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World of UScast: The British Bodcast: The End

The End – Yes, dear listener. The British Bodcast is dead. Kia and Duke are retiring from podcast duties due to a host of things but wanted to go out with a bang! They decided to use that new fangled Periscope to live stream the episode! Apologises if they go quiet or talk about something you can’t see. They talk about Harry Potter coming to the West End, Lego, Cosplay, a ton of comics, keeping comic book creator’s secrets for them for over a year and much much more.

It has been an absolute honour to host a podcast on One Of Us and maybe one day we will come back when life is far less hectic. Huge thank you to Chris and Brian for allowing us this opportunity. Don’t forget to visit and check out the awesome podcasts we host!

Smell ya later, Geeks.

Best wishes,
Dan and Kia


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