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Hi all, Chris here.

Our community keeps growing, both inside and out. We love all the fun, creative, and compassionate folks we get to work with and interact with doing this site. But while we appreciate ‘likes’ and ‘crossposts’ of our content quite a bit, what keeps it going is the commitment from you for monthly subscriptions to the site.

On the sidebar to every page you can see a menu where you can sign up for one of four tiers of subscription. Each gives a different level of access to the gigantic amount of bonus content that is in our forums, with new stuff added all the time. We need our listeners to make these commitments to us at the $2, $5, $10, and $25 level in order for us to be able to even keep this site running.

Consider becoming a subscriber to One Of Us and then you can go to our nifty forums and see all sorts of FORBIDDEN CONTENT OF DOOM!! You know, private videos of all sorts, commentary tracks for films and tv shows, extended cuts of podcasts, never before seen behind the scenes stuff from the old website (where several of us started out including myself), and much more.

-Chris Cox

Please think about becoming a paid subscriber to, support our huge network of shows, and get access to tons of bonus shows and videos in our forums! We cannot keep this site going without support from our listeners. For added information about being a subscriber, the benefits, and the forums, please go here.

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