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Trash in the Can

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HOSTS: Wright and Eric

Join Eric Samaniego and Wright Sulek as they paw through the dustbin of movie history for lost gems, forgotten treasures, and most of all, TRASH. With an affection for all things schlock, the boys watch a different movie every other week and discuss it with a very special guest. Let’s get trashed!

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 The Martin Short Show

This week, we check out a TV series featuring Martin Short and Steve Martin decades before Hulu made you pay extra for no commercials. All-star comedy legends, SCTV alums behind the scenes, and Elizabeth Taylor’s dog come together for a show you’ve never heard of – The Martin Short Show!


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This week is the story of the death of an old queen and we don’t mean Elizabeth. Comedian Brendan K. O’Grady returns to once again to suffer through a movie he somehow hates less than Knives Out. Discount Vincent Price returns from the grave for revenge, Irish wake dancing, and characters named like 1930s hobos. We watched 1983’s Frightmare aka The Horror Star!


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 On Our Own

Did you like Mrs. Doubtfire but felt it needed 100% more parent death? Then join us for this drag-centric 90’s ABC sitcom whose premise was abandoned faster than its orphan stars. This week on Trash on the Tube, we watched On Our Own!


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 Cade: The Tortured Crossing

Romantic! Suspenseful! Competent!
None of these words could describe this week’s feature.
Auteur and robot Neil Breen returns with another confusing, stock footage filled, visual dry-heave. Filmmaker Christian Remde joins the boys for an episode that is somehow longer than the movie and just as baffling. Let’s watch Cade: The Tortured Crossing!


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 Shrunken Heads

Child murder, gender non-conforming villains, and mysterious voodoo rituals. No, it’s not the latest GOP talking points! It’s this week’s movie! Tessa Morrison returns to discuss a fantasy movie with the heart of a child and the mouth of a sailor. Join us for 1994’s Shrunken Heads!


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 Aliens In The Family

Join us for nightmarishly bulbous babies, a gooey James Van Der Beek, and maybe the saddest anecdote we’ve ever uncomfortably laughed at. Did we find a puppet show Eric doesn’t like? You’ll have to tune it to this week’s Trash on the Tube to find out! We watched Aliens in the Family, so you don’t have to.


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We close out pride month with a struggling drag artist rooming with a pregnant schizophrenic, a phantom delusion called The Bonecrusher, and a roller skating nun! Sounds perfect for us, right? Wrong! Elisa Leichty joins us this week for a movie that is way too good for our show and we promise we won’t let it happen again. We watched 1977’s queer classic, Outrageous! Happy Pride!


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 Heil Honey, I’m Home!

This week, we test out pretty high limits for bad taste with a wacky 50s style sitcom starring the fuhrer himself and his love/hate relationship with his Jewish neighbors. Can you believe it was cancelled after one episode? Join us for a show we did NOT-SEE coming, Heil Honey, I’m Home!


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 Evil Toons

Witness the movie so low-budget that even Roger Corman turned it down! Filmmaker, Travis Patten, joins the boys for a nearly pornographic Evil Dead/Roger Rabbit mashup that leaves us asking the question, “are boobs not enough to make a movie watchable?” Take a gander at this week’s movie, 1992’s Evil Toons!


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 The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer

This week, we continue our adventures in the worst TV has to offer on Trash on the Tube with a lighthearted comedic take on the fight to free the slaves. No, really! This aired on television and is soaked in 1990’s sexism, racism, and Clinton-bashing. Join us for The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer.


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 The Immortalizer

This week, it’s Get Out with an all-white cast! Guest Jarred Schiff joins us for wino henchman, intravenous glow sticks, weightlifting monsters, and the physically weakest man that’s ever been featured on this show – and that’s saying something considering our hosts. We watched 1991’s The Immortalizer!


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Take a trip with us to the music scene of the past. An era of rock & roll, fast cars, and romances of questionable legal status (hint: illegal). Journalist, Joseph Leahy, and the boys strap in for a bop-filled soundtrack featuring every truly gifted musician of the 70s plus Meatloaf and truly uncomfortable love scenes that can only be described as crimes! We watched the raucous, rockin’, Roadie!


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 Life With Lucy

After deciding they don’t get enough punishment in the world of film, Eric and Wright are now diving into the bottomless pit of lousy television. Join the boys for the first bite-sized episode of Trash on the Tube! They kick things off with Life with Lucy, starring the legendary, Kabuki makeup smeared corpse of Lucille Ball!


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 The Kindred

Are you ready to have a Rod Steiger inspired slime fetish? This is just the episode for you! Travis Patten returns once more for a squirmy, wiggly, creature feature starring watermelon tentacles, the world’s angriest fetus, and the Rod Steiger tentacle bukkakke you’ve been waiting for! We watched 1987’s slime-fest, The Kindred.


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 Def By Temptation

This week, we finally feature a movie with the third James Bond. No, not Roger Moore. We mean the charmless writer, director, and chap-lipped star of Def by Temptation, James Bond the third! Kim Brown joins the boys for layaway abortions, way too titillating feathers, and Sam Jackson with hair!


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 Survival Island

You’d assume a movie featuring middle aged college co-eds lead by the guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the girl from Poison Ivy 3 hunted by an evil pinata would be chock full of nudity, right? Well, prepare to be disappointed as guest Marco Noyola and the boys discuss the most early 2000’s, fully clothed slog imaginable – Survival Island! Come for the Funko Pop-looking villain, stay because you’ve already come this far.


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What better way to celebrate our 100th episode than with two Trash in the Can all-star guests and an explosion of vanity, iced nipples, and terrified karaoke! One of Us founder Chris Cox and gross storyteller Caroline Sulek (and a few surprise guests) return to discuss Wings Hauser’s improv skills and how much money it would take to make out with the movie’s star – our usual incisive film criticism. We watched 1993’s GetEven (no, that’s not a typo)!

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Imagine the greatest musical supergroup of all time starring in a musical that leaves you humming the tunes on the way home. Now, forget all that and you’ve got 1990’s Rockula! Join guest Rhett O’Hara and the boys for Devo babies, Wright’s alphabet lesson, and ESL classes led by Hilaria Baldwin. Bo Diddley, Toni Basil, and Thomas Dolby star in the baffling rock opera, Rockula!

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 Rich Little’s A Christmas Carol

Celebrate the holiday season with a star-studded holiday special that could only afford one star! Baylor Johnson returns for a retelling of A Christmas Carol as only a borderline talented Canadian impressionist can deliver. Come for Liza Minnelli having a seizure and stay for the Kennedy assassination. We watched the forgotten (with good reason) holiday special, Rich Little’s A Christmas Carol!

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 Gramps Goes To College

‘Tis the season for “God” awful movies. Aggressively Christian viral filmmaker and bigoted elf-on-a-shelf, Donald James Parker, helps us ring in the holiday season with a story about the evils of critical thinking! Samia Abu-Shawish returns for the whitest Christmas yet. We watched the first chapter in the “Gramps” Cinematic Universe, Gramps Goes to College, and are here to spread the word – it sucks!

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 Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker

This Thanksgiving, we focus on a kind of family love you don’t usually see outside of an incognito browser! Mission Impodible host, Nathan Flynn, joins the boys for an exploitation flick with a movie-of-the-week soul. Come for the incest and decapitation, stay for a performance that can only be described as Klaus Kinski in drag. We watched 1981’s Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker!


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 Alone In The Dark

Filmmaker and author, Paul Gandersman, joins us this week to discuss his new novel, The Dead Friends Society, and kissing Donald Pleasence. Watch as Jack Palance goes punk, Martin Landau goes firestarter, and A-Team star Dwight Schulz goes bald in 1982’s Alone in the Dark! Featuring elderly TikTok sensation Annie Korzen (we didn’t realize this at the time, but are mentioning it now for the clicks).


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 The Munsters

What happens when you remake a beloved sitcom but forget to write jokes or cast anyone funny? You guessed it! This week, we’re piling on with the rest of the internet to discuss Rob Zombie’s latest Mun-strosity, The Munsters. Rhett O’Hara returns to talk about literally anything besides this abomination. Join us for unamusing mugging, grating vocal performances, and one laugh about every 30 minutes.

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 Alien Private Eye

Overacting, bad impressions, and extremely horny – all words that can be used to describe an average episode of our show AND this week’s movie. Tessa Thompson impersonator, Tessa Morrison, returns for elf pimps, surprise Hitlers, and some of the dumbest character names ever conceived. Join us for 1989’s Alien Private Eye!

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 Double Down

We once again travel into the Neil Breen Cinematic Universe and live to regret it. To discuss this aging independent filmmaker, we’re joined this week by aging independent filmmaker Travis Patten! Join us for nuts, butts, nonsensical everything, and a lot of irritation from one of our hosts over the movie. We watched Neil Breen’s first and unfortunately not last film, Double Down!

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 Girlfriend From Hell

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world they weren’t a leggy 80s rocker chick. Danni Danger joins the boys this week for some serious “soul” sucking, broad-on-bro violence, and nuns with guns. They watched 1989’s horny Devil romp, Girlfriend from Hell.

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 The Plug Lady

Do you love the Torch Song Trilogy but wish it was written by someone with a traumatic brain injury? Trash in the Can celebrates Pride month with guest Frank Calvillo and a slice of queer cinema starring the worst drag queen since J. Edgar Hoover. We watched 1999’s catchphrase endurance test, The Plug Lady.

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 Bride of Boogedy

Some stories deserve a second chapter. This is not one of those stories. Returning guest and UIL Honorable Mention Cast winner, Jarred Schiff, joins Eric and Wright for the worst thing to come out of Disney since that girl was killed at Disneyland in the 70s. They watched the long awaited sequel to Mr. Boogedy, 1987’s Bride of Boogedy.


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 The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens

Imagine the Harry Potter franchise but as a Canadian public access show with visuals from a Windows 95 screensaver and you’ve got this week’s movie. Come for Rowdy Roddy Piper’s incomprehensible accent and stay for Eric’s gym class trauma. Guest Baylor Johnson joins the boys for The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens!


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 Body Melt

This week, witness the most disgusting thing to come out of Australia since vegemite. Guest Liz Rische returns for body horror from down under featuring 90s house music, a peeping parrot, and at least one exploding penis. The only thing grosser is our attempt at Australian accents. Join us for 1993’s ozploitation mess, Body Melt!

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 Walking On Sunshine

Mamma mia! All your favorite background noise grocery shopping hits are now in your favorite movie playing in the empty hospital waiting room! Caroline Sulek returns for soul patches, the worst bangs in Italian history, and a leading man so generic we thought it was a different guy in every scene. We watched 2014’s jukebox musical rip-off, Walking on Sunshine!Empty Space

 Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat

If you’ve ever wanted to see beloved character actor/presumed alcoholic M.Emmet channel the Kool-aid man, have we got a movie for you! Brendon K. O’Grady returns this week for breaded bats, high school theater sets, and a performance by David Carradine that really grabs you by the throat. We watched 1989’s horror western comedy Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat.Empty Space


 New York Ninja

This week Eric and Wright tackle literal trash in the can in the form of an abandoned movie found and finished after 37 years! Was it worth the wait? Hell no! Chris Cox joins the boys for roving gangs of Village People, radioactive boners, and wigs galore. They watched 1984/2021’s New York Ninja!
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Do you like The Amityville Horror but think it’s too easy to follow and doesn’t include enough James Carville in a Speedo? Then join the boys and their guest, local filmmaker Travis Patten, for a horror movie so confusing even the Wikipedia page is no help. Come for the totally baffling telekinetic softcore porn and stay because you can’t find the remote. They watched 1982’s cinematic crime, Boardinghouse!

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 Mad Dog Time

Picture Jacob’s Ladder but replace Vietnam with boredom. This gives you a pretty good idea of what’s in store for guest Marco Noyola when he joins the boys for Gabriel Byrne’s wandering accent, Paul Anka’s Apollo debut, and more incoherent monologuing this side of a Trump rally. We watched Joey Bishop’s son’s 90’s mob “comedy,” Mad Dog Time.

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 Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker

It’s the holiday season and Trash in the Can is celebrating with the greatest gift of all – watching Mickey Rooney drink himself to death in a Santa costume. The boys and special guest Samia Abu-Shawish get into the spirit(s) with a surprise prostate exam, a robot with an Oedipus complex, and a killer worm only Nancy Reagan could tame. They watched 1991’s “Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker”!

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 Meet the Hollowheads

What if you crossed an episode of the Jetsons with the vibe of a party at Bryan Singer’s house? Throw in a little of Gilliam’s “Brazil” and you’ve got 1989’s “Meet the Hollowheads” aka “Life on the Edge”. Join the boys and guest Ben Glasthal for expository rapping, Juliette Lewis’s other, other sister, and an entirely too horny cast on this week’s Trash in the Can.Empty Space

 Rock, Paper, Scissors

What would happen if you cast a Hallmark movie lead as a murderous psychopath being chased by the hungover corpse of Michael Madsen? Find out as guest Chris Cox and the boys watch Tatum O’Neil proves children shouldn’t win Oscars and Jan Brady gets her revenge on Marsha in 2017’s ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.
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