Randy Plays Games: Ep 13- Rat Queens Pt 1


This week, on a very special episode of Randy Plays Games, our titular host gathers together four completely new players to take on the D&D version of the amazing comedy/fantasy comic, Rat Queens. Allison is the rockabilly elven mage Hannah, Amanda is the hipster dwarven warrior Violet, Ashley is the drugs/drink/sex happy halfling thief Betty and Kerri is the atheist human cleric Dee. If you’ve read this comic, you know how funny these characters are and if you know these ladies, you KNOW how funny this podcast is gonna be.

Do you want to play Rat Queens for yourself? Here’s what you’re gonna need. If you live in the Austin area, you can pick these up at Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock Texas (and you might even get to meet Randy while you’re there). If you don’t live near there, please buy it through our handy-dandy links below…



DandD dmg


DandD MonsMan



ratqueens vol 2



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8 thoughts on “Randy Plays Games: Ep 13- Rat Queens Pt 1”

  1. The amazon link is nice and all but does Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock, Texas take online order’s?

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t. Packing/shipping/competing with online prices just isn’t something a small shop like mine can handle. But we love listeners to stop in when they’re in town!

  2. Hey, I enjoyed this and don’t want to come off as a rules lawyer, but when healing friendly characters, the healing starts at 0 instead of however many negative you were.

    Also, having played 2nd, 3.5, 4th, and 5th Edition, 5E is easily my favorite system out of them all. Really well done, and anyone can legally pick up the FREE Basic rules from the Wizards of The Coast Dungeons & Dragons official site. There is enough in the Free pdfs to give this game a real try out. Then, if you enjoy it, please buy the books from your Friendly, Local Game Store, such as Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock, Texas.

    1. You know, I always house rule that, but I wasn’t sure that was the case in 5th Edition for real, and didn’t want to get called out on it, so I went with what I thought was the 5E rule, i.e. adding negative HP again. Guess I should have gone with my gut. 🙂

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