Digital Noise Episode 176: Slay Bells Ring

Digital Noise

Chris and Aaron celebrate the holiday season by taking on a massive stack of blu-ray/dvd titles including the film they agree is the ‘Best Christmas Horror Film…Ever”.






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1 thought on “Digital Noise Episode 176: Slay Bells Ring”

  1. Glad you talked about Bat Pussy. I was going through the list of December releases on and wondered what the hell it was.

    And there is a really good documentary on Danny Trejo’s life called Champion. All about how he ran in gangs, drugs, armed robbery, and his prison sentence which included boxing. Then he got out and became a drug counselor. He guy he was helping through addiction was on a movie set and freaking out because of the drugs on set. Calls him and he comes down to talk him through it. Turns out it was a prison boxing movie and one of the consultants knew Danny from his prison boxing and got him hired on. And that’s how he slowly started to get into movies. When ever he is filming a movie he goes to the shittiest high schools and talks to the classes about making better choices and such.

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