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Randy Plays Games


Hosts: Randy Lander

A new era in table-top gaming has come to One Of! Randy Lander from Rogue’s Gallery Comics & Games in Round Rock, TX  and One Of Us are proud to present Randy Plays Games, a show where Randy gathers together his friends to play role playing games. Much depravity, drunkenness and dice-rolling ensue!
And now we come to the madcap conclusion of our Hong Kong RPG adventure through magic and martial arts as Chris, Joe, Misty, Beau, and Sarah discover that all is not as it seems in our world.
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5O_OoU_sm S2 E6: Feng Shui II – Part 2

Chris, Joe, Misty, Beau and Sarah are discovering some seriously weird stuff going on in Hong Kong. It’s gonna take some martial arts, a little magic, and lots of bad decision making to get through this second episode of our adventure through the role playing game, Feng Shui II.

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5O_OoU_sm S2 E5: Feng Shui II – Part 1

Hong Kong. A city of crime, mystery and…cyborg people? That’s what Chris, Joe, Misty, Beau and Sarah discover as they use martial arts, mystical abilities, and lots of luck to follow a trail leading to…waitaminute, I’m not sayin’. You gotta listen to this new run of Randy Plays Games to find out. Tryin’ to trick me, I swear….

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5O_OoU_sm S2 Episode 2: Ravenloft Pt 7

Our noble (and not-so-noble) adventurers have already been to hell and back and still have to deal with more Strahd minions before they FINALLY get to rest and recharge. But their respite is quickly replaced with more danger and possibly coming from within. Chris, Beau, Windy, Joe and Randy continue their doomed-ish quest to defeat the evil vampire lord and this chapter is one you’re not going to want to miss!

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5O_OoU_sm S2 Episode 2: Ravenloft Pt 6

The heat is on as the players, already wounded and tired, get their souls clawed a bit, Beau gets old, Count Strahd comes at them directly…and then promptly is schooled in regret by facefulls of fire. Join Windy, Chris, Beau, Joe and Randy as they tour through guest DM Sam’s control of the classic D&D adventure, Ravenloft.

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5O_OoU_sm S2 Episode 2: Ravenloft Pt 5

The adventure through the dread Ravenloft castle continues as Chris, Beau, Windy, Joe and Randy are led to almost certain death by guest DM Sam. This week the gang gets a little overwhelmed by undead creatures in a dread mausoleum, kill Leonardo DaVinci (again) and Joe is well on the path to becoming a rhyming demon. Join us, won’t you?

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5O_OoU_smS2 Episode 1: Ravenloft Pt 4

Randy and his game players return for Season 2 of Randy Plays Games and with it, a return to Castle Ravenloft and the battle against the evil Count Strahd! Your gamers are Chris, Joe, Beau, Randy and Windy (kindly stepping in for Sarah as she had to be out of town). Guest DM Sam in episode 1 patiently watches them deal with an infernal trap room and a riddle they must solve to survive (which is clearly not in their wheelhouse).

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 25: Camp Death Pt 2

We return to the ‘anything goes’ world of Fiasco, and more specifically, Camp Death 2 where Joe plays a detective posing undercover a little too convincingly as a teenage girl, Chris plays the head counselor, Randy is the gardener and Chris’s twin brother, Sarah is the crazy old drunk in the woods who thinks he’s still a child camper, and Tony is a local park ranger with a sexual liason history with Joe. And then things got weird.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 24: Camp Death Pt 1

We wanted to get one more Halloween themed game out before the end of October so we managed to slide in a game of Fiasco with the fan-voted upon theme of Camp Death. Basically, it’s shortly before summer camp opens and the kids get here and the counselors and some wacky neighbors, must get it together and hope that the bloody history of Camp Death isn’t reenacted again this year. With Chris, Randy, Sarah, Joe and Tony (he’s new, welcome him!) you can be assured things will no go to plan.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 23: Ravenloft Pt 3

Randy, Chris, Beau, Joe and Sarah continue deep into the scary world of Ravenloft as guided by their guest DM, Sam, in part three of the series…BUT NOT THE END.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 22: Ravenloft Pt 2

The dark adventure continues as Randy, Chris, Beau, Joe and Sarah explore the dark labyrinth of the undead as guided by our guest DM Sam in one of the classic Dungeons & Dragons modules, Ravenloft.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 21: Ravenloft Pt 1

With it being October and all, we go WAY back to a classic. I had been wanting to play the Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft adventures for, like, ever. Somehow, despite (I think) even owning the damn things at one point, I never got the chance to either DM or play them. But now, thanks to our guest DM Sam, who had run this gothic vampire quest many times before, I got the chance.

Beau, Sarah, Joe, Chris and Randy (yes, Randy actually gets to PLAY games in this one) enter the haunted castle and fight versus the intimidatingly endless hordes of the undead in our Halloween-month special run of Randy Plays Games.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 20.5: End of the World Pt 3

Hey guys, check it out: I found it! Now you can listen to the epic conclusion to our End of the World game as Jeff saves us all.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 20: End of the World Pt 2

Beau, Ashley, Chris and Jeff must fight the ultimate battle, man vs himself (and also Cthulu) in this second part of our knock down-drag out RPG adventure of “The End of the World – The Wrath of the Gods”.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 19: End of the World Pt 1

“Hey”, said Chris one day, “I think I’m getting pretty good at this whole adventuring thing. What do you think, Randy? Think I’d be ready for the real thing? I think I’d rule.”

Randy’s eyes seemed clouded for a moment and the room grew a shade darker. A low tremble could be felt in the floor but Chris wasn’t feeling it. The beer and overconfidence was busy talking. As always, that would be his downfall, but this time, a fall into the stygian pits at which he scoffed. Randy would summon the ancient gods, the gods before man and time, who slumber beneath the Earth. Only then when Cthulu and his minions once again ran free would Chris truly understand the error of his ways.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 18: Spirit of ’77 Part 3

Our 1970s game comes to a close and, quite frankly, we’re gonna miss it. How could you not with a line up like Beau as an alien rock star , Chris as a redneck master mechanic, Joe as a gonzo journalist, Ashley as a scientist with secret knowledge of alien technology, and Sarah as a sleuth posing as a glam rock star? Check out part three right now!

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 17: Spirit of ’77 Part 2

It was the 70s. Things were different then. Not THIS different, but what the hell, the RPG gang is gonna take their perceptions based on 70s pop culture and run wild. This second part of our game stars an alien rock star (Beau), a redneck master mechanic (Chris), a gonzo journalist (Joe), a scientist with secret knowledge of alien technology (Ashley) and a sleuth posing as a glam rock star (Sara). Check out part two right now!

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 16: “Spirit of ’77” Pt 1

The year is 1977. Unlikely circumstances throw together a alien rock star (Beau), a redneck master mechanic (Chris), a gonzo journalist (Joe), an scientist with secret knowledge of alien technology (Ashley) and a sleuth posing as a glam rock star (Sara). Together they will combine their special skills to, um, well…even I’m not entirely sure. But I do know this: playing Spirit of 77 is one of the most fun times yet we’ve had doing a Randy Plays Games episode. Check out part one right now!

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 15: Rat Queens Pt 3

We come to the triumphant conclusion of the Rat Queens adventure, starring Allison as the rockabilly elven mage Hannah, Amanda as the hipster dwarven warrior Violet, Ashleyas the drugs/drink/sex happy halfling thief Betty and Kerri as the atheist human cleric Dee.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 14: Rat Queens Pt 2

The legendary dungeon crawlers known as the Rat Queens (from the wonderful Image comic book) are back for part two of their adventure. Allison is the rockabilly elven mage Hannah, Amanda is the hipster dwarven warrior Violet, Ashley is the drugs/drink/sex happy halfling thief Betty and Kerri is the atheist human cleric Dee.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 13: Rat Queens Pt 1

This week, on a very special episode of Randy Plays Games, our titular host gathers together four completely new players to take on the D&D version of the amazing comedy/fantasy comic, Rat Queens. Allison is the rockabilly elven mage Hannah, Amanda is the hipster dwarven warrior Violet, Ashley is the drugs/drink/sex happy halfling thief Betty and Kerri is the atheist human cleric Dee. If you’ve read this comic, you know how funny these characters are and if you know these ladies, you KNOW how funny this podcast is gonna be.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 12: Gamma World Pt 3

Our near-future apocalyptic mutant game reaches its conclusion and the battle versus the king of the robots (although we’re not entirely sure the robots were ever really a notable threat to begin with. Join Randy, Beau, Chris, Joe and Sarah as they venture deep into the labyrinth.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 11: Gamma World Pt 2

The mutating goes shifts into high gear in part two of our RPG adventure in the bizarre science fiction universe of Gamma World. How did a sentient swarm of rats become our tank? Because Beau is playing them, of course. And with Sarah as an electroid hawk-thingee with a fear of flying, Chris as a giant, telepathic, bald chick, and Joe as a giant Yeti that believes it’s Jared Padelecki (formerly Bryce Dallas Howard), there’s no way this game isn’t going to be entertaining to listen to.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 10: Gamma World Pt 1

Beginning a new game, Joe, Chris, Sarah and Beau enter the completely bizarre post-realities-crunching-together landscape of Gamma World. What other gaming system can you put together a giant sized bald female telekinetic, a electro-hawk that’s afraid to fly and has Nam flashbacks, a hive-minded swarm of rats, and a Yeti that thinks it’s Bryce Dallas Howard, and send them on an aimless adventure into the mutant wasteland? That’s Gamma World all over for ya.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 9: Dread Pt 3

Our horror game of Dread comes to a thrilling conclusion as more bodies (and Jenga towers, natch) drop, and chaos comes a’calling. Please enjoy the adventure with Chris, Joe, Beau, Sarah and Jason, and be sure watch the videos of the madness too!

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 8: Dread Pt 2

Randy’s fearless group of adventurers (Jason, Chris, Beau, Joe and Sarah) are looking maybe not so fearless as they once seemed . Trapped in the Grand Canyon with an injured guide and some sort of beast stalking them, now is when the jenga pieces start to fall as they continue their game of DREAD.

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5O_OoU_smEpisode 7: Dread Part 1

Jason Murphy joins Sarah, Chris, Joe and Beau as Randy leads them through the odd experience of playing Dread, a horror-themed RPG that instead of using dice, uses a Jenga set for dangerous moves…as the game goes on, the tension builds, and whenever the set falls….someone dies. Come along with them on a dangerous rafting trip through the Grand Canyon as something big furry and dark awaits them in the shadows.

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5O_OoU_smFiasco Part 2 Ep 6

Joe, Chris, Randy and Beau return to the world of 1930s Los Angeles…or their weird mutated version of 1930s Los Angeles, as their game of Fiasco concludes.

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5O_OoU_smFiasco Part 1 Ep 5

Enter the seedy world of 1930s Los Angeles. Randy, Joe, Chris and Beau enter that world through the storytelling medium of the game Fiasco. Which, if you’ve played Fiasco, you know that rarely do things end much as they begin. This part one of their two part journey will, just for instance, start Beau off as a female prostitute and end him as a robot version of Ernest Hemingway. Shit like that happens in Fiasco. Check it.

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5O_OoU_smStar Wars Edge of the Empire Ep 4

The thrilling conclusion of Beau, Sarah, Joe and Chris’s adventure fighting the nefarious Hutt’s scum is here. As we wrap up the Star Wars game, we look forward as well to what the future holds for Randy Playing Games…

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5O_OoU_smStar Wars Edge of the Empire Ep 3

Randy’s circle of Star Wars characters return (in the form of Chris, Joe, Beau and Sarah) as they continue on their space adventures and somewhat reluctantly try to help out a bunch of miners being harassed by their old Hutt enemy’s men.

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5O_OoU_smStar Wars Edge of the Empire Ep 2

Randy Lander returns along with a droid (Chris), a wookie (Beau), a Twi’lek (Joe) and a human (Sarah), guiding their escape from an evil Hutt. Join us, won’t you, for the second episode of this Star Wars based adventure filled with scum, villainy, and booze.

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5O_OoU_smStar Wars Edge of the Empire Ep 1

An new era in gaming has come to One Of! We’ve managed to get Randy Lander, yes that Randy Lander from Rogue’s Gallery Comics & Games in Round Rock Texas (as well as from The TV Dudes and Roguecast), to host a weekly show where he gathers together some One Of Us folks to play a role playing game. But no worries: this isn’t some dry gaming session. We’re playing this one not just for the adventure, but for the laughs.

The first run of shows will follow an adventure in the Star Wars Universe, specifically the game, Edge of the Empire, as desperate sorts form an unlikely band to escape from a despicable slave trader. Chris, Beau, Sarah and Joe form the ragtag team. And yes, Beau is the wookie.

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