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Randy Plays Games: Star Wars Edge of the Empire Ep 1

An new era in gaming has come to! We’ve managed to get Randy Lander, yes that Randy Lander from Rogue’s Gallery Comics & Games in Round Rock Texas (as well as from The TV Dudes and Roguecast), to host a weekly show where he gathers together some oneofus folks to play a role playing game. But no worries: this isn’t some dry gaming session. We’re playing this one not just for the adventure, but for the laughs.

The first run of shows will follow an adventure in the Star Wars Universe, specifically the game, Edge of the Empire, as desperate sorts form an unlikely band to escape from a despicable slave trader. Chris, Beau, Sarah and Joe form the ragtag team. And yes, Beau is the wookie.

BTW, check out that great cover art by Nathan Bliss


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