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Hosts: Chris Cox, Richard Whittaker, Joe Brower and Marco Noyola

One Of Us’ Blu-ray/DVD review podcast breaks through the pixel barrier and takes you inside all the latest home entertainment selections. What should you buy? What should you avoid? What glorious title will win our prestigious Pick of the Week honors? Tune in and find out, on the only Blu-ray review show that encourages you to crank up the Digital Noise.

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Episode 158: The One Where They Review a Movie called Doberman Cop

Marco and Chris get a pretty darn good batch of movies this week to review which is all the more surprising since almost none of them were on their radar whatsoever. Listen up, there are some hidden gems here you’re going to want to discover.

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Episode 157: The Shortest Show We Ever Did

This week Joe and Chris only have a little list of titles to go through, and not one’s they are overall that crazy about either, but they sure have fun talking about them anyway.

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Episode 156: The Good Batch

Chris and Marco take on a pretty darn good batch of movies this week, making it hard to even pick a ‘best of show’. Check out all the blu-ray and dvd reviews right here.

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Episode 155: What is it with “Ghost” movies this week?

Joe and Chris team up in a rock-em sock-em action epic that will have you quaking in your boots as you hear them fight against a horde of deadly assassins from around the globe, on a quest to rescue the lovely Princess Sexypants from the evil Dr. Venomclause. Or, alternately, they review the latest blu-rays and dvds this week. One of those things.

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Episode 154: Let’s get the Best out of the Way First

Marco and Chris take on this week’s collection of blu-ray and dvd releases, covering not only the big titles like Logan and Get Out but little classics that may have slipped under your radar, like The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Brain Damage. Check out their educated madness right here.

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Episode 153: Movie Reviews at 20,000 Feet

Joe and Chris are together for your pleasure delivering the mad reviews that are tougher than leather. Dropping all the blu-ray deets to all these sick beats and your mind is now better for all these treats. Listen up….*insert sample here* info DROPPED.
And no, I won’t do that again, thanks for asking.

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Episode 152: That is one sexy turtle.

Chris and Marco have escaped the clutches of the evil villain, um, Doctor HatusBluRayicus and have managed just in time to get back to the Oneofus Headquarters of Justice to tell the world about the blu-rays and dvds they watched.

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Episode 151: Schroedinger’s Podcast – Are Chris and Joe Dead or Alive?

Forgive the barely-a-joke title, because we’ve got a lot of great podcastiness in store for you as Chris and Joe take on all the recent Blu-ray and DVD releases and give their well-thought-out, professional, recommendations. Lol.

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Episode 150: Double Triple Bill and Two-Thirds

It’s March madness with Marco and Richard as they stumble through the latest pile of DVD and Blu-ray releases. Expect lots of pre-teen misery, terrible role models, arguments about the best low-singer, weird auteurs, and a rather special top hat.

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Episode 149: The Staggering Tower of Pre-SXSW Desk-Clearing

This week, we FINALLY get around to doing a review of Moonlight, as it came out on blu-ray. That and several other Oscar (and shoulda been Oscar) picks get the Digital Noise Review treatment. In general, one hell of a lot of movies get covered as we try to clean up all the work before we immerse ourselves in the SXSW madness.

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Episode 148: Snowed In

Chris and Joe take on the best and the worst of home releases this week with another episode of Digital Noise that has been officially designated by both the Vatican and the FBI’s “special cases” department as, “miraculous”. Listen to these two friends give you the best blu-ray/dvd show reviews on the planet.

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Episode 147: The Return of that British Guy

Guess who’s back? Back again? Run for the hills as Richard returns from his home release hiatus, and re-unites with Marco to run through a heaping big pile, heavy on the horror, and the year’s most frightening documentary.

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Episode 146: Suck it, Haters

Joe and Chris take a look at a huge, heapin’, helping of freshly released blu-rays and dvds for your post-Christmas gift certifcate purchasing purposes. Or, you know, just to be entertained by our wacky antics.

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Episode 145: Walkin’ in a Beery Wonderland

Chris and Marco have the controls this week as they review the best (and some of the worst) in recent blu-ray and dvd releases. Check out what they talk about below and be sure to use the images, which link to their amazon pages, to buy all your christmas presents this year through as we get a nice reward for it!

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Episode 144: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Chris and Joe go head-to-head on a big stack of home releases and it’s up to you to decide who is right and who is wrong about them! (ok, so they only really disagree strongly on one title but it’s a whopper). Listen to the blu-ray and dvd reviewing madcap antics right here! Wait, “Listen to the blu-ray and dvd reviewing madcap antics?” What the hell? *sigh*

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Episode 143: The Horror Has Arrived

Marco and Chris bravely stand in front of a massive stack of blu-ray and dvd titles for review this week, raising their critical swords in defiance. It’s October as well so that means a LOT of horror stuff. Get ready, here it comes…

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Episode 142: Let the Horror Begin…

Joe and Chris are the team on this week’s episode of Digital Noise, reviewing all the titles coming out on blu-ray or dvd worth a watch (and some that are not).Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 141: Goddammit Monkey

Chris and Marco get things done this week, no thanks to Monkey the cat, who makes a horrible intern as it turns out. In all seriousness, if you want to be an intern for, let us know. But enough business, on to the pleasure…the pleasure of a massive stack of reviews for movies and TV shows and, of course, the weekly contest to win a movie.

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dN_thumbEpisode 140: The Weiner’s in the Microwave

Joe and Chris get back to their more traditional antics as they discuss a heapin’ helpin’ of home release movies this week. Although there’s no TV reviews, per say (check the last TWO Digital Noise eps that came out last week for that), our giveaway of the really fun show Lucifer should bring this all full circle.

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dN_thumbEpisode 139: 2016 TV Spectacular Pt 2

Our two-part run on the giant stack of TV season blu-rays we got sent continues this week as we take on some horror shows and more. Now, be warned: some of these can be spoilery (specifically looking at the Supernatural Season 11 review) so be careful going in. But thanks to this great group of guest reviewers I brought in, it’s guaranteed to be lots of fun.

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dN_thumbEpisode 138: 2016 TV Spectacular Pt 1

It’s not going to be business as usual this week. In fact, you can expect THREE episodes of Digital Noise in relatively quick succession over the next few days. This being the first, is the first of two television only shows. We got sent SO many TV season sets all at once, I figured why not just make a whole other DN episode just of those reviews. And then they kept coming and I thought, why not just make TWO whole other shows just of those reviews…

To shake things up even more, I got a whole bunch of guest stars, mainly to seek out folks who’d actually watched the shows in question so we could have in-depth discussions of them. This week features, Joe, Harris, Mike, and Martin joining me on the mic.

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dN_thumbEpisode 137: Bizarro Richard and Absurdist Marco

For the first time together, Chris and Marco take the reigns of our blu-ray dvd show this week, covering all the best, and not-so-best, of the week’s home releases. Plenty of surprises and some seriously weird stuff fill up this week’s show, a guest appearance by our friend Dimitry in our TV reviews section, and on top of all that, we’ve got a blu-ray of HBO’s incredible film Confirmation to give out. Check it out!

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dN_thumbEpisode 136: Toxoplasmosis and Other Things Joe Likes

Strap yourselves in for another episode of Digital Noise, the home release review show where we cover all the best and worst of blu-ray and dvd. This week we start out with a bang with a double blast of Batman and then go on to cover a wide assortment of types of titles. And with a giveaway of a new classic Korean film by the writer of I Saw The Devil, you’ve got a can’t-miss show!

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dN_thumbEpisode 135: Furry Freak Brothers

Richard and Marco set off for filmmaking adventure with a stack of movies about movies, Paul “Robocop” Verhoeven looking annoyed, and Richard Linklater reminiscing about college, plus some classic-ish animations, and a surprisingly massive pack of movies about our four-legged friends. Plus a truly classic pick of the week that feels more timely than ever, and a Tony Jaa kickfest giveaway with Kill Zone 2.

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dN_thumbEpisode 134: Post Gaming the Pre-Gaming 4th

Ok, so maybe we celebrated our 4th of July a little early. And maybe we hurt. More than a bit. That won’t stop us from giving you the lowdown on the latest blu-rays and dvds to come out lately, including three of the best films to come out this year. Listen to Joe and Chris tell you all about it.

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dN_thumbEpisode 133: Diamonds in the Rough

Richard and Marco really think you should invest in Ballers, which proves even investment analysis can be entertaining if you involve The Rock. Which is good news, since Zoolander 2 is a fashion disaster, but you can at least hide under a rubber mask with Star Wars documentary Elstree 1976. Good news for all is that Nikkatsu Diamond Guys Vol. 2 proves that a snappy suit and a crazy eye for yakuza comedy never goes out of style.

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dN_thumbEpisode 132: How Deadpool Saved Us From Dirty Grandpa

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It has one of the best movies we’ll probably see all year, and one of the worst. It’s DIGITAL NOISE FEATURING JOE AND CHRIS!

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dN_thumbEpisode 131: Wild Horses and Bad Memories

Richard and Marco get set recording in new digs but it’s back to the same business as they lay out for you reviews of the newest blu-rays and dvds to hit the streets. And you know how some DN episodes are full with movies that weren’t on your radar at all before, but after listening to the episode you’re glad to have discovered them? Yeah, this week is filled with those.

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dN_thumbEpisode 130: Joe Poops his Pants…a lot

It’s not easy being Joe. This is the lesson we can take away from this week’s episode of Digital Noise. That and if anything scary happens, you probably don’t want to be standing TOO close to him. But Joe and Chris are in close proximity as they review a stack of movie and tv blu-rays and tv shows this week. And what’s this…THREE giveaways? You guys are crazy.

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dN_thumbEpisode 129: How Can You Pick Your Favorite Holocaust Film?

Richard and Chris have a rare team up this week as they take on a giant stack of movies (and 1 TV miniseries) for your critical listening enjoyment. All that and a blu-ray copy of Donnie Yen in Ip Man 3 for you to win. You can’t go wrong with this week’s Digital Noise…

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dN_thumbEpisode 128: It’s a long trip from Point Break to Point Break

Joe and Chris team up to tackle a wide range of blu-ray and dvd releases this week: from the new Point Break to Hateful 8; From The Big Short to Black Mama, White Mama. We cover it all. And this week, your chance to win a film by the lauded writer/director of Troll 2, with Alice Cooper’s only lead role in a film, the delightfully horrible, Monster Dog!

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dN_thumbEpisode 127: Their Primary Instinct is to Kill or Be Killed

Richard and Marco take the helm of this week’s episode of Digital Noise and they have a lot of goodness for ya, and a lot of it is stuff I’ll just bet wasn’t even on your radar…at all. Aren’t these the best episodes of DN? The thrill of discovery.

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dN_thumbEpisode 126: Joe’s Carnival of Beer and Blood

Chris and Joe really have their hands full this week with one helluva lot of titles to review but they do so with grace, aplomb, and notably, some degree of speed. Not only do you get all these recommendations, but the winner of our giveaway this week gets TWO titles. What are you waiting for? Tune into DIGITAL NOISE!

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dN_thumbEpisode 125: Oscar Free Zone

Richard and Marco make their way through a weird assortment of titles this week verging from Oscar bait to horror movies you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to have to sit through. I’m not naming names; that’s Richard and Marco’s job. But I will tell you that the giveaway this week, Estranged, wasn’t even on any of our radar, and it also ended up being both of their Pick of the Week to boot, so time for new discoveries kids!

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dN_thumbEpisode 124: Is Joe a Spy?

Despite being covered in toxic tree ejaculate, Joe bravely accompanies Chris on their voyage through this week’s Digital Noise titles. And what a list we’ve got for you! All sorts of quality titles for your consideration (and some not so quality). On that note, even though Chris famously didn’t like it, we know a lot of you really, really did, so he’s giving away his blu-ray copy of Crimson Peak!

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dN_thumbEpisode 123: Six Titles…Six Beers…It’s Fate.

Richard and Marco put their heads together (and do their best to suppress the terrible effect of all the cedar in the air this weekend) to review this week’s short stack of home release movie titles which ranges from holy shit levels of weird/bad/offensiveness to OMG this is amazing.

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dN_thumbEpisode 122: Chris is a Robot

Joe and Chris are here to review home release movies & tv shows, and of course to destroy humankind. Wait, no, let me take that again. Joe and Chris are here to review home release movies & TV shows and help humankind in their efforts to better themselves, while admittedly skulking around somewhat suspiciously in the background over there near that plug socket. But hey, look at all the great reviews we’ve got for you this week! And never mind that other part.

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dN_thumbEpisode 121: Richard Stardust and the Marco from Mars

Richard and Marco team up on one of the saddest weeks in their memory to review one of the best batches of movies they’ve ever been handed for the show. All sorts of great home releases this week and a giveaway of The Green Inferno! Other than a bit of nasty static that creeped into the last minute or so, a flawless victory!

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dN_thumbEpisode 120: Triumph of Joe’s WWII Jokes

Joe and Chris are together for this last Digital Noise episode of 2015 where the reviews are served up piping hot. Come get yours now! Today on the menu we’ve got one of the best war documentaries ever made, Stalingrad covered with a light garlic butter sauce. Season three of Hannibal comes seared with a side of Pan fried Thundercrack! Our starter course includes the options of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation over a bed of mashed potatoes and Tokyo Tribe foie gras.

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dN_thumbEpisode 119: Like an Ant-Man Under a Magnifying Glass

Marco and Richard ring out the old year as they team up this week to deliver you the best in home release movie reviews available for any price…much less how we give it to you…FOR FREE. Long loving looks at One Eyed Girl, The Square and Jaco and some not so loving at Some Kind of Beautiful and Momentum. And then there’s the giveaway, which is some Amy Schumer goodness. You’ve absopositively got to tune into this week’s show.

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dN_thumbEpisode 118: Evil Twins

This week, Brian and Johnny Neill meet to not only digest the latest Blu-ray and DVD titles, but also to plumb the murky philosophical waters of twin-rearing, Truman Capote, and white privilege? No, they haven’t hijacked the show to establish some bizarre political platform, they’re just that wildly tangential.

In between the bouts of irreverent rhetoric, they chat about Goodnight Mommy, Ghost Story, Cooties, and the weird controversy surroundingGrace of Monaco…the movie, not the person…but also kinda the person…anyway.

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dN_thumbEpisode 117: A Split Decision

This week on Digital Noise: Joe and Chris can’t come to terms on a pick of the week. Honestly, there were just too many options. So they both choose one and agree that each other chose wisely. Ok, so not as big a conflict as I might have made it seem but now you KNOW you have to listen to this week’s episode to get the sweet hook-up to what you should really be going out of your way to check out.

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dN_thumbEpisode 116: One Last Round Before Turkey

Richard and Marco suss out what’s good and what’s not so good in this week’s batch of home release titles. And prepare yourself for a giveaway of Uncanny, a indie sci-fi film that may be similar to Ex-Machina, but they say…might be even better. Check it out.

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dN_thumbEpisode 115: The Show So Nice We Recorded It Twice

Brian and Johnny Neill love a good underdog story. This week, they stepped in the ring with Garageband and…promptly had their show knocked out seconds after recording. They picked themselves up off the mat and re-recorded their takes on Dark Blue, Mandingo, and the Criterion edition of The Brood.

To complete this hackneyed boxing metaphor, they giveaway a copy of Southpaw!Ring the bell, lllllllllet’s get ready for DNNNNN!!!!!

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dN_thumbEpisode 114: Roar from the Inside Out

Joe and Chris are at it again and you know what that means: a MASSIVE list of blu-rays and DVDs to talk about this week AND….one of the most anticipated home releases this year which serves as our GIVEAWAY! You gotta listen to win…

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dN_thumbEpisode 113: The Lowest Rating Ever

Richard and Marco take on a huge pile of titles this week and surprise: there’s actually some pretty good stuff in there this time. But, that being said, Richard awards a movie an unprecedented -5 stars and it’s NOT “Manos: The Hands of Fate” (although they review that this week too). Add to that a giveaway of Season 2 of “Penny Dreadful” and you have a show not to be missed!

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dN_thumbEpisode 112: There is No Tomorrow

Brian and Johnny Neill reunite for an all new (and possibly all nude) edition of Digital Noise! Full disclosure, they’re likely not nude. However, Brian laments why Magic Mike XXL is his biggest disappointment of the year while Johnny Neill springboards from the discussion of Tomorrowland to lambaste the ever-living crap out of Robert Downey Jr!

They also share their utter joy over Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special, try to bury the Tremors franchise once and for all, and offer a very unusual giveaway.

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dN_thumbEpisode 111: Joe and Chris are Still Here

Joe is a hero. Despite being sick as a dog (so sick he even blacked out even WATCHING a title or two), he dragged himself to Chris’s door and mustered up an inhuman amount of energy and verve for this week’s episode of Digital Noise. And this week was a challenge, to be sure. A massive stack of movies and tv shows awaited the duo and they rose to it. Heroically. As previously mentioned. Well, Joe did.

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dN_thumbEpisode 110: Joe Wouldn’t Know About That

Welcome to episode 110 of the best home release review show on the planet, Digital Noise. We’re a bit out of breath this week….lots of titles to cover, not a lot of time to do it as Fantastic Fest looms menacingly over our schedules, but we sure go into it with enthusiasm, covering Avengers: Age of Ultron, Furious 7, Entourage: The Movie, The Flash Season One…and so much more.

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dN_thumbEpisode 109: Don’t Drink the Lava Lite

Brian and Johnny Neill meet once again in the den of geek iniquity to discuss an incredibly odd assortment of titles. They fritter away their time with Adaline, they head to the beach with Brian Wilson, and get kicked in the head by Marko Zaror!

They also ponder all the wrong turns Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, and Sean Astin have made in their careers and why anyone would want to buy a cursed dilapidated Scottish farm house. Top it off with a giveaway of breakout SxSW hit Love & Mercy and you’ve got yourself some Digital Noise worth cranking up!

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dN_thumbEpisode 108: Who’s this Marco guy?

Richard is your host this week teaming up with new rotating DN critic Marco. Together they have their work cut out for them as they tackle Robin William’s last film “Boulevard”, the incredibly divisive art-horror “Felt”, Ethan Hawke as a drone fighter pilot in a moral quandary in “Good Kill” and much more.

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dN_thumbEpisode 107: Imperator Joeiosa

Join Joe and Chris as they travel down the dusty road into the long, long ago (or is it far, far future?) to review all the best and worst of the week’s blu-ray and dvd releases. From Gotham and The Walking Dead to Mad Max and Citizen Four, we give you the deep dish on delights and disasters for your possible viewing enjoyment. Oh yeah, and you can win a copy of “The Last Dragon” on blu-ray!

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dN_thumbEpisode 106: Last Dragons & William Castles

Johnny and Brian are off on a mythic quest this week! These two Nomads venture to a Strangerland than they’ve ever seen before where Monster Mayhem has taken hold! Luckily, in their suits of critical armor, they are certainly Dressed to Kill. Good thing too, as they encounter The Last Dragon in an effort to save The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared! Finally, they arrive at their destination: William Castle. And don’t worry about their venturing too far, this is after all…a Couch Trip.

Come on, were you expecting like…not puns?

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dN_thumbEpisode 105: Richard and Joe’s Bogus Journey

This week Richard and Joe team up to take on a giant swath of titles, and slowly descend into madness. The VC Andrews Lifetime adaptations finally come to an end with Richard’s review of Seeds of Yesterday, James Franco and Jonah Hill tell a true story, bro, people who live under the stairs are more classic than you might remember, and a giveaway of the new Jackie Chan Police Story film. Check it out!

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dN_thumbEpisode 104: A Heartbreaking Podcast Full of Titles with Little to No Staggering Genius

Joe and Chris are up at bat this week and boy do they have their work cut out for them. You know these folks are dedicated when they watch THIS MUCH STUFF in order to fill up a show with reviews for so damn many movies and TV shows. Dedication. That’s what we bring you at Digital Noise.

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dN_thumbEpisode 103: The Men From U.N.C.L.E

This week, Brian and Johnny Neill convene at Johnny’s palatial estate to geek out about, well, the memorabilia in Johnny’s studio mostly…but also about a new batch of Blu-ray and DVD titles! The heat clearly got to Brian as titles from weeks past and future fly about, but never let it be said that there is any such thing as an ordinary Digital Noise!

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dN_thumbEpisode 102: Robo-Richard

Chris and Richard have their way with your earholes this week (ew, sorry) as they take on a delicious repast of home release titles, so tasty in fact that it took no small amount of discussion pre-cast to decide which of them to make their pick of the week. Add to that one of our best giveaways EVAR and you have one helluva Digital Noise episode.

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dN_thumbEpisode 101: Reviews on Roller Skates

Joe and Chris head up this week’s jampacked episode of Digital Noise bringing you fun reviews of all the home release titles worth talking about (or, at least, the ones we got sent to watch. Somebody start emailing Shout! Factory that they really should put us back on their list). We see Morgan Freeman as a pimp-daddy in Street Smart, and as a cantankerous old dude in Five Flights Up. Despite some amount of fan outrage, we really dug season 1 of Powers and were pretty ‘meh’ on season 3 of Ripper Street. Much is made of the awesomeness of Slow West, and, I suppose, of Roller Boogie as well. Titles abound and a Simon Pegg-led action comedy Kill Me Three Times is our giveaway. You don’t want to miss this one!

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dN_thumbEpisode 100: The Legend of Snakehat

The gang is (almost) all here this week as Chris, Brian, Richard, Johnny and Joe all get together for an epic 100th episode with movie reviews and LOTS of answers for your fan questions. Tune in and celebrate with us…and of course enter for your chance to win our giveaway this week, While We’re Young on blu-ray!

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dN_thumbEpisode 99: Way Too Many Week Picks

Richard is back for this penultimate to 100 episode of Digital Noise and he and Chris just can’t quite make up their mind which of the tremendous titles they have to review this week would make it to the top of the list. Would it be Spirited Away? Or The Strain? Perhaps The Wrecking Crew? Or The Lazarus Effect…ok, just kidding about that last one.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 98: You Can Dig It

This week, Brian and Johnny Neill dress to the nines to review a small, but powerful batch of titles. Seriously, this is like the Joe Pesci of lineups. They discuss one of Brian’s favorite movies of the year The Kingsman, one of the most generic time travel flicks in recent memory Project Almanac, and an entire quartet of badass blaxploitation flicks hitting Blu-ray for the very first time!

Capping off this bite-sized, mighty-powerful repertoire is the very funny horror comedy Zombeavers…which forever proves that no one should turn their backs on ANY small furry animal! It’s also our dam solid giveaway!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 97: Wolf Boy on Space Skates

That’s right, I’m naming this Digital Noise episode after Charming Potatoe’s character in Jupiter Ascending. Why? For one, because we review the blu-ray release of the film this week, and for two…I’m still mad they didn’t add more skating, a soundtrack from ELO and just make Xanadu 2. I’m telling you, it would have been awesome. TO THE EDITING ROOM!

But seriously (not really) this week is Joe and Chris with a stack of titles for ya that run the gamut for quality and a giveaway we’re excited about: the new Tsui Hark film and it’s a serious return to form for the master. So listen up and enjoy this week’s road to madness that is…DIGITAL NOISE!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 96: Dammit, Germany!

The articles have been drawn; all declarations are formal. We’re at Digital Noise are at war with Germany!!!

Ok, not really, but we do have to sift through a lot of very ill-advised cadre of releases by one studio of flaccid German genre garbage. But before we go starting another world war, in all fairness, English writers and Irish Exorcisms also leave a bad taste in our mouths. It’s an international buffet of crap!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 95: Land Shark on Kobol

Joe and Chris are up to some drinkin’ and some reviewin’ and some givin’ away-in’ and….are you IN man or what?

They look at the batshit crazy of Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf and Peter Benchley’s Creature, the classy timelessness of Evil Eye & the Clint Eastwood Boxset, and the edge of your seat computer mayhem (no, seriously) of Halt and Catch Fire. And, of course, more- like our giveaway this week of the complete original Battlestar Galactica 1980 series on blu-ray. You gotta listen to win!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 94: The Double Down

This week’s Digital Noise proves that all great things come in pairs! First of all, the delightful duo of Brian and Johnny Neill return, and they discuss couplets of Criterion picks, ninja flicks, and nature-gone-amok disasters! They also double down on their love for Boardwalk Empire as the full series collection hits shelves.

However, they also note how terrible things can also come in pairs: Both of Taylor Lautner’s solo efforts thus far and the pair of socks the studio sent Brian to try and convince him Mortdecai was anything but abysmal!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 93: 50 Shady Cat Murdering Days of Grace (sung a capella)

Sam and Richard have got control of this here Digital Noise ship and they are steering dangerously close to grey waters. 50 shades of it, that is. Because along with all the great, and not-so great titles that they put their collective minds to critiquing this week, they offer fans a blu-ray of the uncut version of 50 Shades of Grey on blu-ray!!!

Ok, well we’re throwing a bonus in. Whoever wins the blu-ray can submit a review to us…be it video, audio or written, and we’ll post it on the site. So yeah, we want you to share our pain, hopefully in the funniest way possible.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 92: Ohhhhhhh yeah…

Joe and Chris are back at the helm of the Digital Noise ship this week as they dive into a massive stack of film and tv titles, sorta kinda get into a fight about The Gambler and Infinite Jest, and in general have a lot of fun. Oh, and we’ve got a copy of one of last week’s best films, Everly for ya on Blu-Ray to win. Tune in!

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dN_thumbEpisode 91: Save The Seal!

Brian and Johnny Neill once again join forces, gear up, and dive headlong into the horrors of the latest Digital Noise! We say horror because the guys have not one, not two, but THREE Scream Factory titles to discuss! They also suffer the terror-ble Taken 3 and the nigh un-behold-able Bedlam!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 90: Echoes of Tales of Travels of Men from Rio with Iron Fists

Richard and Sam get their first team-up this week on Digital Noise and boy do they have their work cut out for them! A mighty pile was dropped in their laps and they bravely worked their way through such titles as the Lifetime Whitney Houston biopic, RZA martial arts sequels, and “barely qualifying as a movie” experimental 3D Goddard flicks. But also, tons of good stuff. Listen up and have a chance to win “Killers” on blu-ray!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 89: Hey Joe, What d’ya know?

We hate to throw yet another curve ball at you loyal Digiephiles, but this week we introduce ANOTHER new member to the Digital Noise megaverse: Joe.

While there’s not exactly a wealth of titles on the review slate, we answer ALL of our viewer mail, take some time to get to know the new guy, and have one helluva grandslam of a giveaway for ya. I mean, how does a deluxe edition of “Batman Vs Robin” sound? All you gotta do is listen to win…

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 88: Reunited

We warned you that when this podcast hit 88 episodes that you would see some serious shit! Didn’t we? Well we meant to warn you. Turns out that serious shit is the seriously cool reunion of Chris and Brian! Your two original gangsters haven’t held down the couch together in…well, a long time!

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dN_thumbEpisode 87: Watching The Special Features First

Brian and Johnny Neill get their little band back together to talk about a weird random assortment of titles. Even though this is still ostensibly a Blu-ray podcast, we somehow ended up talking a lot about music this week. But hey, who doesn’t love The Spin Doctors, right?

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dN_thumbEpisode 86: Dick & Cox…Together Again

The ever-unpredictable line-up of your weekly Digital Noise throws a curveball back to home base (is that a working sports metaphor? I don’t even know) as Richard and Chris team up to bring you this week’s collection of titles for your listening (and perhaps later…viewing) pleasure. A few fantastic, a few craptastic, another week, another show of love for you, our listeners, as we wade through the random pile of blu-rays and dvds sent to our doorsteps.

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dN_thumbEpisode 85: Singing Werewolves

This week, on a very special episode of Digital Noise. Sam has a problem. He thinks Old English 800 is beer…and he just can’t seem to stop drinking it.

When Chris helps him to overcome his addiction by Writing Love on his Arms, he turns into a Wolfcop and together they hit the Road to Hong Kong for one Last Christmas. Unfortunately, after their Life Partner Annie joins them at The Breakfast Club (because she ain’t playing those Hunger Games, yo), The Intruders Eat Drink Man Woman, and poor Annie is devoured. It was Low Down, but even Da Vinci had demons (even though he was a Pioneer).

As they ran from Chris and Sam’s terrible vengeance they screamed out, “You haven’t seen The Last of Robin Hood!”, whatever that meant. By then it was getting to be the Late Phases of the day and while this adventure didn’t live up to The Legend of Korra, it was no small feat to get through the Longmire of a day.

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dN_thumbEpisode 84: Givin’ You Whiplash

On this week’s Noise, we introduce the third new member of the DN family. You know him, you love him, he’s a magic man: The LEOG’s Mr. Johnny Neill! He’ll be the new rookie Blu-ray cop paired with Brian, the cantankerous old veteran. Wait, how did that work out?

In keeping with the tradition of an initiation, Brian runs Johnny through a painful gauntlet of garbage. Luckily, there are titles like Foxcatcher, Whiplash, and a quartet of classic musicals to provide a silver lining to this cloud of dreck. Not only that, but we also bring in Mr. Matt Frank for a special bonus segment to review Shout Factory’s Super Sentai Zyuranger collection…because why wouldn’t he review that?!

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dN_thumbEpisode 83: Dumb, Horrible Bosses

The new Digital Noise era continues as Richard sits down with the latest addition to the DN review crew, Michele! Joining forces against unimaginable evil, they are forced to watch and analyze such horrors as Dumb and Dumber To, Horrible Bosses 2, Green Street Hooligans: Underground and more.

Man, Chris and Brian are real bastards, handing the new girl off this type of dreck, right? Well, no worries as they also get to check out Big Hero 6, the Criterion release of Watership Down and more!

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dN_thumbEpisode 82: The New Era

I felt a strange disturbance in the force, as if millions of Digital Noise listeners cried out at once, afraid of change, but were suddenly silenced when they listened to the new episode and decided it was good. And to that effect, welcome to the new era of Digital Noise. In an effort to spread ourselves a little less thin while introducing lots of new content, the Digital Noise team has expanded!

Our first new reviewer is Sam Eidson. You might remember him from his previous appearance on a THEOG episode or maybe you saw him in the lead in the furiously funny film Zero Charisma? Sam and Chris are together this week to go through a GIGANTIC stack of titles for your amusement.

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dN_thumbEpisode 81: Journalism 101

This week’s episode of Digital Noise is all about ethics in journalism. No, really. We review titles like Nightcrawler, Kill the Messenger, and Rosewater, all of which deal with various aspects of the world of journalism; from moral center to post-moral.

Plus, on this episode, Brian is joined by Richard Whittaker, who is like…an actual journalist and stuff. Oh, and if someone decides to violate our strict journalistic code of ethics, that’s when we send John Wick after them. All this, AND we give away a copy of a film written by Joss Whedon! No, not that one. Nope, not that one either. Look, just listen in and find out.

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dN_thumbEpisode 80: The Stars Get In Our Eyes

Chris and Brian watch a lot of movies, and sometimes the process can leave them a little starry-eyed. Starry-eyed means hung over, right? No? Ok.

In any event, this week’s show features some fantastic gems like the blue collar crime flick By the Gun, an outstanding Richard Pryor documentary, and an indie horror film that will have you seriously reconsidering that career in Hollywood. The guys also give away a copy of a silly/fun Dracula prequel and explain how The Judge was clearly written by robots…clearly.

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dN_thumbEpisode 79: Chris Can’t Pronounce Anyone’s Name

In true tradition of, well, any podcast Chris is on, he garbles his way through a number of names of actors and directors in an attempt to review this giant pile of Blu-rays and DVDs Digital Noise brings to your attention this week.

There’s also a LOT of awesome too, as Chris and Richard dive into the Studio Ghibli documentary, one of the most overlooked films of 2014, the most f*&ked up film the Lifetime Network has yet to release, total Korean bloody insanity, the latest DC animated film, and much, much, MUCH more.

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dN_thumbEpisode 78: Abide The Lightning

Brian and Richard tackle the big stuff–Annabelle, Boxtrolls, Coherence, Honeymoon–in the usual fashion, and then for the abundance of leftovers, they resurrect an old Digital Noise segment. That’s right, give a listen to this episode to hear the return of The Lightning Round!

All that plus a giveaway and an extended rant about Atlas Shrugged Part III! Remember to use our Amazon links for all your online shopping needs. Thanks

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dN_thumbEpisode 77: Bad Boys & Gone Girls

Hurry hurry hurry! Step right up and download the latest episode of Digital Noise! We’ve got all the thrills and chills to keep your home entertainment collection filled! We’ve got terrific TV, we’ve got faulty features, we’ve even got dino documentaries! We’ve got kings, killers, and krazies of all shapes and sizes!

Brian and Chris invite you to come on down to the DigiNoise Bluray Bizarre! You may be one of the lucky guys or dolls to win one of our fabulous giveaways! Like what you hear? Don’t forget to purchase any and all products through our Amazon links!

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dN_thumbBest Home Release Titles of 2014

Well, another year has passed, and the Digital Noise crew is here to narrow down the best home release titles of 2014. Brian, Chris, AND Richard (that’s right, all three in the same room) have gathered to offer their picks for the top Blu-rays and DVDs of the year.

It’s like a walk down memory lane…or pressing rewind on a really big remote control. Either way we think you’ll enjoy listening. And remember, if you didn’t snag these titles for yourself the first time around, please use our amazon links to purchase them now! Thanks!

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dN_thumbEpisode 76: It Was The Best of Titles, It Was The Worst of Titles

Richard and Chris got handed a full plate of extremes this week. Like extremely great, as in our giveaway The Guest, and as in extremely shit, as in what’s left of our brains after having to watch The Brittany Murphy Story. Why do we do this to ourselves? So we get to take home awesome stuff like The Guest and Get On Up…BOTH OF WHICH, btdubya, are our GIVEAWAYS this week.

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dN_thumbEpisode 75: Blunder Cover

If brevity is the soul of wit, than this week’s batch of Digital Noise titles is collectively the home entertainment representation of Oscar Wilde. Brian and Richard dig through a very small, but at times very infuriating batch of films in this, the first DN of 2015.

Join “The Two Brian’s” on a Trip to Italy that also takes them to a Sanatorium and into outer space! Ok, they don’t actually go to space, but we thought that was A Good Lie, much like the cover art for A Good Lie is a lie. As a special bonus, this episode includes a segment in which Chris Cox and guest host Matt Frank review, oh yes, the latest My Little Pony Equestria Girls release!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 74: The Devil and Michael Bay

Here at Digital Noise, sometimes we run into a T.M.N.T. problem: Too Many Negligible Titles. However, we do our very best to find the merits in this week’s pile of frustrating nonsense.

For every terrible flick with an embarrassingly deceptive DVD cover (The Device), we sing the praises of a solid family dramedy (This Is Where I Leave You). For every giant blockbuster atrocity (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), we tell you why you should be watching smart, affecting sci-fi TV shows (Extant and Continuum). We even giveaway a film that, you know, like won prizes and stuff at Sundance (Skeleton Twins).

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 73: Jingle Bell Raucous

Richard and Chris take you by the hand and through the wardrobe into the mystical land of Digital Noise, feeding you till you’re pleasingly plump on the Blu-ray and DVD equivalents of Turkish Delight.

The battle for PICK OF THE WEEK is the only major struggle with releases in contention such as Criterion’s Time Bandits, The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, Better Off Ted: Season 2, Jingle Bell Rocks, RWBY Season 2 and so much more good stuff.

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dN_thumbEpisode 72: Terrible Impressions, Great Blu-Rays

Some weeks may not have a lot of actual releases, but the intrepid Digital Noise team has a lot to say about them. This is one of those weeks, as Richard and Chris go into depth about releases like the new Stanley Kubrick Masterwork Collection, The Legend of Korra Book 3, Star Trek: TNG Season 7, Mr Smith Goes to Washington…hell, we’re all over the place, but in general, a week full of high quality stuff to watch. We seriously didn’t hate ANYTHING this week, and we deserve some sort of special award or something for that.

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dN_thumbEpisode 71: BLU-HF

Ahoy-hoy, Digiphiles! This week, Brian and Richard dance through a breezy batch of Blus. The tradeoff however is that they also review Lars Von Trier’s, I don’t know, like 18-hour cut of Nymphomaniac. That’s right, we’re talking the uncircumcised cut! Some of the other titles are rather Expendable, but some of the releases make the guys Weirdly happy.

Top that off with a Weird Al giveaway and you’ve got yourself a show! Enjoy!

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dN_thumbEpisode 70: Jump Back Into the Storm

Welcome to your best nightmare!On this week’s show, Brian and Chris travel from Jump Street to Sin City and then Into the Storm. The Housebound duo also break out of their Bubble to investigate The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. And then…something something Automata.

Top all that off with a special appearance by the great Johnny Neill and Ragna-ROCKIN’ giveaway and you’ve got plenty of cause to crank up da noise!

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dN_thumbEpisode 69: I Think We’re Recording

Riddle me this, DN Fans: What has three heads but only two talk at a time and loves Batman? It’s Digital Noise, of course, and this week your resident two heads are Richard and Chris who have their work cut out for them. With the Xmas season nearing, some weeks for our show are just LOADED with titles and this week…whew. So we apologize for our EPICALLY LONG episode, but damn, whattayagonnado?

They say it’s not length, but how to use it, and we do indeed use our 2+ hours well, talking about everything from Adam West era Batman to Jimmy Cameron at the bottom of the world. From gore-soaked Italian Demons to bullshit-soaked History Channel shows; from the story of Ali you wanted to see to the story of the biggest asshole of all the vampires. We’ve got it all this week!

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dN_thumbEpisode 68: All In

Greatness abounds in this episode of Digital Noise. That’s not to say that all the titles are great, even as Brian and Richard sift through a higher-than-usual number of recent theatrical offerings. However, there are a few outstanding gems among the rough, and even the worst titles make for some hilarious and, at times, highly inappropriate banter.

Richard and Brian desolate Smaug, crash Planes, and get all up in the latest Step Up movie. They also whack poetic about The Sopranos Complete Series box set. Top that off with an amazing documentary giveaway and you’ve got yourself one epic episode.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 67: Couchbreed

In this episode of Digital Noise, Brian and Chris travel to Midian! Sort of. They call Chris’ couch Midian.

In any event, they review a spate of new Blu-ray and DVD titles that include the latest season of Mad Men, the new director’s cut of Nightbreed, and behind the curtains at the world of circus sideshows. Gooble and gobble and whatnot. Plus, they give away a Blu-ray copy of Begin Again, the new film from the director of Once.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 66: Mark(ish) of the Beast

Richard and Chris bring you a marathon of titles this week covering the weird, wide, wild gamut. From crazy art sci-fi LFO to indie introspection A Coffee in Berlin.

From box sets of classic horror Vincent Price Collection 2 to being divided on direct-to-dvd horror sequels See No Evil 2. From new genre classics Snowpiercer to old ones My Darling Clementine. From…well, you get the idea. I could do this for another hour. For pity’s sake, just scroll down and look at all we’re bringing you this week on the most fun home release movie and TV podcast that exists!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 65: Any Witch Way You Can

Brian and Richard step into the Digi-booth this week to discuss a small selection of titles of vastly differing sorts. They do some Witching & Bitching, go after Whitey, and enjoy a Last Supper. Brian also teases Richard for being British while Richard audibly contemplates murdering Brian. So, you know, your basic episode.

The two also host a TV bundle giveaway that will turn your head, but won’t have you turning the channel. Lock your doors, turn out the lights, and creep out the entire household by cranking up the Digital Noise!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 64: Watch, Record, Repeat

Chris and Brian take to the couch once more, as they have done many many times before. In fact, it’s starting to feel a little like deja view. The guys review Live Die Repeat (aka Edge of Tomorrow, aka All You Need Is Kill), Brian spits vitriol at Seth MacFarlane, a number of documentaries are discussed, and all horror this week is relegated to the small screen.

As a special bonus, Martin Thomas comes around the Digi Domicile to help Chris review Arrow Season 2.


Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 63: Cold Danish for Breakfast

Brian returns to the DN lineup just in time for the horror well to run dry! This week, C&B get Brave and Bold discussing Batman, Sergio Leone, John Favreau and Joe Lansdale. They also tackle a goodly amount of TV including Grimm, The 100, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They also look for ghosts in shells and explain how not to make a movie in a suicide forest.

But as if that weren’t enough, and seriously this is a mammoth episode as it stands, Chris goes so far as to giveaway a Blu-ray from his personal collection! Stop what your doin’, cause we’re about to ruin…umm…your boredom? Crank up dat noise!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 62: The Horror Begins

It’s October so that means two things. First, beer, of course, and lots of it, only now with more expensive dry cleaning bills for getting those stout stains out of the clown outfit that’s only supposed to have BLOOD stains on it. And two, LOTS OF HORROR HOME RELEASES!

Richard and Chris throw down with a mixture of classics (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Universal Monsters set) and newer releases that might become classics (Found, The Battery). We cover TV (HannibalDefiance), comedy (Neighbors) and so much more.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 61: The Cat/Matt Chat

Due to the non-stop nature of Fantastic Fest we stepped away this week from our regular programming you expect on Digital Noise. Instead, the show is split into two halves: first you get the lovely Catherine Burke O’Malley who joins Chris to talk about a few CW tv show seasons.

Next, Matt Frank joins Chris to discuss the latest round of Godzilla (and related Kaiju) films that have gotten Blu-ray releases, and even Chris has to admit some of these…pretty darn fun.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 60: The Storm Approaches

The clouds darken, a rumbling is heard from the horizon. A storm is approaching. A tempest that will carve its path of destruction through town and leave your favorite digital warriors broken and weary to the brink of eternal slumber. That tempest bears an ancient moniker: Fantastic Fest.

Before this hurricane of genre film makes landfall, the guys stave off total exhaustion long enough to bring you a fresh batch of Blu-ray and DVD reviews. The guys dress up for Prom Night, suit up for Any Given Sunday, and get all wibbly wobbly with the new Doctor.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 59: Of Sasquatch and Superheroes


This week, both inter-dimensional iterations of Brian (i.e. Brian and Richard) sit down to discuss a small, but wildly diverse batch of titles. They divulge their warmest regards for The Winter Soldier, Willow Creek leaves them lost in the woods, and they find firm common ground Across 110th Street. Bundle all that up with a videogame-to-movie giveaway and it’s clear that when you tune in to Digital Noise, you’re playing with power.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 58: Hell House Party

Richard and Chris talk titles this week and honestly have a hard time picking the best one; just that much good stuff to talk about, and a lot of it.

Between classics like All That Jazz, The Legend of Hell House, new films like The Double and Revelation Trail and TV seasons like The Walking Dead: Season 4 and Now and Then, the boys have trouble coming to a decision.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 57: And Young Justice For All

As Chris ponders his revenge for last week’s Brony challenge, the two go through a big stack of new releases such as Boardwalk Empire: Season 4,Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Sacrament and Young Justice: Season 1. All this and a sweet giveaway! Why are you still reading this text? Start listening, quick, before the universal alignment changes again!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 56: My Two Brians

You’re in for a treat, Digiphiles! This week, both inter-dimensional versions of Brian host a very special Digital Noise! What makes it so special? Is the gamut of crappy horror flicks the guys have to review? Is it the TMNT documentary that has Universe Prime Brian pining for his childhood? Or is it his very solemn apology to the Bronies? You’ll just have to listen and find out!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 55: The Phantom of the Couch

Another week of Chris and Richard bashing out (and just plain bashing) the week’s home releases and WOO BOY do they have some solid targets. But for every Without Warning there’s an Assault on Arkham; for every Tarzan there’s a Muppets Most Wanted.

A spoonful of Richard ending his sentences by going up in intonation helps the crappy movie medicines go down. And Chris will follow him down. Through time. And wibbly wobbly stuff. Just like in our giveaway this week, I’ll Follow You Down.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 54: Win, Lose, or Thai

Do not attempt to adjust your computer, tablet, or whatever device on which you happen to be listening to Digital Noise. There is nothing wrong with Richard’s accent…except that he’s actually Brian.

That’s right, Universe Prime Brian is back and joins Chris for an epic episode that sets sail with Noah, makes an inordinate amount of dick references with Dom Hemingway, and tries to protect you all from The Protector 2.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 53: History, Science, Theater

Chris might be at Comic-Con, but that don’t stop this Digital Noise train a’running, as Richard and he managed to record ahead of all the new Blu-ray and DVD titles worth talking about this week.

We finally discuss the much anticipated home release of Blue Ruin along with the not-so-anticipated release of Sabotage, have mixed thoughts onTranscendence, and much more. Not to mention we’ve got TWO giveaways this week, both the big-budgeted Korean spy thriller, The Suspect and the 30th box set of Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 52: Blowing Your Mind

Chris is about to leave for Comic Con and Richard is given the keys to the kingdom…or is he? Either way, the guys this week take the good, take the bad, they take them all and there you have the DIGITAL NOISE!

This week we look Under the Skin of a Nymphomaniac with Deadly Eyeswho is Caught with Kid Cannabis and say a lot of Bad Words about theWatermark left by Scanners on their SX_Tape called Hell on Wheelsinvolving Rigor Mortis….(whew)….and, you know, also something aboutOrphan Black

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 51: Too Much Of A Good Thing

Richard and Chris have found themselves so overwhelmed by great titles releasing this week, that they actually have to fight over what their pick of the week is! With stuff like Jodorowsky’s DuneThe Raid 2The Unknown KnownAfflicted and, even our blu-ray giveaway for this week, The Legend of Korra: Book 2, what are our hapless reviewers to decide?

Besides those we’ve got lots more titles, we answer a ton of your questions, and we learn the difference between cakes and biscuits….in case you were interested.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 50: The Big 5-0

FIFTY EPISODES. That’s right, the big FIVE-OH. Ok, counting the old Remote Viewing, it’s technically 111 episodes, BUT THAT’S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE…we’re celebrating anyway BY…doing what we always do: giving you lots of good reviews.

This week Richard and Chris examine the Masters of Sex (which neither of them have ever been referred to as), go deep in The Jungle (but reluctantly), examine What Richard Did (which was say publicly he still likes the Star Wars Prequels), tell a Winter’s Tale, and much more. And all they ask from you is, to tell them a rhyme to Rob the Mob and win a free copy of this week’s Pick of the Week on blu-ray! Is that asking so much? We’re giving YOU a present for our 50th birthday.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 49: Everything Is In Fact Awesome

Richard, Chris and one very angry Monkey (the cat) star on this week’s episode of Digital Noise. Will they get through this massive list of titles? Will they find nice things to say about Walk of Shame or 300: Rise of an Empire? Can they keep from having a spontaneous man-gasm over The Lego MovieJudex or Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6?

Will Chris be able to handle two giveaways all on his lonesome without calling Brian for emergency assistance? And will surgeons be able to save Richard’s beard? All the answers to these questions and more on this week’s episode of Digital Noise.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 48: The Secret Visitors of Zombie Detectives

Richard and Chris are back with a whole slew of titles this week for review, ranging from the truly spectacular to the craptastic and everything in between. We discuss the grim and beautiful True Detective: Season One, the very funny Alan Partridge, The intriguing Tim’s Vermeer and, well, disagree COMPLETELY about Visitors.Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 47: The Nutty Ravenous Robocop Life

The door between universes remains mysteriously closed, leaving the weekly task of covering home release Blu-ray and DVD titles to Richard and alternate universe Chris, who fortunately find themselves as motivated to do their task by beer as their alter-egos do.

This week, the boys get under the skin of the Robocop remake, say what’s actually wrong with The Nutty Professor, Dis-disinformation about UFOs with Mirage Men and eventually get around to giving up the goods in the form of giveaway copies of Ravenous from Scream! Factory.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 46: Which One Is the Alternate Universe?

This week Earth 616 is strangely uncommunicative so the gents from the OTHER universe, Richard and alternative Chris, take over the show. But of course you still get all the great stuff you usually expect from a Digital Noise episode: viewer mail, great reviews, and of course a…GIVEAWAY!

This week the boys take a look at the end of a favorite series (Warehouse 13), the best new midnight movie to come along in probably a decade (Cheap Thrills), the goofiest slasher film to come out of the glorious gory 80′s (Sleepaway Camp), a Criterion release of a John Wayne/Howard Hawks classic (Red River) and oh, so much more. Hell, we even watched the Syfy Channel’s Independence DAYsaster just to show you we’re serious. Check it out.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 45: Pompeii and Other Disasters

Two reviewers, one sentence. Locked up in a livingroom gulag and forced to watch all Blu-ray and DVD releases for the good of the public. Sure, sometimes there are perks. Sometimes their house arrest creates the adequate time to enjoy Orange is the New Black Season 1 and Lone Survivor starring Marky Mark(sman).

But there is a dark side to this media-consuming incarceration. Sometimes they serve hard time cleaning the floors of Vampire Academy or breaking rocks along the slopes of Pompeii. It’s also a good thing they have so much time to kill so they can waste it watching Three Days to Kill.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 44: Something About Her

This week’s show truly tests our long-held mantra of covering everything “from Criterion to catastrophe.” Criterion-wise, the Digital Overlords discuss the phenomenal Ace In The Hole Blu-ray release, while I, Frankenstein proves to be the aforementioned catastrophe.

A quick jaunt into the altnera-verse finds Earth 2 Chris and Earth 2 Brian (alias Richard) singing the praises of Spike Jonze’s Her so loudly that their affections could be heard in Earth Prime. But that doesn’t mean they escape unscathed, having to review the world’s most boring slasher flick.

Empty Space


Welcome to a very special episode of Digital Noise. Yes, we’re talking about home releases. In fact, we’re just discussing 7 blu-rays (with 11 movies) that came out. They just happen to be ALL Godzilla movies. So what’s a Digital Noise critic to do? Well, you get the hugest Godzilla fans you know…and as it turns out, we know the hugest.

Matt Frank (no duh) leads the discussion of these older Kaiju films and along for the ride is Chris, Quinn, and Brandon. Tune in for almost two hours of what turned out to be one of the most fun podcasts we’ve done in awhile, as Matt bravely tries to synopsizes these titles, and then hilarity ensues.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 43: We Love Lucy

This week on Digital Noise, Brian and Chris cut a wide swath through a giant-sized collection of titles, lots of them old classics out for the first time on Blu-ray, like Revenge of the Nerds, I Love Lucy, and The Terminal as well as some primo new releases such as Veronica Mars, Mr. Jones and Son of Batman. Man, these guys have the best job ever. I’d totally do that in a hot secon….wait, they had to watch Weekend at Bernie’s as well? Never mind.

But hey, you want to listen this week for sure, as we’re telling you about how you can win a Blu-ray of the Hammer Horror classic Countess Dracula!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 42: The Legend of Abcules

From the ancient tome of…the Internet I guess, comes the story of the mighty Digital Noise. Forged by fire–and copious amounts of beer–this podcast conquered home release after home release; triumphantly heralding the strong Blu-ray offerings while smiting the weak and wicked.

Today’s chapter in this epic tale is no different, as Brian of House Salisbury and Sir Christopher of Kittyshire draw their snark swords and don their helmets of esoteric knowledge as they battle The Legend of Hercules, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Dead Shadows. Their valor is then tested with another perilous journey to the nether-verse wherein their devious doppelgangers discuss The Rise and Fall of the Clash and Escape from Tomorrow, which also serves as this week’s giveaway.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 41: All Men Must Explode

What kind of men review Blu-rays on OneOfUs? Real men, who understand the value of a tough day’s work (of watching and talking about movies); men of both science and leisure. Interesting men like Brian Salisbury and Chris Cox. And when they’re wiping the hard-earned sweat off their brows and stripping off their sweat soaked Batman t-shirts at the end of those days toiling at the movie mines, Brian and Chris like to crack open a cold can of MonkeyBrew. That’s right, MonkeyBrew. The only beer approved by the best cat in the world, Monkey. I..wait, no stop, Brian, give me the keyboard back….ARRRGHHH

Sorry about that folks. What Chris was SUPPOSED to be telling you is, we’ve got a great show for you this week filled with amazing titles like William Friedkin’s Sorcerer, an in-depth documentary about the legendary and notorious Betty Page, a Don Siegel classic from Criterion Riot in Cell Block 11, and many more. And not one, but TWO giveaway titles this week. How can you resist the clarion call of the Digital Noise!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 40: Indemnity Crisis

On the good ship DigiNoise, it’s a sweet trip through the week’s best and worst Blu-ray and DVD releases. Captains Brian and Chris navigate aroundThe Nut Job and Ride Along to arrive at the sweet shores of Double Indemnity and Philomena; all while getting the sugary wonder of that award-winning shanty from Once stuck in their heads.

Then it’s a short jaunt into the darker timeline/parallel universe where the evil twin version of Brian and Chris discuss, what else, Touch of Evil.

Cap it all off with a delicious Zero Charisma giveaway and you’ve got yourself one decadent episode of Digital Noise. Is anyone else super hungry now?

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 39: Alternate Dimensions

Some really weird stuff happening in this week’s episode. It started off normal enough, with Chris and Brian reviewing some of the big tent pole releases like The Desolation of Smaug and the latest Paranormal Activity, and even finding time to rip the new Friedberg & Seltzer film to shreds. But then, in the middle of the show, Brian found…the artifact.

Suddenly the barrier between dimensions came crumbling down and a transmission from one of the darker Digi-verses managed to enter our airspace. In this dimension, Chris is still (mostly) Chris, but Brian no longer exists. Instead, Chris’ co-host in the parallel dimension version of Digital Noise is some guy named Richard with a strange accent. This week, in their timeline, Grudge Match, I Am Divine, and Nurse 3D are covered.

We’ll have to keep close tabs on this alternate universe Digital Noise, but for now, having returned again to timeline prime, Brian and Chris announce a special DN Grab Bag giveaway that will net you, the lucky winner, not one, not two, but four mystery titles from the show’s past. Troubling quantum physics issues aside, really great show.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 38: Calamity Ensues

Somehow we got this far without a problem. Which isn’t to say that this episode of Digital Noise is a wash. How can any episode with a guest appearance by one of our favorite friends, Godzilla artist Matt Frank, not be worth your time?

No, I mean that the audio didn’t quite live up to our usual standards. This is entirely the fault of human error, and by that I mean, Chris, who didn’t check the board appropriately before recording. As has been pointed out multiple times in the past, he is indeed only human. Reportedly. So, know that we apologize for … iffy … sound quality at points. We did what we could.

That being said, get ready for spirited coverage of stuff like Broadchurch Season 1, Anchorman 2, 47 Ronin and more. And do I need to add that this is a giveaway week that you REALLY do not want to miss. GO TEAM US!

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dN_thumbEpisode 37: Criterion Collectors

Brian and Chris had intended to pull April Fools pranks on one another, both because of the date and because of their shared love for 80s horror, but fate had other plans. Turns out the joke was ultimately on them as technical difficulties delayed the episode’s posting until April 2nd. Well played, universe.

Still, this week’s lineup is no joke. Not only are two of last year’s major Oscar contenders reviewed (Saving Mr. Banks & The Wolf of Wall Street), and not only is another great MST3K set examined, but the guys also discuss not one, not two, but THREE Criterion Blu-rays. I know! It’s insane!

Mix that all together with a giveaway blast from the past, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic episode no matter what day you happen to hear it.

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dN_thumbEpisode 36: Viewing Party Massacre

Like a hockey-mask-clad madman living in the woods, Digital Noise just keeps coming back and coming back. Go ahead, take another swing with that machete, see if that puts us down for good.


Brian and Chris once again bring you the aftermath of their latest bloody viewing party. They hack and slash their way through big tentpole releases like Frozen and American Hustle, as well as smaller cult releases like Monsters on DVD and Scream Factory’s Slumber Party Massacre Blu-ray. They are also giving you the chance to win a Blu-ray copy of Beyond Outrage, in which “Beat” Takeshi plays one of cinema’s most homicidal heroes.

Crank up the noise…if you dare!

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dN_thumbEpisode 35: Back in Blu

It’s been a short time, but still we shouldn’t have left you…without a dope ep. to listen to.

SxSW took its toll, but Brian and Chris are back on the couch to bring you a laundry list of good, bad, and bizarre titles on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Digi-Masters cover the new Hunger Games, Venture Brothers Season 5, and the Oldboy remake just to name a few. They also answer your questions and explain how you could win yourself a Blu-ray copy of 12 Years a Slave. No, you won’t have to kidnap anyone to win, come on now.

Stretch your ears and prepare for the return of that sweet sweet Digital Noise!

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Episode 34: With Apologies to the State of Nebraska

We’re got a rough ride for you this week, Digiphiles, especially if you’re Brian’s voice. Poor guy works so hard for your amusement he’s Tom Waits-ed his voice. But bravely, he gravelly marches on, along with Chris, bringing you the best and worst of the week’s home release titles.

We’ve got rock and roll in Muscle Shoals, we’ll ask ya how ya feel aboutNebraska, and the digits on Legit.

Oh, and a giveaway of the week that will make horror fans happy as can be. Don’t miss this week in the Noise Room, and while it’s comparatively of brevity, it’s got twice the levity. Also, rhyming. Check it.

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Episode 33: Jason Statham – American Hero

Ladies and ginger snaps, it’s time for another episode of Digital Noise. So warm up your ear sockets!

This week, we cover everything from Thor to Game of Thrones toAdventure Time…as well as titles that DON’T take place in awesome fantasy worlds. We have some Bad Dreams, discuss the reasons you really shouldn’t Beware the Batman, and fall hard for Gravity.

On top of all this (is a cheesy pun sauce?), we giveaway not just one Jason Statham action movie, but a whole trio of Jason Statham action movies. The man has an around-the-clock shadow and more muscles than a seafood restaurant menu. You gotta love it.

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Episode 32: The Returned Korean Haunters At The Summit

Oh lawdy, do we have an awful lot of noise for you this week. A mountain of titles fell on Chris and Brian and they do their best to dig through them, and fortunately for their sanity, come up with some can’t miss entertainment, both stuff you know, and stuff we’re pretty sure you don’t.

From Criterion’s release of “Fantastic Mr Fox” to Season 3 of “Sherlock” to the Diamond Edition of “Chicago” we’ve got some amazing big titles for ya. But the real surprise is in some of the lesser known stuff, like the French supernatural drama “The Returners”, the Korean animated film “Aachi and Ssipak”, or the British idyllic apocalypse film (yes, that’s a thing) “How I Live Now”, we’ve got some real gems you’re gonna want to hear about.

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dN_thumbEpisode 31: Battle School Dropouts

Hey there Digiphiles, we’ve got a great show for you this week and BOY do we cover a lot of ground. We do the full gamut of films. Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the pun. And let me apologize in advance for a few of those stinkers that crept their way into our dialogue this week.

But never fear, as you’ll only feel a slight sting that’s covered up by a pleasant dreamy sensation as we deliver the punesthetic of reviews for Million Dollar Baby, Ender’s Game, Dallas Buyers Club, Justice League: War and oh, so many more.

There, aren’t you feeling more relaxed now? I’m going to ask you to count backwards from ten and when you get to one, you’ll be deep in the dreaminess of this week’s episode of Digital Noise.

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dN_thumbEpisode 30: Damn Our Eyes!

You take the good, you take the bad, you take the really bad, you take the really, really bad, and even the OMG WTF bad, and there you have, this 30th episode of Digital Noise.

We do suffer for our art.

That being said, there’s at least enough genuine awesomness to have a pick of the week in Treme: The Complete Series but you know what you love the most: hearing our pain.

Fear not, schadenfriends, as you’ll hear plenty of agony as we discuss Bad Grandpa, Argento’s Dracula 3D, The Fifth Estate, Last Vegas, and more things that never should have made it outside of the concept stage. Or really, any stage ever.

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dN_thumbEpisode 29: Pirates of the Polar Vortex

Despite these hellish weather conditions (can you tell we’ve been spoiled by living in Texas yet?), Brian and Chris soldier on; making sure to bring you that weekly dose of Digital Noise we know you crave. You do crave it, right? No yeah, you totally do.

This week, the guys irresponsibly set sail with Captain Phillips, pet a few Cat People, say enough about Enough Said, take some time to talk about About Time, and decide it’s in their best interest to Never Sleep Again. They also come up with maybe the worst YouTube show idea of all time (hint, it involves Madame Tussauds), and construct an out-of-this-world Gravity score giveaway.

Baby, it may be cold outside, but you can stay in and stay warm wrapped in the sonorous auditory quilt that is Digital Noise.

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dN_thumbEpisode 28: Carrie On

Yes it’s once again time to open your ear gates and let in the dulcet tones of Brian and Chris as they review the best (and the rest) of the week’s Blu-ray and DVD releases. In this episode, they go to prom with Carrie, feel the Rush of racing, spend time in the company of a Thief, and eat a bunch of rice cakes with Mr. Darcy. That last one is going to require some context, so be sure to tune in!

In addition, they give away a Blu-ray copy of Riddick, because they are just that generous.

Hit play, flip on the black lights, and prepare to be blissfully swept away by the Digital Noise

*Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any images of the film Swept Away that may accidentally enter your consciousness as you listen to Digital Noise.

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dN_thumbEpisode 27: Danger Zone

This week, Brian and Chris rewind through the past week and talk about some of the standout Blu-ray and DVD releases…as well as some you’d be better off completely avoiding. Among the top tier titles are Archer Season 4, the VHS documentary Rewind This, and (believe it or not) Big Ass Spider!

On top of all that, we are giving away a DVD copy of the exceptional home invasion thriller You’re Next!

It’s about to get extremely noisy in here!

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dN_thumbEpisode 26: Janu-Scary

It’s the first Digital Noise of 2014!!!

Chris and Brian run through a short but interesting crop of titles that includes an inordinate amount of horror for it being January. They also announce the new One Of Us forums, answer your Tweeted questions, and giveaway a copy of arguably the best documentary of last year.

It’s a new year, but the noise remains the same.

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dN_thumbEpisode 25: Invasion of the Brian Snatchers

When over by the scotch bar there arose such a clatter,

Chris had to go over to see what was the matter.

“Here I come to save the day!” said the mysterious stranger

but in an accent so soothing, Chris never felt danger.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 24: Day of the Fast & Furious Doctor

The Christmas train (not the creepy Polar Express, mind you) keeps on a rollin’ and the Digital Noise Boys are your conductors…tickets please….to great movies and hilarity…or hopefully at least a few hearty chuckles.

This week Brian and Chris look at some classic titles from Fox’s library upgraded to blu, The Day of the Doctor, Mary Poppins, Fast and Furious 6…and just so you know we haven’t lost our edge, horror titles like Sightseers and The Seasoning House.

Come drink the nog with us. You’ll be glad you did.

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dN_thumbEpisode 23: The Claws Come Out

Brian Salisbury and Chris Cox like to review movies. Brian Salisbury and Chris Cox watch a lot of movies. A LOT of movies. Brian Salisbury and Chris Cox like to drink beer. Brian Salisbury and Chris Cox like to drink a lot of beer and talk about movies. And thus, Digital Noise.

This week, despite being without the anchoring emotional presence of Luke “The Beard” Mullen, Chris and Brian breakdown The Wolverine, Getaway, The Mortal Instruments, Star Trek TNG: Season 5, Drinking Buddies, and many more titles for your listening and potential buying pleasure.

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dN_thumbEpisode 22: Decembermas is Upon Us

It’s that season, folks, so pay close attention ’cause some of the titles we’ll be looking at as we ramp up towards our big holiday episode are ones you very well might want to be picking up for your loved ones. Like the new Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited set. Or Criterion’s latest acquisition Frances Ha. Or maybe even the latest Ip Man film, Ip Man: The Final Fight.

Either way, Brian, Luke and Chris break it all down for you in that merry way you’ve come to associate with the boys in blu. Holidazed or not, the solid scoop on this week’s home releases is all here.

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dN_thumbEpisode 21: Thanks-Viewing

Happy Thanksgiving, Digiphiles!

We have a great episode for you to stuff into your ear holes, and enough stellar titles to cram into your eye-mouths and then collapse into satisfied post-viewing coma.

Chris has returned from the Far East with tales of wonder, and rejoins Brian and Luke to toss around The To Do List, The Complete Dr Who, Paranoia, Under the Dome and much more! Why, just check out that list of titles below to get your appetite whetted for this pre-Thanksgiving episode of review-y goodness.

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dN_thumbEpisode 20: Blue Tights & RWBY Capes

We did it, Digiphiles! We’ve reached our 20th episode!

Brian is once again joined by Richard Whittaker of the Austin Chronicle to review another light, but diverse, crop of home release titles. Incidentally, this crop includes Zack Snyder’s tiny independent film about some handsome do-gooder in a red cape.

They also answer your questions from The Letterbox, examine this week’s interesting spectrum of Blu-ray box colors, and giveaway the first season of the new Rooster Teeth property RWBY.

All that, plus Brian’s spectacular misunderstanding of British customs.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 19: We’ve Got Company

On this weeks’ show, while Chris is gallivanting around China (no, we’re not kidding, that’s where he is), we’ve invited a special guest to be our temporary co-host. Richard Whittaker from the Austin Chronicle fills in with his sharp humor, bountiful film knowledge, and inescapably British accent.


While we don’t have a great many titles to discuss this week, this episode does feature a special segment devoted to Mad Men Season 6. For that chat, Brian could think of no better commentator than fellow MadMenophile, and internet geek extraordinaire, Grant Davis from Lounge Geeks, The Beerists, and Rage Select. Brian and Grant get scary in-depth about what makes this season work and the myriad subtle breadcrumbs that seem to suggest the series’ drastic conclusion.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 18: Crossing Streams

Well it’s happened. We’ve reached a week wherein there just isn’t much to talk about in the way of Blu-rays and DVDs.


Nah, we just decided to bust a rut (that sounded less filthy in our heads) and do a theme show! Yes, our very first theme show since the rebirth of the podcast. This time around, we’re chatting about film gems on Netflix streaming!

And to help us, we’ve brought on not one, but TWO special guests. William Goss joins us from Empire Magazine and and we are also graced with the loud, beer-swilling presence of Cargill!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 17: This Is Halloween

There are those who say, during the nights of the week of All Hallows Eve, you can still hear Brian, Luke and Chris doing weekly reviews of all the best of home movie and television releases.

One of Us has braved the legends of these ghostly reviewers and managed to come up with actual proof of their existence.

These EVP recordings taken in October of 2013 once and for all prove the legends to be true as these lost souls discuss The Conjuring, The Internship, Vikings Season 1, Only God Forgives, and many more, some say reliving their final moments in life, always trying hopelessly to complete their endless task of reviewing everything in the world, until the end of eternity.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 16: War of the Monsters

We died. It’s true. Brutal Brian Salisbury and ‘Capable of Anything’ Chris Cox are dead. It was a horrible tale of woe, betrayal, and fiendish murder. It’s…it’s too hard to go on….too horrible…

But even that ol’ Grim Reaper can’t stop them from bringing you the latest episode of Digital Noise (luckily, he’s a fan).

This week there’s a special (trick or) treat as Mouldering Matt Frank joins us to talk excitedly from beyond the grave about the home release of Pacific Rim.

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dN_thumbEpisode 15: The Nerds Are Running the Asylum

What’s that noise you hear coming from the attic? Why, it’s DIGITAL NOISE, of course, and yes, you should be afraid. Because it’s October, dammit, and we’ve got lots of spooky stuff that just came out on Blu-ray and DVD to talk about, as well as some classics, comedy, and just the usual veritable plethora running the gamut from awesome to awful that you expect each week from your Digi-noisecasting hosts!

Plus, a ghastly giveaway featuring an iconic pint-sized slasher!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 14: So Bad It’s Scary

Brian, Chris, and HEY! Luke Mullen break down the latest in Blu-ray/DVD releases in the most terrifying fashion imaginable. That is, they are forced to careen through a terrifying gauntlet of titles of vastly divergent quality levels. While last week brought loads of great horror titles, this week’s offerings from our preferred genre are…largely lacking.

 In addition, the guys die of apocalyptic laughter during This Is the End, head back down the yellow brick road, and engage in an entirely inappropriate discussion of the attractiveness of animated mermaids. Plus a new giveaway! Listen & share, if you dare!

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dN_thumbEpisode 13: Halloween Comes Early

Halloween begins early on this week’s Digital Noise as we cover a solid collection of great (and some not-so-great) horror home releases of classics like Prince of Darkness, Halloween and the Psycho series. Even TV isn’t left out of the act as the boys rant and rave about their love for Hannibal. Add in a ton of new Dr Who, Iron Man 3, and a smorgasbord of other titles, and you’ve got an action-packed episode of your favorite home release show!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 12: Fantastic Fumes

The boys may be exhausted from all their Fantastic Exploits (and oh, what exploits they have been and continue to be…be sure to check out our Infestation blogs), but NOTHING (seriously, nothing) could stop them from bringing you your weekly dose of home release reviews.

From the second V/H/S anthology, to the return of Chow Yun-Fat to Heroic Bloodshed movies, from a young Norman Bates, to multiple must-watch zombie flicks, Digital Noise will take you higher.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 11: Into Darkness

The Digy-noizers (we’re SO street) bring you another week’s ear-load of the titles for home release you’ve just got to see! And those that you only kind of, and absolutely should avoid as well, of course.

We take a look at some of the best creature designs we’ve seen in, like, forever, in Frankenstein’s Army, take a voyage with the Enterprise to kill Osama in Into Darkness, follow the Winchester brothers through the latest season of Supernatural, narrowly avoid the machete in the giant HD Friday the 13th box set, and oh, so much more. Featuring giveaways for Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk and Star Trek: Origins, this is the podcast to fill your ear holes with this week!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 10: Lightning Strikes Again!

Brian and Chris and Luke….oh my! The triad of the TV dish on the latest home releases, getting into a big tiff over “The Lords of Salem”, all squishy about From Up on Poppy Hill, and unilaterally (except Luke, but he doesn’t count on this one) excited about MST3K: The Movie.

Add to that a bonus review battle from our old friends Harris and Cat, and the triumphant (and more honest) return of The Lightning Round, and you’ve got one helluva great DN episode. So, in answer to Public Enemy’s fervent call in 1987…the noise…we has brung it.

Empty Space

 dN_thumbEpisode 9: Reunion

Brian might be miles and miles away but with the wonders of the internet, anything is possible. This week, Brian recants on The Walking Dead, Chris deduces the quality of CBS’s “Elementary”, the two of them fight “Q: The Winged Serpent”, have many adventures with Winnie The Pooh, and question the vagaries of existence within “The Painting”. Well, amongst other things. Even with distance there still must be BEER!

Make sure to check it out, as this week two lucky listeners will get a chance to win “Sons of Anarchy: Season 5″ on Blu-ray. You gotta check it…

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dN_thumbEpisode 8: Cabin in the Fjord

Don’t just tune in to this week’s Digital Noise because we’re the eight-time winner of the coveted “Best Podcast on One Of Us.Net about Blu-rays and DVDs” award. Don’t just listen because we talk about such great shows like Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Enterprise Season 2, or Being Human Season 5. Don’t even limit your reasons to the films we discuss, like Swedish Evil Dead tribute film Wither, or the because we’re giving away a copy of X-Ray/Schizoid from Scream Factory on Blu-ray.

Listen to us because Luke Mullen, the Bearded one, is back.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 7: The Night Owl Tapes

Prepare yourselves, Digi-noise-castee’s, for a veritable plethora of the reviews of home-release titles that you are presumably here for. I can’t imagine it’s for the puns.

Brian and Chris fall with Olympus, wonder why there are so many songs about rainbows, go on an extraordinarily weird French adventure, punk it up with Death, chase ghosts along the Devil’s Backbone, and much, much, MUCH more.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 6: West of Mud

This week’s episode takes your favorite couch potatoes from a muddy Arkansas riverbank to the place beyond the pines to the deserts of Ishtar. The starkly varying quality of the titles discussed on this episode is almost like its own flashpoint paradox. Also we review Community Season 4.

Even without our favorite beardy Luke Mullen, we wade through a sea of titles, answer your questions in the Letterbox, and offer a bone-crushing martial arts giveaway.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 5: Boldly Going…Insane

Set your phasers to fun, Digiphiles! This week, captains Brian, Chris, and Luke boldly go on a fantastic voyage that takes them all the way from Oblivion to a New World. A wide variety of interesting titles covered as well as an outstanding Korean gangster film giveaway. Not to mention answering questions from a couple of awesome ladies in The Letterbox.

Crank the dial up to 12 and enjoy the Digital Noise.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 4: Marilyn Sandwich

Like it or else, the Blu Crew is back! This week, they cover Danny Boyle hypnosis, exploding hobos, and savage shipwrecked children. They also answer more of your questions and offer a disgustingly awesome giveawaaaaaay!!!

Hey, it’s Tuesday, so it’s gotta be…Digital Noise!

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 3: Evil Dork

From the dark recesses of livingrooms unknown comes the scariest podcast you have ever experienced. Well, only if you have an irrational fear of husky nerds reviewing the best and worst of this week’s Blu-rays and DVDs. Otherwise, it should just be a great time.

Empty Space

dN_thumbEpisode 2: Hammer Time

A mixed bag of releases, the rechristening of our viewer mail segment, and we Hammer you with a frighteningly good horror giveaway. Crank up that glorious Digital Noise!

Empty Space


Episode 1.5: Supplemental

In addition to sifting through the last of the home entertainment rubble from the last few weeks, Brian, Chris, and Luke discuss exploding Disney princess heads, Patrick Warburton’s Do-It-Yourself Circumcision, and do a lot of ill-advised singing.

Empty Space


Episode 1: The Boys Are Back On Couch

 For their first show, the Blu crew reviews a number of larger and more interesting releases of the past few weeks. You know, that time during which they were on vacation in Middle-earth.