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Eye on the Prize – Ep. 6: The Sound of Winning

Eye On The Prize Awards Show Podcast

The prizefighters are back with a truckload of awards talk. Justin Zarian, Ian Butcher and Shakyl Lambert take a deep dive to talk about the Golden Globe winners, major guild nominees and their favorites from the Oscars’ music categories (with bite-size pieces from the mentioned tracks). There’s also a notable amount of talk over The Book of Henry as Shak and Ian rant about one of the very worst movies of the year.

And since the Oscar nominations are coming very soon and we will do our final predictions next episode, we’d love to hear your ideas for who will make the list. Will The Shape of Water lead in total nominations? Is Get Out the best picture of the year? Are people criminally snubbing Blade Runner 2049 for major categories? The answer to that last one is yes, but feel free to offer your thoughts in the comments.

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