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Hosts (Alternately): Brian Salisbury & Chris Cox

Welcome to OneOfUs.Net’s interview series OneOfUs.SHOW. We’ll be covering a wide range of niche interests; sampling a plethora of geek universes with the help of some excellent guests. They may not be the “leading experts” in these fields, but more importantly they are some of the most passionate about their facets of geekdom. From Magic the Gathering to model-building, larping to b-movies, it’s amazing how many different things people can geek out over. We’ll investigate all these worlds and introduce you to a gaggle of folks who are definitely One Of Us.
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OOU_Show_200Subscribers: OneOfUs.Show Episode 6

Brian and Chris’s weekly live show is super live this week…sounds a bit like an over-live mic. Oh, to have our own sound engineer. Or at least for Chris to more carefully check the levels before they start recording. So yeah, it’s a little weird sounding this week but you want to listen anyway as it’s a very funny episode as the duo deal with James Bond stuff, talk about Cargill NOT talking about the Ancient One on our show, and much more.

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OOU_Show_200Subscribers: OneOfUs.Show Episode 5

Apologies, the first minute or so got cut off of this week’s One of Us.Show live podcast, but it was pretty much Chris and Brian bemoaning the sudden and unexpected loss of Prince (which they continue to do as the audio begins). They also answer fan questions, play the YouTube comment impression game and more.

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OOU_Show_200Subscribers: OneOfUs.Show Episode 4

This week on OneofUs.Show, we finally get the audio recorded off the board so listenability is a serious plus. On the discussion side, we talk about the ScarJo casting in the live Ghost in the Shell film dispute for which we bring up Dr. Nerdlove himself, Harris O’Malley. Also more crazy from Gwyneth Paltrow, Brian’s YouTube comments impressions and much more.

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OOU_Show_200Subscribers: OneOfUs.Show Episode 3

Despite promises from last week, this week’s episode of Oneofus.Show is still recorded from the laptop mic. Why? Because the venue changed mixing boards on us and they didn’t have the right cords to hook up to said new board. So I apologize for another week of not-so-great sound quality. I should have the method by next week to deal with plugging into both boards and we’ll have a significantly better sounding recording.

For those who are willing to wade through the iffy audio, this really was a great show. Cargill, Richard and Jeff all made appearances and Brian took the Rogue One YouTube comments Impressions challenge. You’ll have to listen to figure out exactly what that is.

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OOU_Show_200Subscribers: OneOfUs.Show Episode 2

Well, we couldn’t quite get the recording off the sound board (hopefully we’ll figure it out by next week) but here’s a less than perfect but listenable recording of this week’s live OneOfUs.Show. Cargill joined Brian and Chris on stage and much wackiness ensued. Check it out!

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OOU_Show_200Guest: Fred “The Hammer” Williamson
(Actor, Director, Producer, Demigod)

Topic: Acting and Directing

Legend. It’s a word possibly overused in a culture of hyper-nostalgia. It’s also a totally rad fantasy movie from director Ridley Scott. But there again, you see my point.

Still, if any man qualifies as a legend, it has to be Fred “The Hammer” Williamson. Hammer was a staple of the blaxploitation genre with standout roles in films like Black CaesarBoss, and Hell Up in Harlem. In the decades since, he has continued to illuminate silver screens with his radiant aura of irrepressible cool.

He’s also a personal hero of mine, and the fact that we actually got the opportunity to speak with Mr. Williamson is beyond thrilling. For this installment of OneOfUs.SHOW, I am joined by fellow Hammer fan Martin Thomas to chat with Fred about his career, his origins, and his in-development project Old School Gangstas (a sequel to Original Gangstas).

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OOU_Show_200Guest: Zach Martin
(Poster Artist, Graphic Designer for Dragon’s Lair)

Topic: Posters

The reason we created our interview series OneOfUs.SHOW was to highlight folks with interesting passions as well as those with interesting professions. All the better is when those two spheres overlap in as significant a way as they have for poster artist Zach Martin.

Zach is the graphic artist for Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy, a major fixture of the Austin geek community. Recently, Zach designed the below poster for an in-store appearance by none other than Mr. Sulu himself George Takei; a man Zach aptly describes as President of the Internet.

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OOU_Show_200Guest: Paul Gandersman (Producer, Arcanum Pictures)

 Topic: Collecting Vinyl

For our inaugural episode, we chat with film producer Paul Gandersman about collecting vinyl. Paul brings along some of his favorite albums and does some premium hi-fi nerding out.

Give it a spin!

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OOU_Show_200Guests: You’re Next stars Barbara Crampton & A.J. Bowen

Topic: Acting

For the sophomore installment of our swanky new geeky interview series, we are joined by You’re Next‘s Barbara Crampton and A.J. Bowen. Instead of asking the usual questions themed to the movie, we chat about their passion for the artform of acting itself. Tune in to hear what our very first celebrity guests have to say about what makes them one of us.

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OOU_Show_200Guest: Caleb Zammit

Topic: Classic Toy Collecting

This time around, Chris and Martin take the reins of One of Us.Show, talking to Caleb Zammit, certainly one of the most devoted geeks we’ve yet to meet. Caleb is a toy collector…and by that I mean he’s got ALL the toys.

Everything that came out before 1990 or so, anyways. His collection is SO big (and includes classic arcade games, lunchboxes, early rare console systems), that he’s taking it to the next level and trying to open the Austin Toy Museum. Caleb is a very cool and funny guy and Martin and Chris had a great time geeking out with him about his amazing collection.

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