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Screener Squad: Welcome to the Blumhouse – Black Box/The Lie

Welcome To The Blumhouse: Black Box/The Lie Movie Reviews


It’s a Tuesday, and you know what that means, at least two more Jason Blum movies are available for your viewing pleasure. Reviewers Davey, Adrian, and Marco take a look at the first batch of Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse, a series of disconnected films getting released under one banner. The first is “Black Box” about a man who after an accident that claimed his wife’s life, he has to deal with a amnesiac brain injury while caring for his daughter he can’t remember. An experimental treatment allows him to explore his own forgotten memories, but can they possibly be accurate? “The Lie” tells the story of a teenage girl who inexplicably murders her friend and then confesses to her parents who do everything they can to cover up the crime. Do these two films dropped to Amazon escape from this first venture into the Blumhouse or do they succumb to formulas and low-budget tropes? Listen and find out!



DIRECTED BY: Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour (Black Box), Veena Sud (The Lie)

STARRING: (In Black Box) Mamoudou Athie, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Christine, Tosin Morohunfola, Charmaine Bingwa, Donald Elise Watkins, Troy James, Nyah Marie Johnson, Najah Bradley, Betsy Borrego, Andrea Cohen, Justin David, Scott Green, Gretchen Koerner, Han Soto, (In The Lie) Peter Sarsgaard, Mireille Enos, Joey King, Cas Anvar, Patti Kim, Nicholas Lea, Devery Jacobs, Dani Kind, Alan Van Sprang, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, Vesper Rusk, Skyla Fowler, Kate Carlin, David Cowgill, Matt Adler




” width=Davey Peppers (Staff Writer, Audio and Video Editor, Screener Squad, Eye on the Prize)

Many words have been used to describe Davey Peppers. Words like “Eh” and “Please go outside, just once”. He studied film and advertising at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, because two degrees in fields with terrible job placement is better than one, and currently runs the YouTube channel Game Mechanics. He is easily distracted by shiny things and even the most basic passing mention of a movie being sad. He can be found on Twitter as well as staring at a blank wall wondering what the point is, and if his spending so much time staring at walls is the reason he’s not funny.



Marco Noyola (Digital Noise, Highly Suspect Reviews, Screener Squad, Audio Editor)

By day, Marco is a mild-mannered office worker, but by night he is a mild-mannered movie watcher. He does other mild-mannered stuff too.





Adrian El Critico (Screener Squad)

Though born and raised in Chicago, this film critic is Mexican to the bone. Adrian has been watching movies since he was a child, many of which might not have been age appropriate. Still, he couldn’t get enough. All throughout his life, friends and family would look to him for his recommendations and reviews on whatever films had come their way. Inspired earlier in life by the likes of Ebert and Roper at The Movies and then later, Adrian decided film criticism and analysis provided a great outlet to further his love of film. He began to craft his reviews and thoughts on film in ways he thought would be accessible to devout film hounds as well as the casual viewer. Mixing in jokes, entertaining observations and robust critical analysis, Adrian El Critico may be new to OneOfUs, but he is already making a name for himself on our site. If Horror movies are your thing, get ready to hear his voice.


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