On the Jedi level are lots of assorted bonus podcasts, pictures, and extremely rare old ephemera and never before seen video.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support of this site. We’re here because of you, and your generosity will ensure that we’re able to keep delivering content to you for a long time.

Incentives are subject to change as it’s an ongoing process. But if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks again!

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Brian is a four-year veteran of the interwebs, a member of The Austin Film Critics Association, and currently writes for Film School Rejects, Movie Pilot,, and Fandango. An obsessive consumer of film, Brian loves everything from Buster Keaton to 80s post-apocalyptic sci-fi. He’s also a diehard Indianapolis Colts fan and collects VHS, laser discs, and classic game systems. An eighth-level geek overlord, Brian is one of the founders of, the brainchild of he and partner in crime Christopher Lawrence Cox. Brian cohosts both the Inside the Locker and Digital Noise podcasts.