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Screener Squad: Reality Z

Reality Z Miniseries Review


Brazil’s first zombie tv series starts itself out on tried and true ground by taking Charlie Brooker’s beloved “Dead Set” miniseries and spinning off from there. For those who aren’t familiar with that particular show (also on Netflix) the story follows the members of a reality show who are secluded in a house, here with the conceit of it being “Olympus” and the contestants dressed as the various gods. And then, the fast-zombie apocalypse kicks off. Initially, as civilization is breaking down, they have no idea anything is wrong. Eventually, the house, which is designed for self-sustainability, becomes their fortress, and then others show up to take advantage of its unique design. How does this compare to the Brooker original? It’s certainly forging a different path, is the conclusion that Mindy, Chris, Lewayne, and T.C. came up with. Listen to their review here.


CREATED BY: Cláudio Torres

DIRECTED BY: Rodrigo Monte

STARRING: Ana Hartmann, Emilio de Mello, Carla Ribas, Ravel Andrade, Guilherme Weber, Luellem de Castro, João Pedro Zappa, Hanna Romanazzi, Jesus Luz, Pierre Baitelli, Leandro Daniel, Gabriel Canella, Natália Rosa, Wallie Ruy, Arlinda Di Baio, Julia Ianina, Sabrina Sato, Leda Nagle

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