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The Tattoo Shop


Hosts: J.C. De Leon and Michael Willams

Welcome to The Tattoo Shop with the Bearded Gentlemen! Hosted by regular J.C. De Leon and tattoo artist Michael Willams (@Beardedgentleman on Instagram) this one of a kind podcast will focus tattoo trends, dispel frequent myths, our hosts will tell stories of their history with tattoos and we’ll even bring in guests that range from other tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts in general. There may even be some general pop culture talk thrown in for good measure, which is the kind of conversation you’d be immersed in while at a normal tattoo shop. So join us for some great stories, genuine laughs, and don’t be afraid of walking into our tattoo shop.

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Episode 6

The guys of The Tattoo Shop have been at Fantastic Fest every day of last week, but that wasn’t going to stop them from bringing you a very special episode. We are joined by film critic and producer of the upcoming Found Footage 3D film, Scott Weinberg, as well as a friend of Michael’s, Fantastic Fest enthusiast Matt. Together, we each rattle off our top five Fantastic Fest films and tell you what to keep an eye out for in the coming months. There were plenty of movies this year that were, well, fantastic!

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Episode 5

Welcome back into The Tattoo Shop! In this episode we welcome Stacey Martin-Smith out of Golden Age Tattoos in Austin, Texas. Stacey is the master of the kewpie doll tattoo style (as pictured) and she can some amazing and adorably cute tattoos out of pretty much any kind character imaginable.

We also discuss the reality competition show Ink Master and see how Michael and Stacey would approach the show if they were on it. Sit back and relax with us in The Tattoo Shop!

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Episode 4

Welcome back to The Tattoo Shop! We took some time off so J.C. could watch The NBA Playoffs but he and Michael are back with a fantastic guest, none other than Dr. Nerdlove himself! We talk about his history with tattoos, talk about some nerdy tattoo ideas, go over comic-con trailers, discuss a little Stranger Things and more! Come on on, pull up a chair and chill out with us in the shop!

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Episode 3

This week we welcome guest JD Rodriguez, a tattooer from Austin by way of California. This episode, we talk about his history with the profession, what the day is like for a tattoo artist every Friday the 13th, and talk a little bit about some video games of the past and maybe one or two from today. So sit back and relax in the tattoo shop with JC, Michael and our guest JD Rodriguez.

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Episode 2

For our latest episode we welcome’s very own Sarah! Sarah has some incredible stories about her experiences getting tattooed in Japan and Michael talks about how he got started in the business as well as give a little bit of advice to would-be tattooers in our listening audience. Sit back, relax and hang out in the shop with JC, Michael & Sarah!

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Episode 1

Listen to the first episode of The Tattoo Shop, featuring regular J.C. De Leon and tattoo artist Michael Willams.