The Original Gentlemen S02E04: F*%K Jerry Lewis


This week Martin and Chris team up with fan-favorite Johnny Neill to have one of those great conversations you get with Johnny; the kind where it’s tempting to just sit back and listen to him hold court. He’s one of our favorite funny people and knows his stuff when it comes to talking pop culture media. And of course, we do a lot of that throughout this episode. Subscribers, head to the forums for the full episode! You folks who haven’t become a subscriber yet can listen for free to the first 30 minutes of the episode right here.

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18 thoughts on “The Original Gentlemen S02E04: F*%K Jerry Lewis”

  1. Hey guys I am Brown Coat subscriber and I have been searching all over the forums to find the latest Theog episodes and I can’t find it so any help locating it would be appreciated. I can find every breakfast Pub and the previous Theogs except this latest one.

  2. Hey Johnny, if you have the poster for Return of the Jedi back when it was called Revenge of the Jedi, you can get a lot of money for that.

    1. I never collected any Star Wars stuff. I liked the Brothers Hildebrandt posters from when Star Wars first came out, but you never see those anymore. Everything in the ephemera market has its ups and downs. My one all consuming thing is Man From U.N.C.L.E. stuff. I have a really nice Danish silkscreen poster from One Of Our Spies Is Missing, and Australian inserts – which are hand pulled stone lithos! – from three of the four movies from the show, as well as a lot of lobby cards and 8X10 stills. I am very curious what the Guy Richie movie will do to the value of all that! I also semi seriously collect stuff from The 10th Victim and Modesty Blaise and Danger Diabolic. I really like the 60’s euro-spy stuff. I have a really nice original french Alphaville poster, too. Most everything else I have sold off.

    1. It’s bigger than all of us. Betty Draper Drank From The Source and immediately turned on Bobby.

  3. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    To be honest, while Canada is still socially fairly liberal, especially compared to Texas or the south in general it’s becoming more and more conservative, so run. Run as fast as you can and don’t look back!

  4. Jean-Fran├žois Martel

    Continuum isn’t produced by Syfy tho, it’s produced by Showcase, Syfy only has the airing rights for the show.

    1. My favorite thing about Continuum is that it is not only filmed in Vancouver, but set there as well. That is one nice looking city!

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