The Original Gentlemen: Episode 19: Idiot Boxing


Beau, Chris and Martin sit down and talk entirely about TV. Not abstractly, of course, but specifically, delving into news stories about the future of “Sherlock”, “American Gods”, “Community”, “Hannibal” and more. They’ll also talk about the new pilot for the Hellblazer adaptation “Constantine” and thoroughly go through “Game of Thrones” Season 4 point by point. Come down to the club and have an snifter glass of finely aged comedy with The Original Gentlemen!

Beware: Spoilers a-plenty this episode for Game of Thrones, and a few for Sherlock and Hannibal.

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552 thoughts on “The Original Gentlemen: Episode 19: Idiot Boxing”

  1. Charles Armstrong

    Been waiting for a Hannibal discussion. Thanks once again for the commitment to putting these out on a regular schedule!

  2. Jean-François Martel

    Am i the only one who was disappointed by the second season of Hannibal?

    Now don’t get me wrong i enjoyed A LOT OF THINGS about the second, Mason Verger was fantastic, i loved every single scene with Bella Crawford. Will Graham, Jack Crawford and Dr. Chilton’s development was flawless, so was Gillian Anderson.

    Basically i’m gonna copy what i posted on double toasted about it:

    “Hannibal season 2 is such a major disappointment to me. There is sexual violence even though Fuller said he wouldn’t go there (Margot’s Uterus being removed), that in itself is not my main issue with this, it’s the aftermath of this that was disappointing; the use of women’s pain and subsequent disregard of their own development to focus on the white men of the story (the entirety of Margot’s storyline… such a waste of Katharine Isabelle’s talent) and the fridging of one of the only women of color in a way that is insulting to both the audience and the character herself (working in law enforcement, Beverly should have known that going to collect evidence at Hannibal’s house without a warrant would render any proof she found of him being the ripper null in court).

    This show had such a fantastic first season and started the second season incredibly strong and the fact that it was so good is what makes me so disappointed. I know Fuller and his team are capable of better than this; the first season is a testament to that. It feels like they were more interested in creating some sort of shock value and Lazy writing than to try to develop the story in a consistent, natural way. The first season was so strong and this is why i am so disappointed this time around.

    I sincerely hope season 3 will do better and i will continue to watch because i know Fuller and his team are capable of better, i want them to do better but i will stay cautious because i don’t want to be disappointed like that again.”

  3. Jean-François Martel

    Sansa’s been playing the game very well since season 2 but her storyline has apparently been glossed over by D&D. One of the main differences with most other characters in this too is that instead of playing for power she plays for survival. Despite that, during the battle of Blackwater she nearly convinced Joffrey (who has never fought in a battle) to go fight anyway and get himself killed. In the same episode she delivers a masterful diss to Tyrion; telling him she would pray for him as she prays for the king. Even Tyrion himself was like “damn girl, respect!”.

    About Jon and Ygritte, some of the most interesting and touching love stories on TV are those doomed from the start when they’re well developed (Lilah Morgan and Wesley Wyndam-Price in Angel).

  4. Because of my favorite show Psych has ended, I don’t watch tv anymore… just kidding.

  5. That Dennis Leary Ambulance show is called Sirens. The show has an funny cast and they talk a lot of shit on it and the show got renewed for a 2nd season on USA Network.

  6. I not care what people think but the USA Network is favorite my channel. Psych, Burn Notice, and Monk.

  7. Thank you guys for telling me about the mail issue. No wonder people look funny when I tell them my Email address. I won’t change it here because I ‘m lazy but I have created a Gmail address. Thanks again.

  8. Jonathan Clay Huffman

    Loved the bit about Yahoo. I currently live in Mongolia and everyone here lives by it. I’ve gotten used to it but when I first came here and someone gave me there email, I always had the same thought, “aww, that’s cute. I guess developing country also means 10 years behind trends.”

  9. Eager to hear what you guys have to say about Constantine. I got to see the pilot a few weeks ago (Don’t ask) and I think it has potential. And yea, they do kind of focus on that Dr. Fate helmet for a little while longer than I expected.

    1. That did indeed give me a thrill. Love to see Dr Fate and the Trenchcoat brigade all make appearances. And Zatanna. Can’t forget Zatanna.

      1. I still haven’t heard the episode yet (still back logged on listening to episodes of Digital Noise at work) but it was also interesting seeing Pandora’s Box in there for a quick second. It was just in Trinity War so that was nice. I like the guy playing Constantine and I LOVE Lucy Griffiths. So, yeah I’m eager to give this show a shot.

        Out of the 3 pilots I saw it ranks like so:
        1. The Flash
        2. Constantine
        3. Gotham (has problems but potential)

  10. PenUltimate!

    Another Great Episode with a Drunkerific Beau at the Helm!

    Here’s to making Game of Thrones Fans Butt Hurt!

  11. The Jaime Lannister “rape scene” was a mistake of the director, in the books it was completely consensual. Thats why book readers lost their shit when that scene came out. The director admitted it and thats why it was blown off and had no consequence.

  12. I remember the first episode of Breaking Bad where Breast were shown. The scene where a woman ws throwing Jesse clothes out the window.

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