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My top four locations for ‘Fallout 4’

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 War. War never changes. But the diversity of Fallout’s locations does. And with the dawn of the possibility of ‘Fallout 4’ the question to where is extremely relevant. 

When I was introduced to ‘Fallout’, I was absolutely uninterested. Slowly I was interested in the universe, but I found the game to be tedious and dull. After a couple hours of exploring the wasteland I came across something entirely benign but very striking. A small area beside a lake with a little lunchbox and teddy bear. I was taken emotionally by this small insignificant detail and from there I was hooked.

‘Fallout 3‘ for me is one the best games of this generation. Of course it’s limited by technical imperfections and ageing graphics but the art direction and unique gameplay make for an experience that’s simply unchallenged.

After the trauma of the survivor 2299 hoax we anxiously wait official news on the production of ‘Fallout 4’ I decided to take a look at my top four ideal locations for A new game. Now I’m aware that based on some speculation and evidence that the new location will likely be Boston and as much as it has much story potential there are some other locations I’d prefer to see and here they are.


4. Los Angeles

When GTA V was revealed to be set in Los Angeles, I was skeptical. Too many games take place in both LA and the number 3 choice and I was hoping for something new. ‘Fallout’ however has much potential to use LA as a background. Think of how much fun they can draw from Hollywood, especially a Hollywood that remained stuck in a 50s and 60s era.



3. New York

New York is also something we have seen a lot in video games lately but, Fallout’s distinctive style and atmosphere could do wonders with it. A next generation ‘Fallout’ also allows for more density in the ruined landscape. Lots of large skyscraper ruins to explore, a focus on money with the Stock Exchange. A link to the political themes of ‘Fallout’ with the disbanded United Nations HQ. A possibility to delve into the lore of pre war.



2. China

We haven’t seen much of the pre war enemy in ‘Fallout’ but we do know they were the primary rival of the US during the pre war era. Whilst ‘Fallout’ is very “American”, perhaps a shake up of location and characters is exactly what we need to propel an interesting story. Demonstrating China’s war torn cities and depicting its survivors as a combination of normal people trying to survive just like anyone else and unique villain opportunities such as ninja raiders.



1. London

Britain was an exciting time in the 60’s and this for me, could be incredibly exciting, if not the most exciting location for a ‘Fallout’ game. The few hints to the UK we’ve had in ‘Fallout’ imply a darker, more brutal place.  With soundtrack possibilities such as the Beatles (or Beatles inspired music), Monkee’s and Rolling Stones and such iconography as Westminster, the Palace and Shakespeare’s globe, London is certainly my number one pick. I wouldn’t mind a Doctor Who reference thrown in there too .


Honorable Mention: Anywhere in Pre War
Tranquility lane is one of my favorite quests and if there’s one thing I’d like to be explored more is the pre war society of Fallout’s world and I’d be happy with a spin off game, a DLC pack for a current game, novels, movies, anything that opens up the possibilities of this world.

Regardless of where we find ourselves, I hope ‘Fallout’ introduces new mechanics and bold new directions in terms of gameplay and story.

Agree or Disagree? Where would you like to see ‘Fallout 4’ go? Comment below.