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The Original Gentlemen S2E2: The Best of 2014

Chris, Martin and Beau are joined this week by Joe Parsons as they detail the best films and tv shows of 2014, some of the worst, and a debate about the relative merits of Inherent Vice. And that’s far from all. This epic-length episode has Joe looking into his crystal ball to predict the entire plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Marvel Cinematic Universe afterwards, and much more.

Now how can you not want to listen to this awesomeness? Only caveat is, The Original Gentlemen, guaranteed now to be bi-weekly, is part of the subscriber package for Brown Coats. If you are already at the Brown Coat level or above you can go to the forums and into the Subscriber Lounge to listen to it.

If not, please consider becoming a subscriber to which not only gets you The Original Gentlemen, but also exclusive commentaries, The Breakfast Pub and much more! And more to come! Please support ALL the shows you love on by becoming a subscriber TODAY!! Check out the episode right here.

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