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World of UScast: The British Bodcast

The British Bodcast is a top secret M:I6 sponsored black op. The mission is classified, but rumor has it, the Bods have been recruited to turn good old Americans into fully fledged Anglophiles through the power of radio. It is part of a multi-pronged attack which also includes: Doctor Who, Tom Hiddleston and Downton Abbey.


Duke Of Havoc (The Host): Born with strange red markings covering his right arm and torso, Duke is still hoping for a magic being to arrive and tell him he is Earth’s only hope. Living in the historic city of Canterbury, Duke is usually waiting for Mondo posters to go on sale, cursing like a sailor that Mondo posters sell out too quickly or dancing around his lounge because he managed to buy a Mondo poster.

He likes Mondo posters.

PirateMoggy (Hazel):

Mog is a thousand-year-old fandom witch atop a throne of hoarded comics. Her interests are being a social justice warrior, indiscriminately objectifying everyone and wine.

Dapper Dan:

Dapper Dan is as English as tea, crumpets and dated imperialism. When he’s not reading comics, watching genre TV and movies, he’ll argue that Hawkeye is the best Avenger, Nightcrawler the best X-Man & Booster Gold the best Justice Leaguer.

P.S. Batroc Ze Leaper is pretty awesome too.