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Randy Plays Games: Ep 10: Gamma World Pt 1

Beginning a new game, Joe, Chris, Sarah and Beau enter the completely bizarre post-realities-crunching-together landscape of Gamma World. What other gaming system can you put together a giant sized bald female telekinetic, a electro-hawk that’s afraid to fly and has Nam flashbacks, a hive-minded swarm of rats, and a Yeti that thinks it’s Bryce Dallas Howard, and send them on an aimless adventure into the mutant wasteland? That’s Gamma World all over for ya.

The Map

Gamma World Map 1

Gamma World is a lot of fun and if you live in the Austin area, you can pick it up at Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock Texas (and you might even get to meet Randy while you’re there). If you don’t live near there, please buy it through our handy-dandy link below…

gamma world game


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