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The Pre-Weekend Recap: August 1, 2014

Yes, it is indeed the Pre-Weekend Recap for the week of August 1, 2014! This was a very productive week for us here on the site, as you can plainly see. There were written movie reviews, a new show, podcasts, articles, and of course, widespread praise for Guardians of the Galaxy. But hey, maybe some of these developments passed you by. No worries, we have your back, friend.


Below, you’ll find information about some of the articles, podcasts, and announcements we posted this week.  All you have to do is read, click, and listen and you’ll find yourself enriched by all the great content here. So let’s get started then!

Five and Out 065: Childhood Toys

The first show to migrate over from the sadly-deceased Lounge Geeks made its One Of Us debut this week! The hosts of Five & Out love lists, so much so that they make them every week and share them with the internet. On this debut episode, they’re talking about their favorite toys from the days of their youth. There are also great stories about a carnival, some pesky fruit flies, and other such tangents. There’s a lot in this one and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come, so give it listen and enjoy!


Inside The Locker: In Love and War

If you loved how bad Joel-Hans Embiid was with Twitter when the locker rats talked about it last episode, you’ll be glad to know that they’re doing it again! J.C., Elliott, and Tyler do more than mock an athlete’s ineptitude with social media though. They also find a link between the NBA Free Agency situation and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, remember the great Tony Gywnn, and discuss how some high school athletes are shoving it in the NCAA’s face. Even without Brian*, the show goes on!

*We’re glad he’s back though! Salisbury 2016!


Five Reasons I Still Obsess Over Super Metroid

As he states in this excellent article, if you ask what John Eckes what the perfect game is, he’ll say Super Metroid. He’s right, it’s a phenomenal game full of challenge, intrigue, and most importantly, fun. What makes this Super Nintendo gem from 1994 such a paragon of game design? What can modern day developers learn from this classic? Let John guide you through what makes Super Metroid so special, even after two decades.


Infestation: Fantasia Film Fest 2014


The Fantasia Film Festival is celebrating its 18th year and One Of Us is fortunate enough to be reviewing some of the selections premiering throughout the event! Starting this week and through to the fest’s end on August 6th, you’ll find written reviews of some of the movies that are making their appearance up there in Canada. We’ve added several reviews for some of the entries, such as Zombeavers, Dealer, and The House at the End of Time. These films are anything but ordinary, so if you’re looking to find out about some truly original stuff, we have all the information you need!


Somebody Likes It: Rumors

This week’s edition of Somebody Likes It is particularly sweaty, as the guys have gathered in Kevin’s garage without air conditioning to protect them against the harsh Austin sun. Even as they melt, our dedicated hosts are talking about Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, one of the best selling albums of all time. What is it that makes this collection of songs so special? Listen in as the SIL crew investigates Rumors and learns about how the album came to be.

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