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World of UScast: The British Bodcast: Ep XVIII: Train Wreck Podcasting

Oh dear. We hold our hands up, this isn’t a great show, dear listeners. Duke and Kia have had an incredibly emotional couple of weeks and this recording was after a celebratory meal (with many drinks). We promise to make the next one better! Moving on, we covered a plethora of topics including:

Having the amazing opportunity to hang out with Rat Queens creator Kurtis Wiebe and his awesome partner; Kia going to the World Of Women event in London; Duke’s obsession with board games and the fact he spent $170 on the Ghostbusters Kickstarter project; taking their first step into the world of Dungeons & Dragons; Community marathons; Spending 7 hours building the Lego Tumbler… and much more.

Don’t forget to check out Need To Consume for a British slant on all things pop culture. Look forward to seeing your comments and we promise to make the next one much better!

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