The Original Gentlemen Episode 10: Fairytale of Austin

  • Chris Cox 

Everything was so crazy! Everyone going out of town! Buying gifts for their families! Making elaborate plans! How in the world were we to get one more episode of “The Original Gentlemen” in the can in amongst all this craziness??

Easy. By bringing in the time-honored LEOG tradition of having an all-questions episode.(that’s what you do when you didn’t have time to plan out a normal show)

So that’s what Beau, Chris and Martin did: an entire show dedicated to answering fan questions, pointedly towards that (second) most wonderful of all the holidays: Christmas!

But don’t worry, some things are the same as always….we drank a LOT of beer.

Empty Space

Pogues SOTW                Pogues AOTW


And don’t forget to make The Original Gentlemen’s season that much brighter by purchasing something, anything from Amazon via OneOfUs’ link. Just click the picture to buy yourself (or someone on your holiday list) any item you choose. You will be supporting the site and we greatly appreciate it.


640 thoughts on “The Original Gentlemen Episode 10: Fairytale of Austin”

  1. My favorite Xmas movie is Scrooged with Bill Murray, but no one else I knew liked it for some reason. Did any of you like Scrooged?

    My favorite gift as a kid was the 12″ Bionic Man with his repair station.

          1. Heh, not that extreme. They are assholes though and they’re the same people who thought Ghostbusters was boring…so maybe their opinions shouldn’t matter. 🙂

          2. Guess this is a bad time to bring up that, just as I was leaving, I thought to myself “Oh yeah, I should’ve brought up how much I didn’t like “Scrooged”. Oh Well.”?

    1. Well, if nothing else we certainly settled one thing on the ITL Christmas Movie Bracket….SCROOGED wins more debates than HAROLD AND KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS. That’s certainly something.

  2. For new Doctor Who honestly I say start with Matt Smith if you don’t want to have to watch a lot to stay caught up. Also, although there are great episodes in series 1-4 it’s very inconsistent, there’s maybe all together 10-12 out of 50 something that are truly great tv and the rest are either so-so or embarrassingly bad. Admittedly, Matt Smith first series (series 5) is uneven but series 6 is great throughout (except for Curse of the Black Spot). Series 7 takes a nose dive though, sadly.

    1. i would make the suggestion of a good place to start would be last years Christmas special “snowman” it gives you in idea of whats going on the latest you could jump on is Matt smiths final trilogy as the doctor “the name of the doctor”, “the day of the doctor” and “the time of the doctor”

  3. Which Jack Frost? The movie where Michael Keaton turns into a snowman,
    or the B-grade horror movie about a killer snowman in which Shannon
    Elizabeth shows her tits?

  4. Ric John Manalastas

    Hey guys, sorry about the way I typed that comment on Facebook. Congrats Chris, along with Brian, you got my name on the first try. Merry Christmas OneOfUs!!!

    1. I never understood Nigel’s method for sending his gifts nor his rational. He’s spending what would amount to hundreds of US dollars for things that would be considered gag gifts (with the exception of those d*ck shaped chocolates) for something that Korey says he didn’t say: something about Spill.Con tickets, but its heresay from the old podcast stuff. Last time I heard about him before this past week, he was out of a job and I ‘so’ want to go up to his face & say “You see, pal. All that money you’ve spent buying & shipping those gifts to Korey could’ve been in your account, but NOOO, you went out of your way to force Korey to admit he’s something that true only in your head by sending him stuff that homo-centric in nature. Now you’re out of a job, you have no income coming in and now whatever it was you were so focused on getting is gone forever now that is no more.”


    Also, Merry Christmas and I hope the entire crew at OneOfUs and (Previous Spill Crew) have a fantastic Holiday!

  6. Thanks for answering my question. Love the frost queen idea, could totally see that in the context of the madness we’ve had this season.

  7. I’m a little late listening to this because…. I haven’t really been online since Christmas Eve. 😛 But it was a lot of fun to listen to, great to hear you answering some questions. And to all the crew on OneofUs, I hope you all had a great Christmas. 🙂

  8. Funny that my childhood regarding Santa was very similar to Martin’s. But I appreciated the honesty and enjoyed picking out my own Christmas gifts.

  9. Okay, I’ve gotta clear something up here about my statement about fake trees vs. real trees.

    I said that any time saved in getting a fake tree over a real tree would be negated by the time it takes to get the fake tree out of storage, put it together, and adjust its branches to make it look like it hasn’t been stuffed in a box all year. I DIDN’T say that if you’re not getting a real tree, you might as well not have one at all. Last year, I broke down and got a fake tree (because having a tree in Austin, where it takes a lot to truck them in, and to keep them alive once they get here), and it was in the process of setting up said tree that I made the post. 😛

  10. Cool conversation about Christmas songs – I have to admit John Lennon’s ‘Happy Christmas’ song just bums me out. Maybe because its been used for World Vision ads and depressing end of year news montages – its the definitive ‘family members and friends won’t be joining us for the rest of their lives’ tune, as Chris eluded to around 1:10:54

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