The Original Gentlemen Episode 11: The Coming of the Four


The Original Gentlemen return, but forever changed. 2014 is in full swing. It’s the modern age. The 21st century.

And change, was, as it always is, inevitable.

But wait, you say, I thought you said things would always be this way. THEOG. The three of you (plus the occasional guest). Well, I said a lot of things. Some of them while I was drunk. So legally, I can’t be held to it (I think that’s how that works).

The THEOG have gained a fourth. But who? Who dares enter these sacrosanct halls? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

Aside from that, the gang talks about the new style at Archer, our love for HBO’s True Detective, Nick Frost dancing the salsa, more Batman stuff, take questions from fans, talk about our favorite movies and tv series of 2013, AND JEBUS CHRISTMAS, SO MUCH MORE (pant pant).

So go ahead and hit the play button already, what are you waiting for?

Oh, sorry, you waited too long, I deleted it.

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2,712 thoughts on “The Original Gentlemen Episode 11: The Coming of the Four”

  1. So it’s the weekend, we get a new THEOG….AND we get Ashley??

    The only thing that could make this better is sex, which won’t happen anytime soon…so WOOHOO for the weekend, THEOG and Ashley!

  2. William Robert Ryan

    hey guys you guys have been talking about d box a lot. what the hell is that? is it anything like imax?

  3. I just watched JL War & they recycle a ton of charterer models its kinda scary because they never did it on that scale before, I’m excited for Son Of Batman but they seem to be making some odd choices like reusing the Flashpoint design for Deathstroke but not getting Ron Perlman back.

    Also Chris never apologies for saying the writing on Arrow is bad because it totally is people will look back in 5 years & wonder what the hell they were thinking.

  4. Great show and great to have Ashley on, she’s doing a great job. Although just to throw in my two cents about Ant Man, I disagree about the wife beating issue. Saying that you can’t do a Hank Pym movie without bringing up him beating his wife is like saying you can’t do a Spider-Man movie unless you have the Clone Saga or have Mephisto break up his marriage. That part of Ant Man’s life was not part of his origin, it wasn’t part of him founding the Avengers, wasn’t part of his childhood or research, and it shouldn’t be part of the movie. However, if they want to bring up him dealing with having bi-polar disorder which is currently being covered very nicely in Avengers A.I. then I would be fine with that.

  5. 08.43 – Did you guys see the Ron Jeremy “Wrecking Ball” parody? If not, go forth and see it.

  6. Love the addition of Ashley! But I do hope it stops at four people. I stopped listening to LEOG when it had more members than Parliament Funkadelic. I couldn’t tell who was drunk yelling at who.

  7. Ironman 3 was advertised with the Mandarin where the audiences expected a remake/movie adaptation of the character. Who cares that the character sucks in the comic book because we were promised a movie adaptation of the Mandarin and when we got Trevor Slatteryr, that was COMPLETE BULLSHIT. Imagine going to watch Avengers 3 with Thanos, where we wait 3/4 of the film waiting for the showdown instead he is revealed as Loki’s projection. The hype of iron man 3 was built around Mandarin and when audiences didnt get what was advertised they lost their minds and they are completely justified in their criticisms.

  8. I think we first saw McConaughey wanting to make a change all the way back with Frailty, but he stuck with the bad rom-coms because they were his bread and butter.

  9. I had a Barens and Nobles card, so after listening to the episode today I picked up Hyperbole and a Half and I’m about half way done with it and in love with it, thanks for the recommendation. It’s a book that I’m easily going to pass off to my friends once I’m done with it.

  10. why is there even a question there, Ironman Haunted is fucking LEAGUES ahead of any other mandarin appearance in the history of the character, absoutely supurb, id honestly say its the best iron man story period

  11. Great show guys and gal.

    Beau – great energy as always, man… but please stop interrupting everyone. *wink*

    Best regards.

  12. I find it weird how many critics love Upstream Color for its abstract narrative and muted acting, but hate Only God Forgives for the same reasons.

  13. gaahhh i was so close to clearing off my list of big good movies to see this year and then this podcast.

    awesome job guys love the show and really happy that ashley is on the show i love the chemistry.

  14. I’m curious, have you guys been keeping up with Arrow or did you stop with season 1? Season 2 is streets ahead of season 1 imho. True detective, Community, Archer, and Justified have all been amazing so far! Lava game ftw!

  15. Jean-François Martel

    basically the girl on girl porn is made for men and i’m guessing if they used actual lesbians it would seems more “realistic”?

  16. Jean-François Martel

    another really fantastic new comedy on FOX is Enlisted… I wasn’t expecting much from the trailers but it’s super good. Plus it’s got a surprisingly diverse supporting cast who all get their moments to shine. the three main actors are great and all have chemistry (and one of them is Chris Lowell aka. Piz from Veronica Mars).

  17. Chris, I love you but I’m going to have to call you out for Broadchurch. I REALLY did not like the show in the slightest. While the actors’ performances were well done, the writing of the show is simply terrible. The big reveal of who the killer was at the end was done 100% for shock value, with no real reason for why they did it. The first and last episode felt like two halves of a two-parter with six episodes of thumb twiddling squeezed inbetween. I’ve never seen an episode of Doctor Who, but I’m guessing that Tennent got more than a few points from you for that. At the end of the series, I was so upset at the “shrugging” nature of the show that I was mad about it for a few days.

    Obviously, all that stuff is my opinion. I’m really bummed that the show wasn’t something that we both liked, especially since I’ve enjoyed so many of your recommendations in the past (Orphan Black, Going Postal, dozens of titles on Digital Noise). Nonetheless, I am still one of your guys’ biggest fans and love the great content you bring us. Thanks!

  18. First like to say that I really enjoy Ashley on the reviews so more of her is welcomed as far as I’m concerned.

    2nd I don’t know if anybody else has pointed it out but, and a sad but, True Detective is not the first time Woody and Mathew have teamed up for a project. In fact Willie is in it too. Now me bringing this to light should not make anybody go out and find this for it is indeed a god awful movie. But it does exist. Sufer, Dude

  19. This is your guy’s HIGHEST RATED SHOW. And you bring it out ONCE a month?? No wonder you guy’s whole site is way behind.

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