The Original Gentlemen: Episode II


Join Beau, Chris, and Martin (settling on alphabetical order for now), as they discuss some of their favorite things this week, including “Orphan Black”, “Continuum”, “X-O Manowar”, “Preacher”, “Ray Donovan” and more. Add to that answers for your viewer mail, beer geekery, our song of the week, and… wait for it…. the latest rage-fueled segment of “Jason Murphy is Furious”, and you’ll find you’ve got a podcast positively bursting at the seams with awesome sauce.

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Orphan Black                                   Continuum


XO ManoWar                                   Preacher


Husband Savages song review                    Silence Yourself Savages Album Review

1,958 thoughts on “The Original Gentlemen: Episode II”

  1. I am not a big comic book/graphic novel reader by any standards (and as a result I spend much of these Gentleman podcasts going “whaaa?!”) but I take pride in having read all of Preacher from start to finish – an amazing journey from start to finish. I’m stunned that many who claim to be comic book guys have never even tried it, but… it’s never to late guys, go check it the fuck out!

  2. I LOVED Preacher. Such a great series. Garth Ennis rules. Has Martin read the Infinite Vacation? It’s a mini-series by his boy, Nick Spencer and the great Christian Ward. It’s my favourite mini of this year.

  3. You know what I hate about Orson Scott Card the guy comes out and said in an interview we should all be tolerant of his homophobia. If you are going to a bigot at least stick to your guns.

    And on a lighter note so happy to have a new episode 🙂

  4. I didn’t see Pacific Rim but it just looked silly. I mean I haven’t been interested in giant robots vs giant lizards since I was watching Ultraman and Voltron as a kid. Though I would’ve preferred it to beat out the Zohan.

  5. Jean-François Martel

    Pacific Rim was fantastic and any parents that brought their children see Grown Ups 2 instead of this are bad people

  6. I only thought Pacific rim was ok. It was definitely entertaining, yet it was really missing something, and that something was a good story. Yes the action scenes were great but there was nothing more, sadly i think i have been disappointed with most of the big releases so far this summer.

  7. Dahm you guys continuum gets really fun im up to date with it and season 2 is really ramping up.

  8. Jean-François Martel

    Continuum has some really weak episodes mid season 2 (like one or two) that kinda affected they my enjoyment of the newer episodes. It’s like i’m not sure of the characters’ motivations at this point, especially Kiera’s. Continuum is such a high-concept show they need top notch writers and it’s not always the case (same goes with some of the directors, the guy who directed episode 6, which was also one of the most badly written of the season (and with what happens at the end of it it should have been one a lot more emotionally satisfying), did a terrible job).

  9. I commend the OG on another (that is, a second) mind-amplifying programme of Goodness. Will again spend mo money on comix as a result of Martin’s expertise (and would do so through the site if you linked to a more international deliver-friendly version of Amazon; the airfreight to Hong Kong is too much for me….) Couple o’ thoughts:
    1. Not to be THAT geek, but I’m pretty sure Garth Ennis is Northern Irish, not Scottish.
    2. I’m going to push back on your glowing review of Ray Donovan: I like a flawed bad-ass fixer anti-hero as much as the next guy, but RayDov kind of kicks the post-Sopranos what-IS-a-man?meme into a Southie parody. Can he drink any more whiskey? Is he applying to UNESCO for a World Heritage Site grant to preserve The Last Real Man’s Boxing Gym in LA? Can he leave a room without everybody commenting on how strong and silent he is? Sorry, it’s overkill for me.

  10. It’s kinda silly to rag on Americans for rejecting a “original” IP like Pacific Rim. I think even people who like it can admit it was cliched and generic like any adaptation. It’s strengths are in its special effects just like every other Hollywood blockbuster so the rage is more about the public not liking something you like, not the public being too dumb to “get” an original IP.

  11. FromOogieWithLove

    Someone please tell me how to get this onto my Ipod. I click the “Download” link and it only take me to a url with the mp3. but then what? Please help. Work isnt the same without listening to the gentlman.

    1. you can save the file: right click n the link and click the option “save link as..” and save it in your computer

  12. oh my god you have no idea how hard i laughed during what i am calling chris’s ‘symphony of discontent’. just pure brilliance and classic ‘gentlemen’ material i really missed yalls chemistry, thanks.

    oh and of course thanks for the recommendations. quick question though, aside from befriending a comic book store owner to the point where they let you read free stuff, do you have any suggestions on how to get free/super cheap comics?

  13. I’m glad that I’m not the only person in the world who thinks Selena Gomez looks like she’s in fucking middle school.

  14. I wore my crocs and wing sauce stained Snuggie to see Pacific Rim last weekend. I saw it twice and the second time I brought the entire family. I did my part. Lol

  15. I thought about seeing Pacific Rim but never thought for a second about seeing Grown Ups 2. I refuse to be part of the problem!

  16. Chris I don’t know where you got that idea about Libertarians but it’s completely wrong. As a Libertarian myself that’s not what I want.

  17. i don’t know if this has been said yet but Rachel Nichols was also the Orion girl from the 2009 star trek

  18. the worst thing is, that in our biggest cinema in my hometown (in germany) you can’t even go see Pacific Rim in English, but – and you probably guessed it – Grown Ups 2. Thanks a lot, Adam Sandler, thanks a lot…

    But anyways, great show, guys! So happy to listen to my favourite gentlemen again!

  19. Hey dose anyone follow transformers prime tv series i think it’s an awsome show amd another example on how some tv shows put some movies to shame what do you guys on The OG think about transformers prime or most recent transformers prime Beast Hunters on the hub network

  20. I thought Game Of Thrones had balls, until I saw last Sunday’s Walking Dead. THE WALKING DEAD has proven itself to have SUPER BIG BALLS than all TV shows.

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