THEOG Episode 21: Ash vs the Evil Gentlemen


This week we celebrate the return of Ashley from darkest Africa and hope she didn’t bring Ebola back with her.

Those of us who haven’t already chime in about Guardians of the Galaxy, the film Calvary, the Fest of Us celebrations, and a whole stack of new recommended comics for you to check out!

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887 thoughts on “THEOG Episode 21: Ash vs the Evil Gentlemen”

  1. Welcome back Ashley! 😀

    I really think the current Rick Remender Captain America run is very good. Lacks compares to Brubaker of course but I loved how out there and weird sci-fi it can get and Remender pulls it off nicely.

    I still need to read Fatale but Velvet is great and I adored The Fade-Out #1. I’m a huge lover of noir, its most likely my favorite genre, and Brubaker does it so well and I love his work with Sean Phillips. The James Elroy influence is there and the writing was just so good and Phillips art just gives the book this great look to it. Also I love stories of old time Hollywood and classic Hollywood films. This book hits all my buttons.

    The Mercenary Sea I like, but feel like I think the book isn’t working in single form and think its better reading in trades, but it still a really good book. Art is the best thing about it, but the writing is making it fun to enjoy.

    The Bunker and Clone sounds good, sounds like I should check them out.

  2. Beau’s right about the Belgians in Africa. They really fucked up the Congo and the other areas of Africa that they colonised, and allegedly had a hand in the assassination of the man who would have been the first democratically elected President of the DRC. I think I read somewhere as well that the Belgian government might have propped up Mobutu, although I’m not sure if that’s correct.

    That was a cool little tangent though, as that sort of thing is something which I’m quite a big geek about, other than stuff like comics and fantasy novels etc.

  3. It was interesting hearing about Ashley’s time in Africa though, as well. Botswana is a middle-income country, and is considered one of the success stories of Africa, as it has been politically stable for a long time, and has managed to prosper compared to other African countries. There’s also actually a big metal scene there. I actually have an album from Skinflint, who are a band from Botswana with a sound a lot like Iron Maiden, who infuse their lyrics with tales of Botswana folklore.

    I don’t suppose Ashley encountered the Botswana metal scene at all?

    1. I didn’t, but one of our guides told me all about it. Evidently it’s huge! And they all ride motorcycles?? I really wish I was able to check out some shows, but I was only in sparsely populated areas/nature reserves. I’m gonna look up Skinflint though.

      1. Yeah, from what I’ve seen on the Internet, the metal scene there is like something out of the 80s, or The Terminator, or something. Like, a lot of them wear badass leather outfits with cowboy hats and studs and shit. I think Vice did an article on them once. There are also quite a few death metal bands in Botswana, too.

        I’d love to go on some crazy tour of that country, going to metal shows, travelling round the towns and cities and doing all the touristy stuff as well, like seeing the Okavango Delta or the Kalahari.

  4. Jean-François Martel

    I’m curious what did you guys think of Gamora? I have read from people that they were disappointed that her and Nebula were not really all that well developed, that her development is pretty much all happening before the movie starts and that she wasn’t really allowed to be part of the fun of the movie.

  5. I watched “Calvary” last weekend and enjoyed it a lot. I took a different meaning from it though – I saw the people of the town as kind of representing the seven deadly sins. And also, that Gleason was being a Priest that was selflessly trying to reach out to these people, but in today’s Ireland they are beyond being able to save. And yet he still tries, despite his troubled life and flaws.
    He was a very admirable character but was in situations that he had very little chance of succeeding in.

  6. Another excellent episode guys. I definitely agree about us currently being in a golden age of art.

  7. That plot line you described for that Brubaker comic reminds me of a case in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.

  8. with Martin on Calvary, was expecting great things after The Guard and for the first half hour was into it but it just pissed me off after it was done. the more I think about it I guess the things I found frustrating were the whole point, but I loathed all the characters and if you have M Emmet Walsh in surely one of his last roles do something with him…

  9. Please Gentlemen, come back to us, we are not even mad at you, promise, we just want you safe home and see you again. ;-(

  10. Well, you’ve ruined my blog name for an internet born playboy styled magazine aimed toward the new. It’s nice to know I’ve used the name prior to your website and you will be hearing from the proper people about the dealings surrounding this. Famous or not, it’s wrong. Thanks for thieving my name while I was in prison you jerks.

  11. It would be cool to read some official statement on the site regarding this podcast. Is it dead? Is it on hold? Will it be back? Anything?

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