The New Subscriber Forums

Hi all, Chris here.

Well, because of reasons (argh) I was forced to create a whole new forum for subscribers from scratch. Said forum is currently up and running and all current subscribers should have had their accounts transferred at their current subscription levels. Emails were automatically sent out with new passwords (which, please change, I just chose simple goofy ones) and if you haven’t received one check your spam folder. If there is still a problem or you find you’re having trouble accessing the new forum, please email me at and I will fix it. Also, if you note any issues with the forum, please notify me as well. I have built the basics as well as I could and plan on further development but it’s all new to me so let me know if I missed something pertinent.

I want to thank all of you who subscribe for sticking with oneofus. It’s been a hard road getting this far and is decidedly a full-time job just keeping it going. Which is why the subscribers are so important. I literally can’t do this without you and, for some TMI, my health conditions allow me few other job options. I’m so grateful that people enjoy listening to what we have to offer and I hope to continue to improve it and involve more people (there’s a reason it’s called ‘oneofus’). Already so many of our contributors who started as fans from way back in the days have since become talented podcasters/writers/editors themselves. We’re always interested in hearing new pitches which you can also do at

Now for the downer stuff. The website gradually becomes more and more expensive to run and, as I said, for me, it is so time-heavy that it has become more than a full-time job. If we don’t start getting more subscribers, I’ve accepted that oneofus will have to become a thing of the past. I’m certainly not happy about it; for more than 4 years it’s been a huge part of my life. It literally has saved me from being completely destitute due to my physical limitations and the friendships I’ve developed through it have lifted me up at my lowest points. I honestly don’t know what comes next if this becomes any further of an untenable business than it is at this point, but I am realizing that I might have to find out. Scratch that. If it doesn’t drastically improve, I will definitely have to find out. If you’re at all interested in seeing us continue, I can only ask for you to become a subscriber. We’ve been filling up our forums lately with new content and, for as long as the site continues, we plan on adding more regularly on top of the sizable amount already there.

Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to consider my words and if you already subscribe, thank you. Thank you so much. I hope to be able to offer more hopeful words soon but if not, know that I have loved the time I’ve gotten to spend with all the amazing people who’ve contributed so much to us over the years and to the fans who’ve been so supportive.

Until next time,

Chris Cox