World of UScast: The British Bodcast: Ep XVI


Duke and Kia discuss a host of topics whilst partaking in a host of different beers! They cover off a host of questions from the lovely One Of Us community; talk about Image Expo, Christmas, NFL, not buying Mondo posters, Duke’s moleskine obsession and much more!

Don’t forget to visit them at and spread the geek love for two of the best websites in the known universe!

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5 thoughts on “World of UScast: The British Bodcast: Ep XVI”

  1. Awesome that Kia’s a fan of the Tropico games, but apologies if I irritated Duke a bit with my ‘rant’ about Tropico. I was just curious to see if he had got into at all since I mentioned it to him on Twitter a while ago, but I know you guys don’t have much spare time to goof off on games. I was just yanking Duke’s chain, similar to how I like to yank Professor Jeff’s chain on miscellaneous stuff in the chatroom on Rage Select’s Sunday Streaming show. Speaking of Tropican passports though, El Presidente considers me such a loyal and magnificent subject, that he actually sent me my very own Tropican passport when I bought Tropico 5.

  2. hmmm, I’m gonna re-listen to the podcast so I can remember the stuff I was gonna comment on from the show, when I first listened to it. I unfortunately forgot many things since when I listened to the podcast the first time, I wasn’t at a computer. Frustrating when that happens. Damn my spongy memory!

  3. Kia’s example of the boy in the comic shop is a cool sign that comics culture is progressing, with young people getting into comics having a much more progressive mentality, rather than the old stereotypical mentality of the comic book guy from The Simpsons.

    Speaking of different comic shops and comic stores being welcoming to all different groups of people, I really recommend Raygun Comics, who are in Richmond and also in Hackney, if you’re ever in those areas. Their Richmond store is very small compared to somewhere like Orbital, but still excellent. In terms of gender, it’s pretty much 50/50 there also I think. They’ve also had an actor from The Walking Dead come by there to get some comics one time.

    The reason I asked about comic stores being welcoming to different groups is because I’ve heard some bad stories about comic shops in America and Canada, and in Australia, on the Talking Comics podcast and in their forums. Talking Comics actually have quite a few British fans. I heard on there that the Silver Snail comic book store in Toronto, actually has like a cafĂ© built onto it for customers to hang out at when they buy their comics.

  4. but thanks for answering my questions guys. I think maybe I might be that one crazy fan. But yeah, I am English, and also in the South-east too, around London.

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