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World of UScast: The British Bodcast: Episode VIII

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Time for another British Bodcast!

Duke and Kia call back to those in the OneOfUs community who have kindly left comments on past episodes. Then they talk about Week 1 of NFL, Fantasy Football, all the recent controversies and how it would be handled differently in the UK. Duke owns up to being a bit of a dick with those who are going crazy for the iPhone 6, which Kia has no problem calling him on (as usual). Kia finally got to look at engagement rings and it wasn’t a painful and long process!

If you have any relationship or sex questions, please feel free to send them to as Duke and Kia want to try out a new q&a section of the show.

And one last thing…Duke and Kia get a bit heated as they discuss the reaction to a little photo-shoot that Kia did recently (which you can find here.)

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