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World of UScast: British Bodcast: Episode III

Duke and Kia spend about much time talking about Brazil 2014 as England spent being part of the tournament. Kia gives her predictions for the end of Breaking Bad (shhh she is only on season 3! – Praise be upon Netflix). Also, with the sad passing of Rik Mayall, Kia schools Duke on slapstick comedy from the turn of the 20th Century and how it really isn’t en vogue anymore!

The British Bodcast is a top secret M:I6 sponsored black op. The mission is classified, but rumor has it, the Bods have been recruited to turn good old Americans into fully fledged Anglophiles through the power of radio. It is part of a multi-pronged attack which also includes: Doctor Who, Tom Hiddleston and Downton Abbey.  Catch the Bods each month on as part of the World of UScast series or weekly on 3 Bods 1 Pod, a pod cast.



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