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British Bodcast

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Hosts: The Duke of Havoc, PirateMoggy, & Dapper Dan

The British Bodcast is a top secret M:I6 sponsored black op. The mission is classified, but rumour has it, the Bods have been recruited to turn good old Americans into fully fledged Anglophiles through the power of radio. It is part of a multi-pronged attack which also includes: Doctor Who, Tom Hiddleston and Downton Abbey.

Catch the Bods each month on as part of the Worldcast series or weekly on 3 Bods 1 Pod, a  podcast.
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UsCast200x200The End

The End – Yes, dear listener. The British Bodcast is dead. Kia and Duke are retiring from podcast duties due to a host of things but wanted to go out with a bang! They decided to use that new fangled Periscope to live stream the episode! Apologises if they go quiet or talk about something you can’t see. They talk about Harry Potter coming to the West End, Lego, Cosplay, a ton of comics, keeping comic book creator’s secrets for them for over a year and much much more.

It has been an absolute honour to host a podcast on One Of Us and maybe one day we will come back when life is far less hectic. Huge thank you to Chris and Brian for allowing us this opportunity. Don’t forget to visit and check out the awesome podcasts we host!

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UsCast200x200Episode XXI

Duke and Kia are sad to announce that this will be their penultimate episode of The British Bodcast. As a result they end up rambling on about their relationship, what comics they haven’t caught up on, playing video games from 5 years ago, discovering Key and Peel and the state of UK comic conventions.

It has been a real honour for us to record this show and we are sad to give it up but we need to focus on other projects for now. We want to thank Chris who has been amazing and we admire him greatly in allowing us an opportunity to reach an American audience.

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UsCast200x200Episode XX

Oh this week’s British Bodcast, Duke and Kia celebrate their first community question (you can submit any you have to regarding geekdom and consumerism. This gets them thinking a lot about everyone having a sense of belonging, regardless if they are a geek or not. They also discuss their new You Tube show called New To Force and Duke gets to talk about Star Wars in a basement. Living the dream!

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UsCast200x200Episode XIX

Time for a visit to England as part of One Of Us’ World Of Uscast series! Duke and Kia have had an action packed, geek filled time since they last checked in. Kia has been addicted to an 8-bit Craft Brewery management game called Fiz (highly highly recommended) whilst Duke has been burning through a ton of comics including Y-The Last Man, Rat Queens, Seconds and Letter 44.

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UsCast200x200Episode XVIII

We covered a plethora of topics including: Having the amazing opportunity to hang out with Rat Queens creator Kurtis Wiebe and his awesome partner; Kia going to the World Of Women event in London; Duke’s obsession with board games and the fact he spent $170 on the Ghostbusters Kickstarter project; taking their first step into the world of Dungeons & Dragons; Community marathons; Spending 7 hours building the Lego Tumbler… and much more!

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UsCast200x200Episode XVII

Duke and Kia are back from their time in Mexico and talk about chilling out playing addictive games like Tropico 4 and The Walking Dead; talk about the stack of comics they read; briefly review Kingsmen: The Secret Service and much more!

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UsCast200x200Episode XVI

Duke and Kia discuss a host of topics whilst partaking in a host of different beers! They cover off a host of questions from the lovely One Of Us community; talk about Image Expo, Christmas, NFL, not buying Mondo posters, Duke’s moleskine obsession and much more!

Don’t forget to visit them at and spread the geek love for two of the best websites in the known universe!

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UsCast200x200Episode XV

Kia and Duke discuss their night at the Natural History Museum for Duke’s work christmas party where they got to party with a Stegosaurus! Kia opens up about her self help course and also reveals her Christmas cosplay photoshoot.

The couple commit a few new years resolutions to audio stone. Comics discussed this episode include: Y: The Last Man, Rat Queens, The Wicked + The Divine, American Vampire and Copperhead.

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UsCast200x200Episode XIV

On this week’s British Bodcast, Duke and Kia discuss: New found love for Star Wars led to Kia watching the prequels. Jar Jar, religious overtones and the Jedi’s self-importance are discussed as they simply angered Kia. They talk about visiting a Lego (not Legos) con, buying the Lego Batman Tumbler and playing Lego Marvel Superheroes. Finally they talk about the state of UK cons and how two rival companies are putting conventions on the same date and making the community choose.

Don’t forget to visit for a UK slant on all your geek news and reviews!

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UsCast200x200Episode XIII

Duke and Kia are on a winter break! Luckily for One Of Us, they love podcasting so much, they decided to do it from the confines of their warm woodland lodge. Duke and Kia wax lyrical about the amazing Thought Bubble Comic Festival which resulted in them building a plethora of books, prints and awesome geeky stuff.

Duke then regales Kia with tales of his MRI scan and she scolds Duke for Googling his symptoms! Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and find us on all social media platforms!

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UsCast200x200Episode XII

A rather subdued podcast as Kia and Duke recover from two weekends of comics cons.
They talk about the awesome looking Death Of Superman Lives documentary which will pull back on the often mocked Tim Burton adaption of the Man Of Steel from the late 1990s.

Duke and Kia celebrate that is going have one of their reviews used as a snippet on the back of a comic book (And Then Emily Was Gone – go check it out).
Kia shares her frustration with UK comic book shops who all conspired against her to stock a certain volume of a comic she has started reading

The Brits are still very happy to answer any questions or discuss anything relationship related so if you want to email them, it’s

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UsCast200x200Episode XI

This week on a rather tispy episode of the British Bodcast:
Duke and Kia celebrate a whole ton of things in their life with a bottle of Cristal. This means things get a bit messy this week.

They cover upcoming cons, what comics they have been reading, #Gamergate, and cosplay.

Don’t forget to follow Kia on Facebook at and visit the guys at

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UsCast200x200Episode X

This episode Dan is a little under the weather following a Stag Do at the weekend. As a result, Dan and Kia talk about the whole Stag/Hen Do thing and how it might differ from their US equivalents.

This led nicely into a discussion about how hard Duke and Kia are finding it to book their ideal venue and how they have plans for a quirky wedding!

Moving away from all things weddings, the couple discuss the new comics in their lives, how most of them are from Image and finally a quick round up of their Fantasy Football league.

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UsCast200x200Episode IX

Duke and Kia call back to those in the OneOfUs community who have kindly left comments on past episodes. Then they talk about Week 1 of NFL, Fantasy Football, all the recent controversies and how it would be handled differently in the UK. Duke owns up to being a bit of a dick with those who are going crazy for the iPhone 6, which Kia has no problem calling him on (as usual). Kia finally got to look at engagement rings and it wasn’t a painful and long process!

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UsCast200x200Episode VIII: Football and the Fringe

This week on the British Bodcast, Kia and Duke cover a host of topics including:

– Randomly assigning an NFL team to Duke
– The Fringe Festival
– Adding to their Lego collection
– A recent spree on comic books
– and finally a bit about Cosplay

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UsCast200x200Episode 7

On an all new British Bodcast, Duke and Kia talk about:

– A Captain America exhibition in London.

-Kia’s consumption of We’re Alive.

-The Sex-positive outlook in Matt Fraction’s Sex Criminals.

-Buying LEGOs whilst drunk.

-The Secret Cinema fiasco.

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UsCast200x200Episode 6

Duke and Kia this week are still getting over how good Guardians Of The Galaxy was.

Kia gives her opinion on the Star Wars OT and they finish off discussing amazing custom Lego sets including a SHIELD helicarrier with over 26,000 pieces!

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UsCast200x200Episode V

Duke and Kia discuss the Monty Python reunion show and why bands can do a greatest hits, but comedians can’t.

Kia gives her views on watching Star Wars for the very first time and then the pair go through a list of very British things. To finish off, Duke goes back over Kia’s predictions for Breaking Bad and points out how wrong she was.

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UsCast200x200Episode IV

The Brit’s are stirred but most definitely not shaken this episode after visiting London’s “Bond In Motion” exhibition which is collection of some of the most iconic vehicles across 007′s filmography.

Duke and Kia also discuss the upcoming comic con, no not THAT comic-con. LFCC of course! The London Film & Comic Con is next week with guest appearances from Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher and many more. Keeping with the Star Wars theme, the Bods talk about Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble On coming to their fine shores and how Smith was lucky enough to see the sets of Episode VII and managed to break NDAs!

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UsCast200x200Episode III

Duke and Kia spend about much time talking about Brazil 2014 as England spent being part of the tournament. Kia gives her predictions for the end of Breaking Bad (shhh she is only on season 3! – Praise be upon Netflix).

Also, with the sad passing of Rik Mayall, Kia schools Duke on slapstick comedy from the turn of the 20th Century and how it really isn’t en vogue anymore!

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UsCast200x200Episode II

This week on the British Bodcast: Duke and Kia talk about football fever (or lack of).

They also discuss why America insists on stereotyping Brits as villains and some of the best and worst accents in film.

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UsCast200x200Episode I

Meet the Bods, oh won’t you please meet the Bods.

The Duke of Havoc, PirateMoggy, & Dapper Dan.

The UK stop on the World of UsCast trail is here!

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