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World of UScast: British Bodcast: Ep XX Consumerism and Conventions

Oh this week’s British Bodcast, Duke and Kia celebrate their first community question (you can submit any you have to regarding geekdom and consumerism. This gets them thinking a lot about everyone having a sense of belonging, regardless if they are a geek or not. They also discuss their new You Tube show called New To Force and Duke gets to talk about Star Wars in a basement. Living the dream!

Kia talks about her time at Asylum: a Supernatural convention in the UK with all the cast showing up and answering some incredibly cringe-worthy questions from attendees, as well as talking about her cosplay for this weekend’s MCM Comic-Con in London.

The guys finish off talking about the frustrations of finding a good crowdsourcing playlist app for their wedding and how they spent the entire weekend putting together a playlist with over a day and half’s worth of music for their guests to choose from!

Don’t forget you can visit or find them on all good and bad social media platforms!

Until next time, keep Consuming!


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