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World of UScast: The British Bodcast: Ep XIV – International Tabletop Day

Time for a visit to England as part of One Of Us’ World Of Uscast series! Duke and Kia have had an action packed, geek filled time since they last checked in. Kia has been addicted to an 8-bit Craft Brewery management game called Fiz (highly highly recommended) whilst Duke has been burning through a ton of comics including Y The Last Man, Rat Queens, Seconds and Letter 44.

They also talk about a ton of tabletop gaming as last weekend saw Need To Consume host it’s first event in conjunction with International Tabletop Day. They were finally able to play Dead Of Winter, an amazing team based Zombie game which really deals with the bleak side of humanity should an event happens that brings the world to it’s knees. Whilst at the event, Kia went off to meet Chip Zdarksy of Sex Criminals and Howard The Duck fame and stroked that magnificent bastard’s beard!

Don’t forget to check out the podcasts and more from Need To Consume and find them on social media for a slice of British pop culture pie!


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