THEOG: Episode IX


After starting out with what sounds like the old-school Leog version of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, the gang gets down to serious business.

This week, we’ve got not one, but two guests: Oneofus’s own Brian Salisbury makes his first appearance on the show, and Doctor Nerdlove himself, Harris O’Malley sits in on the discussions.

Much is made of the spill closing announcement, the sequel to The Shining, the show Almost Human, and finally, Chris’s trip to China and Japan. You really can’t miss this one. It’s now against the law. And Karl Urban IS the law. So don’t screw it up.

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Fez Song song of the week                    Royal Scam album of the week

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2,657 thoughts on “THEOG: Episode IX”

  1. Hell Yeah,

    I honestly love the hell out of ALL of you guys. Keep up this amazing website.

    How can we contribute more? I’ve already set my amazon book to go through your affiliate link!

    P.S I think people would take to subscriptions if there was a discounted yearly one. I would rather pay a whole year up front and get 20% off.

  2. CORRECTION! Although DOCTOR SLEEP did beat WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE in the online poll, KEYHOLE got published first.

  3. I am mostly worried because Warner Brothers are giving so much of DC property to David S Goyer and he is a terrible writer and he keeps getting lucky with some movies he wrote are good while the rest sucked

  4. This is amazing news! I have to admit that I was very bummed out when I heard that spill is going to end, but I’m glad to hear that you guys are going to push out more content, especially movie reviews.

  5. Great episode. 🙂 Really fun to hear about Chris’s travels, and the news about upcoming reviews? If it helps towards keeping the members of the Spill crew afloat I’m excited to see them here. :)Keep it up, and Long Live the OG!

  6. I never realize how much I miss the LEOG until a new TheOG comes out. I am so glad that they are going to try to make it more of a regular thing.

  7. I made a bit of an ass outta myself trying to talk to Australians about Fosters lol. Glad to hear you guys will be reviewing movies now.

  8. So happy to hear that the site is going to be a new home for movie reviews. And I so wish I had much more money and didn’t have to pay of those pesky college loans so I could support the site!

  9. As sad as it is to see Spill go, I’m glad it will give you guys more time to put out more great content here on One of Us. As usual with THEOG, it brings me right back to the LEOG days, and I always look forward to new episodes. Looking forward to seeing some of the sure to be great stuff the site will have to offer in the future. Cheers!

  10. Great episode, guys. Glad to see the return of some LEOG luminaries, as well as a similar feel to the old days. Can’t wait for the proposed movie reviews you guys discussed, One of Us is shaping up to be one of my daily go-to websites! Keep up the good work.

  11. Look’s like I’m going to be adding The Shinning and Doctor Sleep to my reading list. I’m glad to have more things to read, thanks guys.

    Also, I can’t wait for weekly episodes of THEOG and movies reviews. Have y’all decided if they are going to be straight audio podcast reviews or live action video reviews, similar to what Spill has been doing for the last weeks?

  12. Hearing the the old LEOG team back together is like putting on your favorite warm pair of pants outta the dryer. Also thank you for reading my question I’m an OG guy & I think this was the first time you guys read my e-mail.

  13. 8 minutes in and it already feels like home. Dear god I’ve missed all of you guys together on the same podcast! Thanks guys. I’m grinning from ear to ear right now.

  14. Chris, King already released The Wind Through the Keyhole well over a year ago. It takes place in the past and follows a younger Roland, after the events in Wizard and Glass, hunting down a monster. Its a really fun read.

  15. I don’t think you need to introduce all of the justice league character, because you only need to introduce the big three of the team

  16. Ah so it was hinted at there being bad blood between Coleman and the Murphy clan. I kind of figured as much when Jason curtly shutdown any possibility of Korey appearing on RageSelect.

  17. I’ve only just got around to listening the last two episodes before starting this one, and man it was great to hear the LEOG group together again. I, however, will be the odd man out when I say this:

    Martin, in a previous podcast episode on Spill (ACOCO specifically), you said how people who stopped listening to certain podcasts after hearing something they didn’t like were stupid to think that them not listening would end a show; and yet I could name ONE show where that did happen, and it was the LEOG. Don’t misunderstand, I loved listening to you guys talking about what comics you read, what movies you saw, and making jokes over one another and getting into arguments with ‘Peter’ over things he over analyze about. The one thing that made me stop listening halfway through an episode or even not listen at all was one man: John F@#%ing Rubio.
    I shared my opinions with ‘Peter’ about him on Spill before, so to summarize: You guys listen to his jokes, his impressions, & his antics and find him side splitting funny, yet I listened to the exact same thing and found his humor so unfunny it was aggravating: After he was made a member, I tried to listen to him for more than 5 or 10 minutes, but every time I just kept saying at the laughter “Are you finished yet?” and each time I stopped the episode, left to view something else and never returned to the episode. It was about a month or two later when talking about the DC Reboot announcement that I was able to listen to a full episode.
    I know for a FACT I’m NOT alone in this simply because of this show’s existence. For those who don’t know, the OG was created as a ‘back to basics’ show for Spill because enough people stopped listening to the LEOG that Chris was told to end it (While I don’t speak for everyone, I can make a good guess as to why, or rather, who was the cause). Don’t get me wrong, Chris, Martin, & Beau; I was sad just like everyone else to hear the show was cancelled and even now I still hope for a big LEOG Reunion show with the other alumni, but a small part of me was saying I should be glad because it meant I will NEVER have to listen to that CANCER you guys call ‘friend’ again, which is made better that he has his own site he and his low life followers he called “disciples” ran rot in as far as I’m concerned. I love listening to you guys here on this site, I REALLY DO: I’m just asking you…No, I’m Telling you; DON’T.BRING.JOHN.RUBIO.ON.THIS.SHOW.

  18. Another awesome episode, guys. It was really, really interesting hearing about Cyrus’ time in Tokyo and China. When you mentioned supporting this site more, I realized that I hadn’t white-listed you guys yet on my AdBlock. so I made sure that I did that.

  19. Excellent podcast, thanks for the shout-out Chris. Thank your mom for me, for (as you foreshadowed) I just got the sweetest thank you letter (LETTER, I say) from her…and it may take me a while to source a parcel of Strathmore upon which to pen my reply. Go well, OG.

  20. totally love this episode and really hope you shift towards old school LEOG again, or at the very least include harris more often and make it a foursome. I can’t wait for the movie reviews to start up 😀

  21. Hey Martin a couple of years ago I sent you the ESPN 30 for 30 blu ray box set. Did you ever watch any of them? and if you did can you talk about it on the next show. It can be a short review like 5mins. If you have not seen them yet, you and Chris should watch a few of them one night. I suggest ( Without Bias, The Legend of Jimmy The Greek, Guru of Go, June 17th 1994 and Once Brothers) . That’s all love the show and I hope you and Chris watch some of the movies and give a short review on the next show. If you guys have time.

  22. I loved how confused Chris got at the Buffalo Bills reference! I absolutely love this show, the site, and especially the people who make it run. Now that Spill’s gone (much love to it and those who made it run), is there any chance of a OOU Con? I would totally chip in for an US-CON Kickstarter!

    Also, I really wish you guys could find a way to fold in Lounge Geeks to OOU. I love Grant’s site, but I feel like he’s an essential part of your crew and I’d like to see him be a part of this (even though he’s already a part of The Beerists and Rage Select…and a father).

    But hey, enough blathering. Great show, guys! I’m not looking forward to episode ten, I’m looking forward to episode two hundred and ten!

  23. @EricKirby The Two Escobars and Into The Wind were incredible as well. Also, Catching Hell, which was the story of the infamous Steve Bartman play is a great one. Also The Announcement. The story of Magic Johnson when he first told the world he had aids was great. 30 for 30 is really an underrated show.

  24. Completely off topic to the discussion at hand but I had no clue Martin had kids and I’ve been waiting so long for it to be Martin’s turn for music since he recommended Super Model Sandwich with Cheese. And now after this one I literally can’t stop listening to Steely Dan who I never listened to before this podcast. Please Martin give me more of your great musical taste.

  25. Question about the amazon thing. This may have already been discussed. I buy a shit ton of things on amazon, but since I am in Canada, I shop on I did not know if you guys have the same deal with (doubt it), so what I do is go to amazon through one of the DN titles, go to the hompage, and once there, click on the link that takes you to Any idea if that does anything for you guys?

  26. The first “WHAAAAAA?” moment came when Martin talked about his kids. Like in plural. More than one.

    You go, Martin! Does this mean there’s a Mrs. Martin somewhere? I’m still getting over the fact that you’ve had sex!

    My major takeaway from this discussion about Life After Spill, is One of Us should be sufficiently respectful of what Spill was, but it’s not going to be Spill: Part II: Electric Boogaloo and it shouldn’t be. Better to be a good original than a bad copy. Do your own thing, don’t feel like you have to recycle Spill stuff on your site and be your own men.

    Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy hearing folks who were on Spill showing up on One of Us (where’s Kayla?), but you guys have to blaze your own trail. This site will get a lot of the old Spillios by default. That’s a given. Just do what you wanna do instead of what has already been done.

  27. Man, the spill fans are so hardcore, I’m amazed how well Martin was able to keep his real life business away from his Leon character and the fans attention. I remember him dropping a couple of really sutile hints of him having kids on one of the shows, tho.
    Guys, my dayjob involves crazy hours and using my hearing at all time(music production), but nothing will keep me from following you guys. Hope you can keep this baby going, and it gets bigger and bigger. And, it was cool to hear Brian on this one. As much as i love LEOG, i wished Brian was on more episodes.

    I’ll be donating to the site real soon, as soon as i get out the end-of-the-year madness. I’m kinda broke right now, but i hope it helps 🙂

  28. ps: Could this be the beginning of a new Leog, in spirit? C’mon Chris, YOU KNOW everybody wants it!!
    Just dust off the Sound Board and let’s go!!! 😀

  29. Brian – you are SO right on about Dear Zachary. Oh my god, I cannot get within a foot of that movie without starting to tremble. I saw it on IFC when visiting family during the holidays a few years back. I was alone in another room of the house while my folks watched football or something in another.

    Like you, I thought I knew the horrible nature of the crime the film documents, but when the complete horror is revealed… I cried out. I made such a noise of abject horror and despair, my mom came running into the room. I was 34 at the time and I needed to grab hold of her like I was a child who just watched Santa Claus drawn and quartered by Hell’s Angels. I couldn’t even finish the film, I was so destroyed.

    Unlike you, I did not have anything to watch after to dull the pain; I went to sleep with that reveal ruminating in my brain. I can’t recommend the film either; there’s enough in this world to make one scream in anguish, it won’t do anything for you to see this flick (even though it’s very well made.)

    The only benefit I can think of is that it toughened me up for A Serbian Film a year later. That, and A Serbian Film is fictional… I hope…

  30. Why is it that I can only get to Episode VIII on the 7th November if I go to Shows -> The Original Gentlemen? The only way I got to this episode was by following someone else’s link.


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