Digital Noise Episode 171: Default Halloween Episode

Digital Noise

Oh, what the hell. We’ll just call this episode of our home release review show our Halloween episode this year. Mainly because it ended up having the most amount of horror (or horror adjacent) titles that we’re reviewing this month. But Chris and Marco make the most of it and have quite a few quality ‘must see’ movies to discuss. As usual.





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6 thoughts on “Digital Noise Episode 171: Default Halloween Episode”

  1. 1) “Don’t Torture A Duckling” has one of the most unsettling deaths I’ve seen in a movie, one that Marco mentioned about a ‘red herring’ being eliminated. It wasn’t because it was gory (it wasn’t), I found it disturbing how the townspeople behaved during the act… with a pop song playing one the radio… I don’t want to mention more on it because it would spoil it but that stayed with me for days after seeing.
    2) “… Duckling” also does a thing I like seeing in movies, where the local police appear dumb but know more about the people they deal with than the ‘big city cops’. When one of the suspects is released from custody, the local police chief is upset, knowing how the locals are going to react to this person being in the public again, leading to the scene in my first point. I like movies where the authorities are treated like real characters and not just idiots (loved Hitchcock’s “Dial M For Murder” for this).
    3) for personal reasons I cannot watch “Children of the Corn” ever again. At the beginning of the movie, when the children kill all the adults, one is killed with a deli meat slicer… I worked in a supermarket deli for about 3 months and accidentally shaved the tip of one finger off with the meat slicer. Even the memory of that is causing my finger to throb…

    1. Dude, I never cut myself on a meat slicer but I’ve worked with them enough, and in fear of that happening, that just seeing one gets me anxious.

  2. How DARE you suggest younger people don’t like A Fish Called Wanda?! I LOVE that movie. I got the crappy DVD release days after I first watched it. If the patron saints of putting way too much love and effort into every Blu-ray release Arrow put out a release of it, then I’m up for a re-purchase.
    The cover for this release of “Don’t Torture A Duckling” still disturbs me whenever I see it.

    1. I didn’t suggest that younger people don’t like A Fish Called Wanda. I suggested that the bulk of younger people have never heard of it. And this is decidedly true.

  3. I like the choice of “Lady Macbeth” as a pick of the week along with “A Fish Called Wanda”.

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