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Randy Plays Games Ep 17: Spirit of ’77 Part 2

It was the 70s. Things were different then. Not THIS different, but what the hell, the RPG gang is gonna take their perceptions based on 70s pop culture and run wild. This second part of our game stars an alien rock star (Beau), a redneck master mechanic (Chris), a gonzo journalist (Joe), a scientist with secret knowledge of alien technology (Ashley) and a sleuth posing as a glam rock star (Sarah). Check out part two right now!

Do you want to play Spirit of ’77 for yourself? Here’s what you’re gonna need. If you live in the Austin area, you can pick these up at Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock Texas (and you might even get to meet Randy while you’re there). If you don’t live near there, please buy it through our handy-dandy link below…



Uploaded here for your satisfaction are the character sheets for the game…

Alladin Pg 1 Alladin Pg 2


Chrrrr Pg 1 Chrrrr Pg 2


Diana Pg 1 Diana Pg 2


Reuben Pg 1 Reuben Pg 2


Wrench Pg 1 Wrench Pg 2


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