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Randy Plays Games S2 E3: Ravenloft Pt 6

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The heat is on as the players, already wounded and tired, get their souls clawed a bit, Beau gets old, Count Strahd comes at them directly…and then promptly is schooled in regret by facefulls of fire. Join Windy, Chris, Beau, Joe and Randy as they tour through guest DM Sam’s control of the classic D&D adventure, Ravenloft.

Do you want to play Ravenloft for yourself? Here’s what you’re gonna need. If you live in the Austin area, you can pick it up at Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock Texas (and you might even get to meet Randy while you’re there). If you don’t live near there, please buy it through our handy-dandy link below…

Find tickets and showtimes on Fandango.

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