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Randy Plays Games Ep 25: Camp Death Pt 2

We return to the ‘anything goes’ world of Fiasco, and more specifically, Camp Death 2 where Joe plays a detective posing undercover a little too convincingly as a teenage girl, Chris plays the head counselor, Randy is the gardener and Chris’s twin brother, Sarah is the crazy old drunk in the woods who thinks he’s still a child camper, and Tony is a local park ranger with a sexual liason history with Joe. And then things got weird.

Please enjoy this conclusion of our Fiasco game and of the first season of Randy Plays Games. We’ll be back in a while (hopefully sooner than later…the holiday season has all our schedules askew) with more Ravenloft, the Supernatural RPG, and more.

Do you want to play Fiasco for yourself? Here’s what you’re gonna need. If you live in the Austin area, you can pick it up at Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Games in Round Rock Texas (and you might even get to meet Randy while you’re there). If you don’t live near there, please buy it through our handy-dandy link below…



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