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The Pre-Weekend Recap: February 14, 2014

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Pre-Weekend Recap! This feature is One of Us’ attempt to help you read and listen to as much of our content as you possibly can. Our writers and podcasters have worked diligently to bring you some great material this week. Below you’ll find a few selections that debuted on the site this week. All you need to do is click on the images and enjoy! It’s probably the best Valentine’s gift you could ask for this year and we’re happy to give it to you!

Digital Noise Episode 31: Battle School Dropouts

The Digital Noise crew was busy this week, as you’ll be able to tell from this loaded episode. Titles such as Justice League: War, Dallas Buyers Club, Million Dollar Baby: 10th Anniversary Edition, and Escape Plan are among the plethora of Blu-Rays and DVDs that Chris and Brian discuss and reviews on this episode. Plus, there’s a Blu-Ray copy of Ender’s Game available to one lucky listener! If you want to find out how to win this prize, as well as which home releases are worth your time and money, this is the show for you.


Why the SWAT Kats Need to Come Back

Spider John pines for the days of old in this post as he reminisces on the short-lived but much loved SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. I had never heard of this show before this week and after reading this article, I feel like I missed out on something incredible. Whether you’re like me and you’re in the dark about this show or you’re like John and you wholly believe that this is a property worth reviving, we can all agree that Hollywood has resurrected worse things from the dead. Check out this post and speak fondly of the past in the comments!


Chris Harrison’s Top Four Locations for Fallout 4

Chris Harrison is a big Fallout 3 fan and the inception of the new console generation has his thinking about where the sequel could occur. The world is a vast place and many locations could serve as post-apocalyptic backdrop for a brutally bloody conflict. Where does Chris think the carnage of Fallout 4 should take place? Check out his suggestions and feel free to add your own in the comments!


Love and Philosophy: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Operating System

Once again, Angelo of the INTERN-Net has once again brought his unique approach to psychology and philosophy to One of Us. This time, he’s talking about love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Using Spike Jonze’s Her as a template, Angelo asks questions about the true nature of love and relationships. This is definitely a post you’ll want to read over a few times and mull over, so check it out and discuss it with Angelo in the comments!


Highly Suspect Reviews: Robocop

Chris, Brian, Ashley and Beau are back to assess the combat performance of Jose Padilha’s Robocop remake. Alex Murphy is back in a new suit of armor and he’s facing off against an even more power-hungry Omni Corporation, but is it any good? Dead or alive, you’re coming with us, so let the Unusual Suspects tell you everything you need to know!

Well, that’ll be plenty to keep you sated throughout the weekend! After you’ve fully enjoyed One of Us’ content, please be sure to share it with like-minded geeks and help us continue our quest to conquer the internet! Have a good one!