Re-Introducing The Original Gentlemen


The Gentlemen gather for their momentous debut episode, discussing such things as The Venture Brothers, Hannibal, web comics, and the new Pixies song.

Also, be prepared for the first installment from our roving correspondent Jason Murphy entitled, “Jason Murphy is Furious.” An auspicious beginning indeed.



2,321 thoughts on “Re-Introducing The Original Gentlemen”

  1. The LEAGUE-

    Cough Cough Cough

    I mean the Original Gentlemen!


    Please, don’t sue.

  2. So good to hear your take on Hannibal! BTW, they don’t have the rights to Clarice Starling, so no Silence of the Lambs, but the take on Red Dragon is already completely different.

  3. Jason’s ,rant was awesome
    great first show reminded me of what work well early on the other podcast

  4. Oh life is so good now that the The OG’s are back in my life. Between this & loose cannon comics I will have a tone to listen to.

  5. I think I just died, remote viewing, and the league reincarnated. Today has been the best. :>

  6. I’m proud of you guys (And Jason and Jeff) for rising up from the graves and branching out into your own sites. Hopefully Papa Spill looks just as good as his children once the redesign happens.

  7. Why do I bother commenting?

    Is using your real name’s gonna throw y’all off? For those of you who record regularly
    “on that other site!” Not that we don’t already know your real names!

  8. I like The Zanadudes… but, thrilled to see The Original Gentleman actually come into existance finally, something I had given up waiting for on That Other Site. Between Rage Select and One of Us, the interwebs has gotten a whole fuck-tonne better – glad you guys were able to make it happen

  9. Also I find it hilarious that Chris and Martin have to go by different names than they do on The Other Site – we’re hollywooddotcom, and we own your fuckin NAME, BITCH!! Makes me think of what Mark Hamill said about his post Star Wars life feeling like he had ‘property of Lucasfilm’ stamped on his ass.

  10. Oh yes!!! Is it Christmas already? This has to be the best thing that ever happened to me since my parents screwed that one night!!!

    LONG LIVE THE… Well, no but… Sort of. The point is I’m very happy!

  11. You guys need to check out BBC America’s Orphan Black (Especially Chris), one of the best sci-fi shows right now, thrilling twists and the lead actress’ performances are being rumored to get an emmy nomination.

  12. Jean-François Martel

    Bryan Fuller said he wanted to get to Red Dragon around season 4 and he’s got the series planned for about 7 seasons. I’d love for the show to get at least 4 seasons so we can get to Red Dragon.

  13. Jean-François Martel

    I started watching the Venture Bros a while back but one of the episodes i had was incomplete so i couldn’t continue.

  14. Jean-François Martel

    The worst thing about bronies is not the fact that they like a show aimed at little girls because honestly, fuck gender roles. It’s that they are taking the fandom and the show away from the audience it’s aimed at. They feel entitled to be included (as men tend to be, society tells us everything should cater to us whether it is in the media, etc) in every little part of the fandom to the point where it’s probably less of a safe space for the target audience.

  15. I loved the show. I’m digging the structure!! That’s exactly what I wanted from the ummm last show. Great job guys.

  16. Charles Armstrong

    Glad to see (or hear I guess) that you’re back guys. Please being Harris on to talk about Attack on Titan!

  17. Composite Who Horrible

    THEOG LIVES!!! I go away for one weekend and it finally arrives. So glad to hear you all together again. May this be the start of long and happy times. Cheers Gentlemen!!!

  18. I was so glad to hear about the new site and Podcasts at RTX/Spill.Con. I look forward to all the new content.

  19. hell i’d buy Jason’s book and i’m not even what ever it is those horse fucker call themselves now a days

  20. “Jason Murphy is furious” so, what’s new about that? 🙂
    So great to hear you gents again!

  21. So Are these going to be up on itunes? I understand if they are not going to be so that you can gain more traffic on the site, but if thats the case I would love it if the player would work on my phone, cause i listen to all my podcasts on the go!

  22. Jason…why do you gotta break my heart like that, dude?…Aw, who am I kiddin’? I can’t stay mad at you! Stay furious, buddy (even if it is at me)!

  23. It’s pretty damn sweet to be apart of the Resurrection Trinity. I lament the fact I wasn’t around for the beginning of the original League but I became a huge fan once I caught up.. The sweet kicker though? I get to be around for the new-new beginning. Pretty frackin’ awesome. Joy-Joy feelings all around…now where are those 3 sea shells…

  24. Love to see the new site up guys! question for Cyrus! What did you think of Doctor Who Series 7, that’s if you’ve even seen it yet.

  25. Jonathan Stansfield

    Hey guys
    I’ve had a online podcast and YouTube show called “2 Sense” for around about a
    year now and it been going well but since you guys just started a new website i thought it would be a great time to ask this question.

    How would you guys say is the best way to do online promotion to get your name out there and
    get new listener?

    Thanks for reading my question

    So glad you guys are back

    Here’s the podcast if you want to check it out

  26. Long live the League.
    Personally, I think My Little Pony is awesome. Much better than that old Sailor Moon.

  27. Hannibal wasn’t renewed until around the 10th episode which had a lot of us worried. I hope that this show does well next season because it’s great. I have no idea how they got away with this stuff on NBC.

  28. Just listened to this end-to-end on the commute into work. Excellent, for all the component parts (apart from Jason’s Furious Brony-screed; talk about beating your sparkly, rainbow-hued dead horses…). Chris, your Pixies parsing was the best analysis I’ve ever heard about the band’s importance in the indie ecosystem (although, as a committed Deal-ite, I’ll never return to a Pixies without Kim). Martin, as usual, broadens my comics horizon. Beau, on the “why can’t we take over British television with our American geekcrush goddesses” tip: have you not seen “The Fall”? A gritty serial killer procedural set in Belfast starring GILLIAN ANDERSON as a super-hot, free-lovin’ genius killer-hunter??!?!? BBC Two. Six episodes. Enuf said!

  29. HEY MARTIN!!!!!!!! “Where’s My Mind!!!!” The only mainstream Pixies song you would probably know because it was the ending song in Fight Club (Buildings Blowing Up)! I don’t know if these other guys are just too fucking Hipster to mention it!!

  30. This site is going to put the nail in the coffin. If only they merged with Rage Select, it would be over.


    I dunno how I missed this but I am SO fucking happy you guys are back.

  32. Awesome, I really like that this show is going back to it’s roots. I remember why I loved listening this podcast before it got kind of cluttered with to many voices. Anyways thanks putting me on the awesome webcomic Insufferable Le….errrr I mean Martian. Well this will take while getting used to your real names.

  33. What’s funny is that Bryan Fuller has everything planned out, and I think he said season 5 would be Red Dragon.

    Also I’d like to put forward Wire as arguably the first alternative band and possibly a big influence on the Pixies.

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