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Screener Squad: Class Action Park

Class Action Park Movie Review


Ah, the 80s. What a time it was. Neon colors. Arena rock. New Wave. No personal responsibility. Mass injuries. The smell of unclean water and iodine. Hey, it’s Action Park. Or, as this HBO doc would have it, “Class Action Park”. Unbelievably, this theme park in New Jersey managed to stay open for almost 20 years before it’s innumerable questionable practices (that’s being kind) ran it out of business. So what was the story? How did this happen? Who went there? Who died? Why didn’t anyone tell Chris about it when it was still open? We answer all these questions and more in our review featuring Chris, Trevor, Eliot, and TC.

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DIRECTED BY: Seth Porges and Christ Charles Scott III

STARRING: Mary Pilon, Jason Scott, Jim DeSaye, Jessi Paladini, Andrew Mulvihill, Matthew Callan, Alison Becker, Chris Gethard, Mark Johnson, Seth Porges, Daron Fitch, Ed Youmans, Bob Krahulik, Bill Benneyan, Faith Anderson

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